Zenith Bank Recharge Code – How to Buy Airtime & Data from Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank Recharge Code

This article explains How To Use The Zenith Bank Airtime Recharge Code To Recharge Your Mobile Phone

Zenith Bank is one of the most respected banks in Nigeria, known for its outstanding records over the years.

If you are looking for banks that are strong in Nigeria Zenith Bank must be among your first 3 lists. What this means is that the bank has a good track record.

We have seen people abandoning their banks just to open an account with zenith bank. Your guess is as good as mine. It is all about their banking services.

Among the banking services is USSD banking. This service allows its customers to perform some banking transactions from the convenience of their homes.

With their USSD code, you can recharge your mobile phone and that of a third party from the comfort of your home.

Zenith bank airtime recharge code has been made very easy for all those banking with zenith bank.

Therefore, this zenith bank USSD recharge code enables their customers to buy airtime from their mobile phone from any location they find themselves directly from their bank account saving them the stress of rushing out to get one from a nearby store.

As a result, this service can only be available to you if only you have a zenith bank account and also a registered phone number used to generate your account with the bank.

in this piece of write-up, we will be discussing how to recharge your phone from your bank account, how to transfer money, and how to check your account balance all from your mobile phone.

Below is the list of Zenith Bank codes for recharging your mobile and doing other banking activities.

Code To Recharge From Zenith Bank Account

Dial *966* Amount # To recharge your mobile phone from your Zenith Bank account
Dial *966* Amount *Phone Number # To recharge other mobile phones from your Zenith Bank account
Dial *966* Amount  * Account Number # To transfer money to Zenith Bank or other banks from your Zenith Bank account
Dial *966*00# To check your Zenith Bank account balance
Dial *966* 60# To reset your pin

Zenith Bank USSD Code

To buy airtime using the Zenith Bank mobile airtime recharge code,

Dial *966*Amount# to top-up your phone as shown in the table above.

  • For example: to recharge ₦4000 – you will have to dial *966*4000#

Dial *966*Amount * Mobile number # to top-up other mobile phones

  • For example: to recharge a friend’s phone with  ₦4000 – you will have to dial *966* 4000 * 080xxxxxx24 #

How To Buy Data From Zenith Bank Account

Buying of data with Zenith is not directly done. But for as long as one can easily buy a recharge card with their USSD code. The purchased mobile credit can be used to pay for data.

Features of Zenith Bank *966#



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