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500 WhatsApp Status Messages and Quotes

WhatsApp Status Messages and Quotes.

Given the presence of digitalization, there is a widespread plethora of platforms for communication and chatting.

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps currently trending for communication and chatting with friends and family.

This chatting App has made communication more thrilling and exciting. I give room for various forms of sharing of pictures and videos.

Another beautiful thing is, it has a provision to leave good status messages, quotes, and exciting short text for friends and families to view.

This written work will serve us with lovely WhatsApp quotes to excite friends and well-wishers.

Funny WhatsApp Status Messages and Quotes

  1. A man told his wife he is watching weight. However, on returning from work the wife dished him water for lunch and told him it was the doctor’s instructions. Haha!
  2. It has been proven that any person who eats bush meat will eventually become a bushman. Funny!
  3. A boy submitted an assignment that demanded he draw a goat, on checking the lad’s drawing book, she saw it was blank. After asking the boy why he did not do his assignment he replied, ‘I did my assignment just that the goat has gone to graze’. Haha!
  4. A man went to a supermarket demanding he be given goods on credit, the management asked him to bring his ancestors as guarantors. Haha!
  5. A man married a dwarf wife and found it comfortable hanging his bags up beyond the reach of his wife.
  6. After the wedding a man was asked to kiss his tall wife. He had to jump to kiss his newly wedded wife. Funny!
  7. A man in a town union meeting farted, the smelly nature of his fart ended the meeting. Haha!
  8. A guy was walking along the road he saw a beggar and gave him a five naira note, the beggar picked offence and started chasing the man with his walking stick.
  9. A foolish man was headed to the river with a basket, when asked what he is going to do at the river, he replied, ‘I’m going to fetch water’! haha!
  10. A bugler broke into a house. After picking all he wanted, in an attempt to escape he struck his head on the wall. On waking up he found himself in the police cell.
  11. A hunter knelt down and prayed to God for a big catch. On arriving in the jungle, he encountered a big Bear. He fearfully ran into safety.
  12. Kleptomaniacs will always disappoint you if you keep them as friends. They can steal even hair strands.
  13. A potbellied man heard a gunshot, in an attempt to run, his belly dragged him down.
  14. A man was asked by armed robbers to present his money or they will take his life. In reply, he said, ‘I don’t have life, I have given it to my maker’.
  15. An armed robber robbing a bank forgetfully asked the security man to help hold his gun for him so he can pack all the money in the bank.

Motivational WhatsApp Status Messages

  1. Never downplay your God-given strength. You are capable of the impossible.
  2. Don’t quit in the pursuit of life goals, because a living person has chances of winning.
  3. Don’t say because the weather is cloudy you won’t go for your goals. Always carry your umbrella when the weather is cloudy.
  4. You never become that which you never aspired to become in the future.
  5. We are entirely the substance of our mindset. Always think positively.
  6. Always love, it will give you the fulfillment needed in life.
  7. In all your thinking patterns, have a positive thought system.
  8. Life is a battle; at all costs, fight on your heels and never give up.
  9. You will always get the chance of meeting beautiful people in life. Always treat them well.
  10. Every day you wake up, always look up to God, for in Him all things are made possible.
  11. The human mind is an ocean, it births plenty of good things.
  12. In all you do, always be grateful for the good times and people that came your way.
  13. Never let your emotion become the basis for judging people, it will fail you.
  14. Always be cheerful, it will gravitate good things towards you.
  15. Don’t judge by appearance but by the intrinsic value in people.

Birthday WhatsApp Status Messages

  1. All thanks to my lovely Maker, I’m plus one again!
  2. Today is my birthday, I will rock it will all the love in me! Cheers to me!
  3. Birthdays marks increase in all areas of life. Celebrate it with love.
  4. I will mark this birthday with karat. Cheers!
  5. Today is my birthday, I will write my name with a carat. Happy birthday!
  6. Hurray! It’s another beautiful plus for my age. my new age will reflect excellence!
  7. Yesss! I’m counting on it. I am one year older. Happy birthday to me!
  8. Dance all day will make this day remarkable. It’s my birthday. Cheers!
  9. Happy birthday. This day marks lifting in all good form. Cheers!
  10. I will celebrate my birthday with mountains of cake, with my name on it. Cheers!
  11. Hurray! I am plus one today. However, my growth is beyond just numbers. Happy birthday!
  12. I will tower like ice cream and stay strong like a rock. Happy birthday!
  13. Happy birthday! more beautiful years ahead. keep increasing. Cheers!
  14. Birthday is a day to remember. Rock it like it’s your last day! Cheers on this birthday!
  15. Hurray! It is a beautiful day, it is a beautiful birthday. God bless my age. Cheers!

New Month WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. It is a new month, with ample days and time to make the best of the future dreams. Cheers!
  2. Happy new month. Make this month count not just in numbers but in your good efforts. Kisses!
  3. May this new month bring to us great things that will reward our good efforts. Happy new month!
  4. As we start this new month, we will start it on a beautiful note that will bless the month. Cheers!
  5. May the blessings of God be our shield as we rock this new month. Cheers on a beautiful month.
  6. May we not fall short in our dreams this new month. Happy new month!
  7. The good notes of this new month will reverberate to the end. Enjoy your new month!
  8. New month, a new chapter, beautiful stroll! Happy new month fellas!
  9. Just as the night gives way for the morning, so shall evil give way for the perfect will of God. Cheers!
  10. Pick a pen with you as you cruise this new month. You will have good tidings to pen down! Cheer sweetie.
  11. Just as the ice thaws on the sight of the sun so shall your adversaries flee in this month. Rock this month!
  12. Your blessings shall come like a tsunami, sweeping you off the ground this month. Cheers on a bright month!
  13. Always brace yourself in optimism this new month, for good things are abound! Cheers #New Month!
  14. Never say never for it is a month of excellence. Cheers on a new month!
  15. Relish the memory of a glorious new month. This month will be exceptionally great. Rock on!

Emotional WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. Never let a teardrop on your chin, for your weakness will revert to strength this new month. Cheer up!
  2. A man almost took his life because he never had what to eat the following day. However, God sent him rescue through his neighbor. Believe in better morrow!
  3. Never let your looks be what the world will judge you with. However, always keep your chin up!
  4. Your tears will be wiped out by the overwhelming love of God. Cheer up!
  5. If your lover ditches you, never think love is over with you. Just know I will always love you. Hugs!
  6. The brokenhearted can always be mended. Only giving room for love can heal us. Cheers!
  7. As your heart beats, be sure you translate it to lovely beats of harmony. Cheers!
  8. Never see a person dawning in the pains of life and choose not to lend a saving hand. Be a channel of joy
  9. Never cry yourself to death, I will always lend you my shoulders for support. Kisses!
  10. Whenever you are pained, cry a little. It is a gateway to relieve ourselves from the pain of the past. Cheers!
  11. Always know that I will be there to pick up the broken pieces of your broken past. I will love you.
  12. Your tears will never rule your day. Joy shall come to you surely. Cheers!
  13. Irrespective of how the vicissitude of life bends me, I will remain with you. Cheers
  14. No matter the disappointments of the past, your tears will gravitate to peace and joy. Chin up!
  15. Always take courage from the victories that lie ahead. Never be broken to the level of not moving. I will go side by side with you.

Good morning WhatsApp Status Messages and Quotes

  1. Morning is a new chapter in the ocean of eternity. Enjoy the goodies it brings! Enjoy your morning
  2. Always allow for positivity to be the starter of your day. Good morning
  3. Be sure you tell your neighbor ‘good morning’ in the morning. It is the foundation for good relationships. Cheers on a beautiful morning
  4. Always let the chilling dew of the morning relish the beauty and loving chill into your day. Bonjour!
  5. Whenever you wake up in the morning, be sure you thank your maker for a beautiful morning. Enjoy your morning.
  6. In every morning, smile and say good morning to people, it makes the day count. Bonjour!
  7. The morning is a divine chance for the continuity of good works. Be good every morning and on!
  8. Morning is not for mourning, it’s a moment for joy and sharing love. Start your love in the morning. Good morning!
  9. Always be grateful for a morning for by so doing your maker will bless you will another morning. Good morning.
  10. The dawn of a new morning is a gift that is deserving of a smile. Bonjour!
  11. Good morning to someone you meet in the morning doesn’t cost a thing, rather it builds an atmosphere of affection. Good morning.
  12. First of all things, teach a child how to say good morning, for it will help him in building good friendships. Hello this morning.
  13. Always appreciate the illumination that comes with the morning, for it is the light that gives life to every business of the day. Cheers to this beautiful morning.
  14. Thank your Maker for the gift of a morning, he will give you life to conquer the day. Cheers on a beautiful morning.
  15. Every morning is always good because it shines brighter and brighter! Good morning to you!

Good night WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. Night is a gift of rest to humanity. It is a natural shutdown for the day. Have a lovely night rest.
  2. Before turning in for the day be sure you say something positive to your spirit being.
  3. A lovely day ushers in a beautiful night rest. Sleep tight!
  4. In life you can’t change everything in one night, but in one night beautiful things can be birthed. Sleep good!
  5. The darkest night is often a gateway to a beautiful morning.
  6. Always savor the beautiful opportunities you had during the day because they beautify your night. Good night!
  7. The stars never appear during the day, they only appear to beautify the night. Sleep tight.
  8. Be sure as you take off your clothes for the night your worries are taking off too for a sweet night sleep.
  9. The night sky allows the mockingbird to sing us a lullaby. Enjoy your night!
  10. No matter how tough and rough your day may look, be sure you enjoy the peace the night comes with. Good night.
  11. I will stick by your side until the last star turns in for a beautiful morning. Sleep tight.
  12. I will wrap myself in your warmth thought when the night is cold. Sleep tight.
  13. I desire the stars to light your dreams and make them beautiful. Sleep tight.
  14. Before sleeping think up all the good memory of the day to help lull you to sleep. Sleep tight.
  15. Before closing your eyes for the night, pray to God to see you through the night. Sleep tight.

Naughty WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. The way you walk drive me nut. You are so beautiful.
  2. The wetness of your lips whets my appetite. You are yummy!
  3. The dangling of your boobs makes me hypnotized, I cannot resist you.
  4. Spending the whole night traversing your beautiful body is a perfect night. Kisses!
  5. Your beautiful breast remains the best cushion nature designed. Pecks
  6. A kiss remains the best medication to begin the day with. I love you!
  7.  Your sexy touches leave endless goosebumps on my body, I can’t help but crave for more. Kisses!
  8. Be sure you make love to your lover, it binds relationships.
  9. Never go to bed without kissing your lover. It is the best word for a goodnight.
  10.  Lovemaking throughout the night gives a focus to the execution of daily duties.
  11. Smooching your whole body leaves me hony like never before. Kisses!
  12. I can’t get my thoughts off you. I feel like making up with you. Kisses
  13. Even in the pool of busy atmosphere I still think about the way you kiss me.
  14. I want you always. Hugs!
  15. Your soft silky skin leaves in me a sensation that is electric. Hugs!

Relationship WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. A relationship without trust is just like a building on the sand, when the rain comes it washes away.
  2. Poor communication is one lethal way of killing a relationship.
  3. Whenever you find yourself in a relationship, be sure you give it your best, it could be your best opportunity to make a personal impression on people.
  4. To build a good relationship, we must accept our strengths and weaknesses. In accepting this we get stronger.
  5. A healthy relationship is the key to good life.
  6. Never enter into a relationship just out of selfish reasons, it can backfire.
  7. Always make sure you give all the love, care, and trust inside you when you find yourself in a relationship.
  8. There is no perfect relationship. It is a lifetime project.
  9. Negativity is the fastest way of killing a good relationship
  10. Disagreements will always creep into relationships but the tolerance in us will sustain the relationship.
  11. A relationship built on lies will certainly thaw like ice kept under the sun.
  12. outlooks only make the relationship beautiful, but sincerity and pureness of heart give it strength.
  13. Never fake what you are not in a relationship.
  14. Never let ego and pride ruin the beauty of a relationship.
  15. A relationship is a two-way affair. It can only work when both sides give it their best.

Valentine WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. Love is the best we can give to life. Kisses on this Valentine!
  2. The most rewarding thing is loving with all your heart. Happy Lovers Day!
  3. It’s more honorable to die loving than carrying hate in your heart. I love you
  4. Love is like a soothing balm, it quenches every element of bitterness and hate. Never stop loving.
  5. Love is just a paradise of joy, but hate on the other hand is just like cancer, it kills! I love you.
  6. Being with the right person brings out the best version in you. It gives the chance of being perfect. Love on!
  7. The love shared helps build a better world for humanity.
  8. Everyday I look at you, I see the real meaning of love. Kisses!
  9. Never settle for less when you can find the best in love. Hugs!
  10. I would rather share one lifetime loving than face all the ages of this world in solitude.
  11. All that love brings should be all we should always need. I love you with all my heart.
  12. I don’t go by the rule book to love. I lead from the heart in loving, never the head. Pecks!
  13. A life well spent is a life spent loving with all your heart.
  14. Never give up on love, it gives essence to life.
  15. I all your craving, crave love, it will propel you to a life of joy. I love you with my heart.

New Year WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. A new year, a new volume to right all life wrong. Happy new year!
  2. Never begin your new year on a negative note. Every chapter of life is worth celebrating.
  3. 365 days in the calendar is a gift, be sure you make each day count.
  4. Never you judge the year from the first day. Be optimistic all through. Happy new year.
  5. The year becomes beautiful from the substance of your heart. Happy new year!
  6. On new year, pick a pen and write something positive you will like to live up to. Enjoy your year.
  7. The beginning of the years marks the beginning of a beautiful chapter in the volume of time. Happy new year!
  8. As much as it is within your reach make your new year exhilarating. Kisses on this new year!
  9. The new year is just like a candle light in a dark room. Enjoy the light while it’s burning brightly. Cheers on this new year!
  10. A new year is just like a ticking clock handed to you. Be sure you make each day count. Cheers on this new year!
  11. Count your blessings on every new year and trust God with it. Cheers!
  12. The year begins today, it’s going to be a long journey, so enjoy it. Cheers on this new year.
  13. Always trust God with all your new year’s dreams. He will fulfill them for you. Cheers on this new year!
  14. The new year should always be celebrated as new. Cheers on this new year!
  15. Be sure you spread love from the beginning of the new year. Cheers on this new year.

Christmas WhatsApp Status Messages

  1. Be sure you replicate the love of God on this Christmas, that’s the reason for the day. Merry Christmas!
  2. Christmas is meant for merry and celebration. Cheers on this Christmas.
  3. On Christmas was salvation was birthed. We are free indeed!
  4. The Birth of Christ marks the birth of beautiful things. Merry Christmas!
  5. The Christmas tree will always have beautiful gifts to pluck. Merry Christmas.
  6. Santa will always be there to make you smile only if you look out for him. Cheers!
  7. The love of Christ will always reverberate love throughout the globe.
  8. Openness is the key to receiving the blessings of Christmas. Merry Christmas.
  9. The love of God is always overpouring. Be sure you let this Christmas count in your life.
  10. Christmas is not a season, it’s a life. Cheers on Christmas
  11. Christmas is the most blessed time of the year. Merry Christmas
  12. All Christmas gift is worth nothing without the gift of Christ. Merry Christmas.
  13. Peace on earth will become everlasting when we carry on the spirit of Christmas all through our life. Merry Christmas
  14. Always, when we love, when we share gifts; we are living Christmas. Cheers!
  15. Christmas is not just about receiving gifts but it is more the acceptance of Christ, which is the ultimate gift.

Heart Break WhatsApp Status Messages

  1. Sometimes good things in our life fall apart so that the best will find their way into us. Chin up!
  2. The true medication for a broken heart is bed rest. Cheer up and be happy.
  3. Whenever our heart is broken, it opens up gateways for much bigger opportunities and love.
  4. Sadness, just like smoke fades away in the course of time.
  5. Love can never be bought, but we will always have to pay heavily for it.
  6. Love forges through time.
  7. Love is not a feeling, it is the deep burning for harmony with peace.
  8. The healing of a brokenhearted does not come without a scar.
  9. A broken heart only makes us stronger in the future. Cheers!
  10. To fall in love is much easier, but to wipe out the scars of a broken heart is always almost impossible.
  11. Love stories don’t always have a beautiful ending, but the fond memories are beautiful.
  12. Cry, forgive, learn and move on. Let your tears drench the seeds of your happiness morrow.
  13. Never give up on love because you are heartbroken in the past.
  14. Where lies thrive love dies.
  15. It takes truthfulness, sincerity, and care to build love.

Prayers WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. May the entrance of God’s word illuminate your life. Amen!
  2. The peace of God will always abide with you in all your endeavors. Amen!
  3. You shall never be a victim of evil in your life pursuit, in Jesus’ name. Amen!
  4. I pray that the overwhelming power of God will make way for you in tough times. Amen
  5. May you not fall short in faith in your journey of life.
  6. I pray the blessings of God will always rain on you. Amen
  7. I pray the hand of God will always rest on you as you tread through your destiny path.
  8. God will bring you healing in all areas of your life. Amen
  9. The peace of God will envelop you just like the hen covers her chicks. Amen
  10. May god grant you favor in the face of men and lift you in tough times.
  11. Your feet shall never strike a stone in the effort to execute the will of The almighty God. Amen
  12. I pray that you will find peace with all men in your endeavors.
  13. God will always come to your rescue in times of challenges in Jesus’ name, Amen!
  14. May God grant you speed in your destiny.
  15. I pray God will see you through in all your challenges and lift burdens off your shoulder. Amen!

Christian WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. Surely, when God is for us, no one will be against us.
  2. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and all your mind. He will always lead you to the righteous path.
  3. Blessed is the man whose heart is in the ways of God.
  4. God has everybody in his plans, so don’t despair.
  5. Never be afraid of the unknown, always trust in the overwhelming power of God.
  6. God never said the journey will be easy, but one thing is sure, arriving at your destination is inevitable with him.
  7. God has more better plans for us than we can think.
  8. God will never fail us. It’s just a matter of trusting Him.
  9. When God is with you everything goes smoothly.
  10. Believe in God, he will save you.
  11. In all your pursuits, pursue God.
  12. Be upright in all you do with men because God loves uprightness.
  13. God in heaven is the healer of every brokenness.
  14.  I can climb above every situation through Christ who strengthens me.
  15. Just trust God!

Muslim WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. Sala Maleku. May Allah bring us good fortune.
  2. Alhamdulillah! The love of Allah will shield us.
  3. In the name of Allah, the most merciful, may Allah bless us.
  4. May Allah give us the strength to live up to the occasions life brings.
  5. We pray Allah will grant us peace with all men.
  6. Allah will lift us all.
  7. Allah will never fail those who trust in him. Sala Maleku!
  8. Never lose faith, Allah will always lift us.
  9. Prophet Mohammed has brought us the ways of truth.
  10. Allah ya Allah, May you grant us courage never to fail you.
  11. Mashallah! We shall soar above every problem of life.
  12. Allahu Akbar, may Allah not leave us in our times of trouble.
  13. Allah ya Allah is the most beneficial and the most merciful.
  14. Sala Maleku, may the peace you Allah lift us in our places of work.
  15. Allah, may our trust in you never fail. Allahu Akbar!

Anniversary WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. Happy anniversary to my lifelong love. You are the best!
  2. My love life with you is the best story ever thought of. Kisses!
  3. The anniversary marks a period of celebrating victorious years. Cheers!
  4. Spend your anniversary appreciating your love days. Pecks!
  5. The knowledge of love is because we met people who loved us.
  6. The fond thing to hold onto is the love we share. Kisses!
  7. Continuous love brings us to a beautiful anniversary. Cheers!
  8. Life with a loved one makes the most perfect sense. Cheers on this anniversary!
  9. Love grows perfectly as the years come by. Cheers!
  10. The best thing to celebrate is the love we found. Happy anniversary.
  11. Love knows no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps over fences, and penetrates the strongest walls to arrive at its place full of hope. Cheers!
  12. Words are never enough to express love. Kisses on this anniversary.
  13. In all possible ways be sure you love. Happy anniversary.
  14. For better or for worse, always choose love. Happy anniversary.
  15. The secrete of true happiness is sincere openness. Cheers on this anniversary!

Angry WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. A man that nurtures anger nurtures his own injury.
  2. the best answer to anger is peace.
  3. Never you act when you are angry, it’s dangerous.
  4. One who controls his anger has control over situations.
  5. Anger is as a result of disappointed hope.
  6. Anger doesn’t allow for headways but leads to inevitable dead ends.
  7. Whenever you are angry, remain quiet.
  8. No man thinks clearly when he is in the ocean of anger.
  9. Never let anger rule over you.
  10. The greatest remedy to anger is quietness.
  11. Only an angry man lives like an animal.
  12. The ability to control anger is what makes a man.
  13. No angry man thinks right.
  14. An angry man always has many excuses.
  15. In anger lies destruction.

Crazy WhatsApp Status Messages

  1. There is no perfect man, but there are perfect thoughts.
  2. The way out of the road is through the road.
  3. A madman never knows he is mad.
  4. Whenever you want to see yourself, look into other people’s eyes.
  5. It’s good to have some elements of craziness in you.
  6. You can only rise when you fall.
  7. The joy of success comes from the taste of failure.
  8. We live in a crazy world where many crazy things happen.
  9. There is no salvation in self-righteousness.
  10. A man doesn’t grow old but grows better.
  11. Beauty is under the skin.
  12. the craziest thing is being crazy.
  13. That one is crazy does not mean he is stupid.
  14. You will go crazy if you learn crazy things about life.
  15. Craziness is not madness.

Exam WhatsApp Status Messages

  1. Never doubt your potential.
  2. Fake it until it becomes real.
  3. Trust in yourself and your abilities.
  4. Never remain on the floor because you failed.
  5. Failure is the mother of success.
  6. You can only celebrate success when you understand what it means to fail.
  7. Success is never beyond reach.
  8. Success is always at our behest.
  9. There is never any easy route to success.
  10. Whenever you fail, rise again.
  11. Never stop trying because you failed I previous attempts.
  12. Failure brings out the best in you.
  13. ”Just do it” is the only way to success.
  14. Always embrace the power of the possible in you.
  15. Always sustain the courage to continue.

Engagement WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. The best thing to hold on to is love which endures. I love you!
  2. Chains do not hold marriage together, but threads of love binds marriage.
  3. Love is not just about feelings, but looking at the same direction.
  4. You don’t marry someone just because you feel something for them, but because you can’t do without them.
  5. True love is the best thing any sane person wants.
  6. The true proof of love is pure trust.
  7. The true cure for love is marriage.
  8. Love is the ultimate key to eternal happiness.
  9. What is done in the name of love is perfect.
  10. I would stand on my heel a million times just to stand by you for life.
  11. Love is made of a single soul living in different bodies.
  12. Loving one another is the surest way to happiness.
  13. Once you meet the right person for you, you will feel the bonding.
  14. Love knows no race, It’s a universal phenomenon.
  15. You are my heart and all that my heart thinks about.

Good Luck WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. The greatest asset a student has is time. Be sure you use it judiciously. Good luck!
  2. Nobody is hundred percent amazing, but continuous positive effort increases one’s chances of good success. Good luck with your pursuit.
  3. Nobody became great by accident, but endless positive effort amounts to success.
  4. Good students focus on exams, but wise students focus on their goals and exams. Good luck in your academic pursuit.
  5. Being lucky is a preparedness meeting opportunity. Work hard and trust in yourself.
  6. Good luck wishes will never be enough to achieve success. You will always need preparedness. Keep your heads up!
  7. Good luck is a word of strength for one who is greatly prepared for the future. Cheers!
  8. Every good thing is possible only when you trust your abilities.
  9. Life is a journey full of ups and downs, but a little bit of luck will help you up in your down times. Cheers!
  10. Luck is nothing but a karma giving you the result you have worked for.
  11. Do your best and trust the rest will fall in place.
  12. Being lucky is trusting in your God giving potential.
  13. Always use your brain to work out every result you need, however, luck will play its own part.
  14. Your luck often shines when you don’t depend on it for success.
  15. Be the best you can always be in your good pursuit your luck will shine.

Love WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. Love is not for perfect people, but for people who have accepted to make things perfect.
  2. Love is the heartbeat of the human soul. I love you!
  3. Love makes us even better. Love more.
  4. Sometimes a loving hug is all you need to get over every stress of life.
  5. Love is when you are with someone who doesn’t offer you the whole world yet you mean the world to the person.
  6.  love is the harmony in the differences in us.
  7. True love has no depth.
  8. True love can always be felt no matter the distance.
  9. True love is not always easy to find, but it lurks around looking for the right people.
  10. True love is putting the well-being of someone before yours.
  11. Love is being selflessly together.
  12. Never fight love because it is a fight you will never win.
  13. Give love your best, you will forever be grateful.
  14. Love people, not their class.
  15. The love of God is surpassing.

Sad WhatsApp Status Quotes

  1. life will never give you all you want.
  2. Never think the world owes you a living, just earn it yourself.
  3. To live a life thinking you are loved when you are not is much more hurting than heartbreak.
  4. Not all sacrifices you will get a reward for.
  5. Never expect to be treated fairly by all people.
  6. The people who share your secret will always reveal your privacy.
  7. Your friends often time are the ones who grow to become your enemy.
  8. Always give to life and never expect anything in return.
  9. The day you quit is the beginning of your end.
  10. People you love greatly will seldom love you back.
  11. Lost time is one sure thing you can never get back.
  12. You grow older in life not younger.
  13. Not everybody will see your beauty because its something that lies on the inside.
  14. Money will not always attract the best people around you.
  15. Never trust anyone, even yourself.


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