4 Ways to Cancel MTN Data Auto Renewal


In Nigeria, there’s no doubt that MTN is one of the leading telecommunications providers. MTN offers a very wide range of amazing services to its customers.

Among these services provided by MTN Telecom is the internet data subscription plans.

You can click the link below to see the full list of MTN data plans and subscription codes.

MTN Data Plan, Subscription Codes, and Price

While subscribing for data there is always a provision, directly or indirectly, to opt in for MTN auto renewal.

The auto renewal is amazing, but at the same time, it can as well be a nightmare for some people. If you don’t understand this, let me first explain data auto renewal.

Data auto-renewal is a feature that automatically renews your data plan when it expires, by this you will be assured uninterrupted internet access.

While this feature can be convenient for some users, others may prefer more control over their data usage and may want to cancel the auto renewal feature.

If you are an MTN user and would like to stop the data auto-renewal, then use any option as it will be explained below.

4 Methods to Cancel MTN Data Auto Renewal

1. Use USSD code to stop MTN auto data renewal

The USSD code option is the easiest option, you can execute it in less than 30 seconds.

  1. Dial *312# from the MTN line
  2. Select data plan
  3. Select Next (Option 99) to move to the next page
  4. Select Manage Data
  5. Select Cancel Auto-Renewal
  6. You will see the list of all data you have subscribed for, select Bundle to Opt-Out Of.

2. Contact MTN customer care

You can also choose to contact MTN customer support to help to unsubscribe you from MTN data auto renewal.

You can reach them by dialing 300. They will assist you with any concerns you may have and provide further guidance if needed.

3. Send a text message to cancel auto-renewal

To stop the auto-renewal feature in MTN Nigeria network, you can also send an SMS MTN.

It is as easy as texting “NO” and send it to 312.

Make sure to send the message from the MTN line that is subscribed to the data plan you want to stop auto-renewal for.

4. Manually renew your data plan

The manual renewal of MTN data plan is not exactly a direct way to stop auto-renewal of data permanently, but it will prevent it from occurring within that validity period.

So if you are on auto data renewal, you can set a reminder in other to get a notification a day before your data expires, so you can manually subscribe another data plan. This will prevent data renewal within that period.

If you are not suer of the MTN data plan to subscribe for the click on this link below.

MTN Data Plan, Subscription Codes and Price

By following the methods I explained above, you should be able to stop the MTN data auto-renewal.

Taking control of your data plan allows you to manage your usage and expenses more effectively, ensuring that you have a seamless internet experience that aligns with your needs and preferences.



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