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How to Write Website Content People want to Read in 2023

Knowing how to write website content is a fundamental part of any online business that wants to thrive.

We won’t be talking about SEO here, but the normal writing strategies to get your objectives known to your readers while writing content for your website.

If you need to know how to optimize your content for SEO, read SEO Blog Post Checklist for Bloggers.

In that, you will learn a great number of SEO tactics to write engaging blog posts.

Today, we want to talk about general website content writing techniques.

This will walk you through how to create website content that people want to read.

Before you can write remarkable content for your website, you need to identify certain things about your business and your audience:

  1. What are your objectives?
  2. What does the audience want?

Having done this, then you have to critically look at how you can achieve your objectives in offering the needs of your audience.

This involves all the elements of your brand identity, most especially, the content, speaking LOUD for you.

What I’m saying in essence is that there must be a strong connection between your content and the users or the readers.

But yet, that is not enough to say:

“WOW, what nice content?”

The content must be of quality to be able to DIFFERENTIATE your brand from your competitors.

Writing content, whether for a blog or product, is a laborious and time-consuming task.

It isn’t just writing per se.

You have to know how to find the right topic and know how to write quality content for your website.

In view of this, writing quality content can make your conversion rate improve while your positions on the search results also increase.

So, if you want to know more about how to create good content for the web and how to make your content of the best quality, this post will help you.

It would give you some useful clues on how to write content for your website and engage readers!

But first of all, you need to know some certain things.

What is web content?

When you hear website content or web content, the text isn’t all that involves.

The content of a website includes the text as anyone would guess and the graphics – icons, images, videos and audio.

According to Techopedia,
Web content can be referred to as the textual, aural, or visual content published on a website. Techopedia

A creative element of a website is otherwise known as website content.

Namely – text, applications, images, archived email messages, data, e-services, audio and video files, and so on.

Types of website content

There are two major types of content you can find on any website:

  1. Text
  2. Multimedia

Textual content


Text can be added to any website as text blocks or hyperlinks and the best of it is optimized for SEO and must be plagiarism-free.

Sometimes, you can also add or find text within an image such as image name, ALT, description, and caption.

All these elements can be used to create textual content within a web page.

Some categories of internet users, for one reason or the other, need to convert the images on a website to text with the use of “text to speech” devices before they can use the page.

For this reason, you need to know how to write good content for your website to capture all categories of users.

Multimedia content


The second type of website content which you need to familiarize yourself with is multimedia – infographics, YouTube videos, Podcast etc.

Multimedia are web content other than text which include:

  1. Animations
  2. GIF
  3. Images
  4. Audio
  5. Video

A website can have all the aforementioned elements depending on its need.

What matters is having them at the appropriate place on the web page and passing the right message.

For example, you should be able to know when to use an image or video across a page.

Even where there is a need for an image, you should be able to know whether to align the image to the centre, left or right.

You need to be sure you’re placing the right image or video at the right place on the page in order to create an excellent user experience for the audience.

This shows the impact of content on user engagement.

If the page is clumsy, navigating through the website would be impossible for the users. Hence they will lose their ways.

Consequently, you won’t be able to generate as many leads as you envisaged.

Examples of website content

Web content rules that your page must be so captivating that when users or potential clients come in contact with your content, they convert.

Although for your content to seduce the visitors and make them highly interested in your products or services may not happen immediately.

But you need to be decisive since you do not know if you’ll ever have another opportunity to cross paths with them again.

If you succeed in converting them now, the opportunity might keep coming.

In fact, you can possibly close a deal with them forever.

However, it’s important to know what are the examples of website content so that when you’re creating your content you know the right place to place it.

Not only that, discussing the examples will make you know which type of content to adopt for presenting your business or brand online.

Hence these are some of the examples of digital content consumed by users every day on the web.



Blogging is a very powerful example of website content or digital marketing tool to attract internet users and lead them to your business.

A blog can be used to achieve your business objectives online.

Most customers come online these days looking for information to guide them on what kind of products or services to buy.

Consequently, they make decisions about the things they buy based on the kind of information they have access to online.

So, if you have a blog, you can use it to share relevant information about your business.

Ultimately, your blog will help you attract your target customers and boost your leads.

We have written a vast number of posts on how to start a blog.

In some cases, we have also discussed how to become a successful blogger. You can find all the relevant posts on this website and use them to polish your blogging skill.

They are highly nourishing food for thought.

Meanwhile, there are many blogs on the internet and a lot of information on them.

So, when you’re joining the race, you must come up with a unique content writing skill or strategy to make your blog post very interesting and engaging.

On that note, you need to know how to do SEO yourself.

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization.

It’s the ranking and positioning technique to make your blog appear and attract organic traffic on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

This strategy can also be used to strengthen your online presence if you want your business to be traceable on the internet.

Google, for example, won’t index your website if the content isn’t SEO friendly.

In this case, SEO makes you have users at the back of your mind so that when you’re writing content for your website you don’t forget to add value to it.

By so doing, you can make the audience have an unforgettable experience visiting your website.



Newsletter is another example of website content you need to know how to create to promote your business online.

It is the perfect complement to your blog content.

It is a notice in the form of a newsletter that regularly informs your customers of news about your activity, such as news in your store, offers or promotions etc.

A newsletter, however, is a good way to keep in touch with customers since they have expressly applied for it while submitting their email addresses on your website.


Multimedia content has become one of the most important tools in digital marketing.

According to a digital marketing agency, video content is the best way to give a clear and concise message to your users since it has a persuasive power that other content doesn’t have.

Do not forget that the video must also be optimized for SEO.

In that case, you have to ensure the titles, descriptions and tags of your videos bear relevant keywords.

 Images and infographics

Images and infographics are other typical example of website content you need to know how to create. They are another way to offer your users or clients information in a visual way.

You can find different images in this post and how each is trying to make you understand the subject matter.

Infographic is also an image but a bit different.

It contains more details than a mere picture of a person or an object.


Infographic usually contains a summary of what a page contains.

Both images and infographics must be added to your page to hold your visitors down and make them dwell and engage as long as possible on the website.

It’s very important not to forget to include these elements in your website, as they make reading and assimilation easier and more enjoyable for the readers.

Specifically, infographics are highly appreciated by the audience and have a lot of viral power since they are shared more frequently than text (especially on social media).


The FAQ is the abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions.

The FAQ is about making a selection of the most common questions users have about your company, products, and services.

They comprise relevant questions which are related to topics with given answers.

This information is very useful and users appreciate it because it helps them easily digest what is discussed on a page.

Do not forget to have the FAQ’s always updated with all the changes that happen in your business or with new questions that users report to you.

Why need quality web content

When writing quality web content, you should keep in mind that the content must respond to the objectives which you want to achieve with the content.

So, here are the four (4) major objectives of quality web content you must keep abreast:


The first phase and most important objective of website content writing are targeting. Targeting involves different demographic factors. It can be in terms of gender, age, occupation, location and so on.

If you have a particular category of people you want your website content to get across to, then you have to target them by each element of your content.

Take for instance, when you go to a bookshop to buy a book and find yourself where you see cartoons and toys, something will tell you that you’ve missed your way to the children’s section.

This can also be applied to writing website content.

Good website content must be able to speak to the audience.

When someone lands on your website and still asks himself, am I where I’m supposed to be?

It means there is something wrong with the aura.

Since the objective of writing good quality website content is to attract visitors to your website, you need to make your audience have the sense of being the target.

That means you have to build a relationship of trust with your users by placing them at the core centre of your brand.

By so doing, you’ll be able to create interesting and useful content that can attract the attention of your target audience.


After attracting the largest number of visits, the next objective is to generate interest among your users to achieve micro-conversions.

It’s not possible for your audience to land on your website and the next thing they do is to buy your products.

You need to create an avenue for your visitors to feel at home and familiarize themselves with the environment first.

Your customers, most especially the first-timers, would like to read as much information about your products before they can finally decide to buy.

That makes it important to allow them to browse other pages of your online store, see other related products and compare prices.

They might need to see if there are additional products or services they need.

And while they’re doing that, you should be able to collect their contact information so you can retarget them.


The contents of your website should guide customers through the purchase process and ensure that they materialize.

Customer loyalty

Try to get your customers to speak well about your products or services and share their experiences with other users.

By so doing, you’ll be able to attract new users who would be interested in your brand.

How to write website content

Before getting down to business and generating quality content on your website, we want to give you some very easy to follow tips to make your content marketing strategy highly effective.

So, if you want to know how to website content, the following tips must be observed:

Focus on people

This is considered to be one of the most important aspects of writing quality website content.

Google uses search algorithms which make the quality of the content of a website influence its ranking position on the search engine.

To make sure humans get relevant information when they search the web for something, Google uses Artificial Intelligence that works on meeting the searcher’s search intent.

For this reason, the content should be written and directed at people, not robots.

Things that were done before, such as repeating the same keyword excessively, copying texts from other websites, or inserting irrelevant links on a webpage to form web content are now penalized by Google.

Write interesting content

Think about your competition, you must write content that is interesting, useful and adds value to your users.

This practice can be leveraged to make yourself unique among your competitors.

To write interesting web content, you can think about what problems or doubts customers have and write about them.

That will make the customers love to read your content.

Keep paragraphs short and simple

Making your paragraphs short and simple would in turn make the content easy to read and remember.

Do not include ambiguous words, or too many technical or complicated terms while you’re writing content for a website.

What matters is writing in such a manner that users will comprehend and understand you easily.

In addition, it is important that all the information you intend to give is verified and accurate before writing about it so you don’t confuse the audience.

If you exaggerate too much or invent lies to thrill the readers, you’ll be hit badly when they find the truth elsewhere.

As a profession, always ensure you verify your points before publishing so you don’t lose your credibility cheaply.

Target the right audience

At the time of writing, you must know very well who you want to address.

This plays a major role in the types of topic, language, and persona in focus as it determines the tone or atmosphere you intend to use.

Not using the appropriate language, expression or persona can make you lose sales since you’ll not reach your target audience.

Be creative

The truth is there is no rule when it comes to website content writing. If there were rules, all content across different websites would be the same.
The uniqueness of every website hinges on the creativity level of the author.

So, here is where you can express yourself in any manner that can make you communicate your business information and achieve your objectives.

The more you use your creativity, the more possibilities you have to maintain the interest of your users.

Be original and surprise your readers with current trends.

Conclusion on how to write website content

I’m sure you must have learnt a few things about how to write website content that people want to read.

So, let’s recap!

What I’m saying in essence is that knowing how to write good content for your website is a very important part of your business.

You can’t afford to neglect any of the points mentioned above.

This website content writing guide is put together based on my personal experience in content marketing. If you can adopt the strategies discussed thereof, your business won’t remain where it used to be.

I can assure you that.

I said, to generate highly quality website content, your customers should be at the core centre of your objectives.

The customers might take their time to decide before placing an order on your website.

So, if you want to win their heart to your side, you have to go along with their interest and ensure your website content captures their needs.

This will make them develop a great affinity with your brand.

In a nutshell, quality content is capable of attracting new users to your website, generating and capturing their interest.

Remember, just one little page title, image or video can make you forever close a deal with a customer.

So, do whatever you can to write what will make your audience become a satisfied customer and help you promote your BRAND by word of mouth.


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