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9 Tips For Better Wedding Photography

Wedding photography offers up its own set of challenges and rewards.

I wanted to take some time to tell you the tips that I have found for making wedding shots more emotional, natural, and of higher quality.

Many couples value their wedding pictures for years, so as a wedding photographer you are providing a true service.

There are simple ways to be sure that what you are offering is your best work. Here they are!

1. Make a list

Make a list of all of the shots that you need to get during the course of the event so that you can focus on art and not logistics.

2. Look for the little details

Beautiful wedding photography is about the details as well as the emotion. Focus on the small touches that the bride has arranged for her big day.

Capture the hand-crafted centerpiece or a simple sprig of lavender across the page of her guest book.

Weddings are rich with intricate patterns and textures. When you start to focus on the little nuances you will see them everywhere.

3. Use positive exposure compensation

When your camera picks up all of the white in the bride’s dress, it will adjust automatically and you will end up with a photograph that is too dark to be visually pleasing.

Instead of ending up with a lot of dark and shadowy shots, use positive exposure compensation. The picture will be brighter and much more vibrant.

4. Don’t forget about nature

Whether the wedding event takes place indoors or outdoors, don’t forget about nature.

This could mean getting a wide expansive photograph of the sky above the city as the couple enters into the Cathedral, or it could mean getting a close-up of crisp autumn leaves around the bride and groom’s feet.

Don’t get so caught up in the people and decorations that you forget about nature’s beauty.

Wedding Photography

5. For a more natural shot, back away

Since the bride and groom likely don’t know you that well, they might clam up around you.

The shots you want are those natural, candid, flowing shots that show how joyous and glowing the happy couple is.

You don’t want to take photos of the bride and groom looking stiff and awkward.

So put a longer lens on your camera and use your zoom features so that you can stand way, way, back, and get shots with a natural feel.

6. Variety of lighting

Get some photographs that are sunny and bright, and some that are dusky and filled with amber and gold light.

Some of the best wedding photographs incorporate lighting that is soft and dim.

7. Ask for requests ahead of time

Ask the bride and groom for a list of their ‘must-have’ photographs. Your photography will get better when you are adequately prepared!

8. Coax out natural smiles

Stay natural and light-hearted yourself in order to capture natural smiles from your subjects.

9. Intimate moments are everywhere

Instead of focusing only on the intimate moments between the bride and groom (which you should definitely do!) up your game by looking for intimate moments everywhere!

Capture the way a bridesmaid puts a flower in the bride’s hair, or the way a groom greets his grandfather.

These moments are precious and will give you many emotion packed images to share.

Scott Carruthers fell in love with photography as a child growing up in Anaheim, California. He has a natural ability with the visual arts, and his talents in the field of photography were apparent by the time he was in high school. At a young age, he grew a loyal following and a successful photography business.


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