3 Ways to Get Free Original Contents for your Blog

Free Original Contents

In today’s world, a good number of people are earning their living online. There are lots of ways people generate income online – and writing content is one of them.

Although people call it blogging, you may want to check out the different ways people make money online, so you can start earning good money online immediately.

If you are a blogger and want your blog to excel, then you need to put up good articles on your blog.

Am sure you will believe me when I say!

Writing quality content is not an easy task – especially when you want it to be outstanding over other related content existing on the web.

Quality is one of the best way contents can rank high on several search engines.

Although good rankings require the contents also to be original and plagiarism-free, achieving such content is never an easy task.

As a result of this, bloggers and online authors are seriously searching on how to get free quality and original articles, to grow their blogs and authorship.

The search is over, don’t ask how? just to keep reading.

I got something amazing for you on how to get free, quality, and original content for your blogs.

How to get free original content for your blog

1. Transcribing YouTube videos

Do you know that you can get 100% free original content from YouTube?

YouTube transcribe one way some smart blogger is feeding their blogs with unlimited posts daily. They do this without spending a dime.
I once tried it on my post, and it worked perfectly.

I even tested the post to see if it has a duplicate copy online, but to my greatest surprise, it was 100% plagiarism-free.

Am not a lazy blogger, and I love writing information by myself – because it exposes me to more information while doing my research. But if you are too busy to write content then am sure you will embrace it.

How does YouTube Transcribing work?

It is straightforward, transcribing here is the art of converting spoken words into organized text.

Don’t say this will be difficult because you won’t do the transcribing with pen and paper. It can be done automatically either with your PC or with a smartphone.

There are lots of software that can be used to achieve this with Google Docs being most used.

Open your Google Docs >> create a new document >> click on tools and select voice typing >> click to speak

You don’t have to do the listening of the YouTube video. Just play the video, let the software do the listening and transcribing while you relax with a bottle of drink.

Play the YouTube video and let Google Docs listen to it when done proofread it and send it to your blog.

It also works for every video and audio and supports any language.

You may need to run a plagiarism test on the content because someone else may have done the same thing.

2. Expired Domain Contents

It is a way of extracting the contents of an expired domain. Using this, you can extract thousands of contents of an expired domain.

This trick has no limit to the number of contents you can get. All you need to do is to keep an eye on sites that are about to go down. When you are sure the site is offline, then you can then put up its contents on your website.

Your reason for this is to prevent valuable content from being wasted.

Steps to achieve this?

Search for domains that are very close to their expiring date. To get these details, register on expireddomains.net to create your account. You must register on the site before you access most of the site features.

Next, you will have to search for any keyword that is related to your niche, available domains with such keywords in their URL will appear.

Then check to get domains listed based on last latest expired. The site has different filter options, so you can easily be located whatever you are looking for.

You will have to copy the domain name and paste it into Google search, as shown below, “site:domainname.com.

Replace the domain name with an expired domain name, and click enter.

On the next page, you will see the list of pages and post appearing on the Google Search Engine Reporting Page (SERP).

From the SERP you can now choose which to copy into your site. But since the domain has expired, you can’t link to the site, but there is a way around it.

Click on the cache option presented under the down icon (this is only available on the PC version).

Free Original Contents

Google will show you the most recent cache version of that web page; from there, you can copy the content and paste it into your blog.

Within a short period, the expired domain will be removed from Google results, and those cache pages will be wiped off. By then you will now have an original article.

3. Guest Posts

The use of guest posting is already a common way people get lots of posts. The issue here will be if your blog has less traffic. It is because no one is ready to drop a guest post where it will not be broadly seen.

In such a case, you may want to give backlinks to people who dropped the post.

Also, let people know that they will get free backlinks just by dropping a guest post. By so doing, you will get so many guest articles lined up in your mailbox.

This post is for informational purposes only. Therefore we do not advise transcribing videos or getting free content from expired domains. Doing any of these is at your own risk and a copyright violation.


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