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Wedding Anniversary Messages, Wishes and Quotes for SMS & WhatsApp

Marriage is a beautiful thing that can happen to any single man or woman. It is believed to be a blessing from God.

The Bible explains that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord. It is important to note that the celebration of marriage is one beautiful thing to do.

This is a moment friends, families come together to celebrate the rich love and blessings that are sustaining your marriage.

However, on the wedding anniversary, the least expected thing from families, friends, and well-wishers is good wishes and blessings.

This work will dish a collection of messages and well wishes for wedding anniversaries.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  1. Hullo sweetheart, from the bosom of my heart, I want to say I love you. I wish we age together. Happy Anniversary.
  2. Happy wedding anniversary sweetie. I wish you many better years.
  3. Happy anniversary sweetheart. Gratitude to God for sending you to me.
  4. Happy anniversary my darling. It has been a journey of endless joy.
  5. To the woman of my life, Happy anniversary. You are a gift from heaven.
  6. You are the evergreen personality God sent into my life. Happy anniversary sweetheart.
  7. I have come upon love novel, but ours is exquisitely endless. Thank God I have you.
  8. Marrying you is the best stride of my life. I love you my heartthrob.
  9. This is our fourth year together. I wish we get eternity together. Happy anniversary.
  10. Nothing can be compared to the love we share. Happy anniversary to my perfect half.
  11. Saying ‘I do’ is the best word I have ever uttered. You are truly the bone of my bones. Happy anniversary.
  12. Walking down the aisle is the greatest trip of my life. Happy anniversary darling.

Anniversary Wishes for Couple

  1. Looking back on the years you both have spent together, I dare say, you both are a perfect match for each other. Happy anniversary.
  2. Happy anniversary to the couples of the century. I wish you both endless happiness and joy.
  3. Happy Marriage anniversary to the sweetest couple. I pray your union last forever.
  4. To the two love birds of all time, I say happy marriage anniversary.
  5. Cheers for another beautiful year of amazing memories together. Happy marriage anniversary.
  6. I will always pray that your marriage will be what generations to come will learn from. Happy anniversary.
  7. Even if the world ends, I pray that this union remains for eternity. Happy married life!
  8. Happy one year anniversary. Certainly, the both of you are joined by almighty God.
  9. I wish you guys a happy anniversary. May happiness never depart from your home.
  10. Just like wine, the both of you get better every year. Happy marriage anniversary.
  11. May this one year marriage anniversary be a binding force that will make the both of you inseparable. Happy anniversary.
  12. My hearty wishes to both of you this anniversary. I pray that God will keep the both of you together, forever!

Anniversary Wishes For Wife

  1. My lovely wife, thank you for choosing me as your husband for life. God bless you. I love you. Happy anniversary.
  2. Sweetheart, life with you is such a blessing. I feel blessed for choosing to grow old with me. I love you. Happy anniversary.
  3. Life without you would be meaningless. With you all things makes sense to me. You are such a blessing to me. Happy marriage anniversary.
  4. Happy marriage anniversary to my lovely wife. I feel better every day of my life for having you. We will remain together forever!
  5. Happy one year anniversary my darling wife. Truly ‘he who finds a wife finds a good thing…’. Nothing can take your place in my life.
  6. My love for you is more than emotions or mere feelings. My love for you is forever. Cheers to a blessed one year with you.
  7. Having you as my wife means the world to me. Because I have you, my life is so peaceful and thrilling. Thank you for choosing never to leave my side. Happy anniversary wife!
  8. Happy anniversary to the bone of my bones. With you by me all through this year I never broke. Cheers!
  9. Your unwavering one year love and support have made me a better man than I was. Happy anniversary to my wife.
  10. Loving you has been the most beautiful choice I ever made in my life. Happy marriage anniversary, my dearest wife.
  11. Marrying you my beautiful angel is the greatest choice I have made in my life. Happy one year anniversary dearie.
  12. Happy marriage anniversary my pretty wife, you make my life perfect.

Anniversary Wishes for Husband

  1. Happy anniversary to the man of my life. May this one year anniversary bring an increase in the love we share. I love you my Superman.
  2. Words cannot be enough to express have blessed I am to have a husband like you. Happy marriage anniversary my hubby.
  3. A happy marriage anniversary to the man of my dream. It is an outright blessing that I have a whole life to spend with you.
  4. My darling hubby, gracias for literally being the bone of my bones. With you in my life, it has been a year of strength and energy. Happy one marriage anniversary.
  5. Being a meek husband is one thing that is seldom found in marriages, but you have so lived it out with all ease. I love you. Happy anniversary.
  6. All men can choose to become husbands, but all not all men can always be the best husband. You have chosen to be the best husband to me. Thank you my man. Happy one year anniversary.
  7. Happy anniversary to the man that won my heart, whom I owe my entirety. I love you. Cheers!
  8. If I had one wish, I would wish eternity with you. I love the one year we have had together. I want more beautiful years with you. Happy one year anniversary, honey!
  9. Cheers to my special person, a man who means the world to me. Happy one year anniversary.
  10. Happy anniversary to the prince of my life, the man who gave my world relevance and meaning. Kisses!
  11. I will for all times be grateful to be your wife for life. You have shown me undiminished loved. Happy one year anniversary my man.
  12. Life with you is definitely paradise. Happy one year anniversary sweetheart.

Anniversary Wishes for Friend

  1. Happy one year anniversary fella. You both are truly a match made from heaven. Cheers!
  2. Seeing the both of you together after one year leaves me happy. Congratulations on your one year anniversary.
  3. Happy one year anniversary to these beautiful love birds. Both of you have become an inspiration to young people growing. May the good God keep you both in good health and joy.
  4. Just like the rock that remains strong through time, so shall the love that binds the both of you stay strong and indestructible. Happy one anniversary
  5. God surely made you two just for each other. May the overwhelming blessings of God sustain this union forever. Happy anniversary.
  6. Hurray for completing one year together. May the love of God bind you together. Happy anniversary.
  7. Plenteous good wishes. May joy never depart your home. Happy anniversary.
  8. May the love that binds you both keeps flowing like an ocean. Happy anniversary friend.
  9. Just like the morning light, May the love you both share shine into every corner of the world. Happy one year anniversary fella!
  10. To my bestie, Happy one year anniversary. You both are designed to be together. I pray god will protect this union with his jealousy.
  11. Hullo buddy, It is a thing of joy to be married, in the vein it is a thing for celebration to stay married. Happy anniversary!
  12. Happy anniversary on completing one more year of a happy marriage. Happy anniversary my hearty friend!

First Anniversary Wishes

  1. The love you showed me has illuminated my life. Our one year together is been a blessing. Happy 1st anniversary.
  2. It was the most wonderful 365 days of my life.  I want more and look forward to celebrating millions of days with you. Wishing you love and happiness on this wonderful occasion!
  3. My 365 days with you have left me with great happiness and joy. I pray God to keep us and protect us. Happy one year anniversary.
  4. Every day of my life I will continue to love you, I will walk the walk of life with you. Happy 1st anniversary.
  5. No matter the weather, the season. No matter what comes our way I will never stop loving you. Happy one year anniversary.
  6. I will stake my life for this union, I will make it endless if given the power. Happy anniversary darling.
  7. Just like the river never runs dry, I shall never stop loving you. I will give my all for our love together to flourish. Happy one year anniversary.
  8. It has been 365 days of glowing and shining. Happy anniversary
  9. Just like the morning sun, you have brought light into my life. Happy 1st anniversary honey.
  10. I wish and pray God to grant us eternal anniversary in heaven. Happy loving marriage anniversary.
  11. I pray that this 1st anniversary will mark the beginning of an endless loving life for you both. Cheers!
  12. These 365 days will reverberate in eternity, and lover birds have actually depicted entirely what love is about. Happy one year anniversary!

Marriage Anniversary Messages

  1. Just like we positively anticipated, it is one year of a loving marriage. Happy anniversary.
  2. I will always in my prayers ask God to grant you both many more years of lovely marriage. Happy anniversary!
  3. This anniversary will mark the beginning of another dimension of endless love. Happy one year anniversary.
  4. May the love you both share grow and blossom like a daffodil in spring. May it be what people will come to learn from. Congratulations on one year in marriage.
  5. May this year’s marriage anniversary never be the last you two will celebrate. I pray that silver and golden jubilee will come forth.
  6. You shall both live to see more fruitful years and celebrations in your marriage. Happy anniversary.
  7. May the good God keep this beautiful marriage under the shadows of his wings, away from every evil. Happy anniversary.
  8. I pray you both find the most beautiful life and grow old in each other’s arms. Happy anniversary.
  9. This one year anniversary will not be the end of you both. More loves and years are my prayers and wishes.
  10. In every way my strength can go, I will pray and support this union with love. Happy 1st anniversary.
  11. Just like the pride of Barbados, your marriage will shine. Congratulations.
  12. May no evil find a way into this beautiful marriage. Congratulations!


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