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3 Top Rated PNG to Text Converter for Free

Are you worrying about how to convert a png image file to text format? No need to worry more as there are innumerable png to text converters available around the market that lets you save png as text file format with zero hassle.

However, choosing one best pick from such a huge numbers seems a challenging process. This is why we shortlisted a couple of best tools that lets you transform one or more png photos into text files while maintaining the formatting.

Also, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) plays a crucial role in the process of converting png to text file format.

As OCR technology is the legitimate source that extracts text from png and other scanned documents or files and saves all into digital editable copies. You can confirm OCR png to text conversions from cardscanner.co right now for extracting or fetching text.

This platform is loaded with a full-fledged png to text converter that takes a matter of seconds to use OCR technology for converting png images to text files online.


It is indicated as an online png to text converter that uses original OCR technology for making text extraction from the particular images. Just a couple of clicks assists you to transform pictures and documents into editable text files for free of cost.

You can even navigate to the module Content settings in order to edit or remove the text inline. Additionally, use its module Design settings to style every aspect of the content and it allows you to apply custom CSS to the given extracted text with the assistance of module Advanced settings.

This also assists you to digitize textbooks, old notes, logbooks, or office documents with a single go. The steps are quite simple to convert png to text:

  • First of all, you simply have to enter the image into this OCR image to text converter. Use the insert button to add your image from the system
  • Then, make a click on the given run OCR tool for extract text from the png
  • You can find that this png to text converter will start turning your exiting png into pdf text file within no time

The amazing thing is that this OCR program provides you with various format conversion options including jfif, bmp, jpg, jpeg, tiff, and more. However, you can proceed with file transformation with any format according to your preference.


This is another fully optimized and freeware online desktop-based solution that lets you convert png to text file format online. Get the best version of PNG to text converter from this source and let it convert up to 20 png files at once into optimal quality text files.

The amazing part is that this OCR offers different export files formats such as pdf, html, txt, or doc for user convenience. Besides that, if you have jpg or jpeg files and want to extract text from them, then simply fetch its jpg to a text converter online.

You can attain an online image to text converter that is packed with full-fledged functionality for image to text conversions.

This means, you can make batch photos to text conversions that support different import formats including jpg, jpeg, jfif, png, jpeg, bmp, and more. Despite that all, you can extract every single element from the existing PDF documents and save them all with a single go into a text file.


This is another easy to use online OCR service that quickly scans and converts existing images into editable files with zero hassle.

You could fetch png to text converter online from this source using advanced Optical Character Recognition technology for copying text from a png file. As an input file format, you can easily add jpg, png, gif, or PDF files and you can find that this tool will swiftly turn them into actionable and searchable text files.

However, users aren’t able to add up to 5MB file size, still it functions with multi-page documents and multi-text files. The most auspicious part is that this image to text converter offers full-fledged OCR services for different languages.

Users just have to upload the file in the designated box or add a URL. Once done, this OCR tool entertains you with various options that will allow you to design your file corresponding to your preference.

This is where you can make a selection between an invisible text layer and a Searchable visible PDF text layer. Then, simply have to choose an OCR language to proceed with image text extraction.

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