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How to do Video Marketing for Your Business in 2023

What is the use of a marketing strategy that can’t show your products or services to the world?

Because customers want to know the worth of your product before buying it, you must know how to do video marketing.

Video marketing is a grand strategy for integrating digital marketing into your business.

If you have been using social media, affiliate programs, blogs, or CPC advertising to market your products, it’s now time to try a video marketing strategy and explore a new way of attracting customers online.

Complementing your marketing strategy with video marketing won’t only reduce your cost of advertising but also solve your conversion problems and yield a desirable number of sales.

  • Daily minutes spent watching online videos crossed 100 minutes from 84 minutes between 2019 and 2021.
  • Online video spending crossed $61B from $45B between 2019 and 2021.
  • Cost of TV advertising reduced to $180B from $183B between 2019 and 2021.

By implication, the use of video marketing has dramatically increased in the last few years.

So, it’s very important to know how to make a marketing video for your business and this guide will walk you through it.

We shall discuss the following issues to make sure you understand the subject.

  1. What is video marketing?
  2. Why do you need to adopt a video marketing strategy?
  3. What are types of video marketing?
  4. How to get started with video marketing?
  5. What are the best video marketing platforms and software to make a marketing video?

Without wasting your time, we’re going to start this discussion by defining what is meant to make a marketing video for your business?

What is video marketing and how does it work?

Have you ever observed that when you log on to Facebook and a video pops up, your entire body system will adjust?

Most audiences in that state would be eager to watch the video before doing anything else.

So, taking advantage of that reaction is called video marketing.

That positive attitude of the audience when they see a video makes video marketing an important marketing strategy to boost your ROI.

Video marketing is making a video for the purpose of showcasing a business and converting the audience into potential customers.

When you watch a video and become fascinated with a product or service, it means that the brand behind the video has successfully used video marketing to attract you.

Video marketing can come in form of a direct video or an ad.

A video ad is a short video that pops up when you’re watching another video.

If you click to watch a video on YouTube, the first short video you see is an ad.

When you put all these practices together, you’re not doing anything other than video marketing.

Technically, video marketing is the use of video content to reach out to more audiences, enlighten and persuade them to patronize your brand.

You can use video marketing to create more awareness around your products and demonstrate to your audiences why they should consider your brand.

How to do video marketing for your business

Videos are very important to your marketing strategy because the audience is engrossed in them and the interest has increased from 78% to 92% between 2015 and 2020.

No wonder they say, “seeing is believing”.

According to DepositPhotos, videos are capable of increasing your conversion rate by over 80% and many customers now claim that videos are a major factor that influences their purchasing decisions.

Source: DepositPhotos

This implies that video marketing is taking an important role in how products are being discovered online.

With this strategy, you can easily demonstrate a live usage of your products or services using different video sharing platforms.

Hence, this won’t just make your brand well-known but stimulate a long-lasting psychological effect on your audiences.

Types of video marketing

You don’t just want to pick up your phone and start shooting.

You need to understand the type of videos you want to shoot, why you want to shoot the videos, and which audience you want to target?

To fully understand how to do video marketing for your business, you need to know the types of videos that are practicably good for marketing.

Here is the list of the types of video marketing you can make for your business:

  • Demos
  • Business videos
  • Interviews
  • How-to videos
  • Review videos
  • Animations
  • Testimonial videos
  • Live videos
  • Virtual videos


Demos are the initial videos you create to display your products and services to the world.

In these videos, you might choose to advertise a product, show how it works, or just mention a few features of the product.

A typical example of demos is YouTube Ads which are usually less than a minute long.

Demos usually target new customers and can also enlighten the existing ones about a certain product.

Business videos

You use a business video to advocate your brand.

These videos help users to know more about your brands such as your level of transparency, reliability, experience, and probably an in-depth analysis of your operation.

It gives a summary of your business and it’s usually hosted on your website in the “About Us” section.


You don’t need to do the talking alone every time.

You can also market your videos by interviewing customers, staff, and even the CEO of your brand to speak out on their opinions about the brand.

You can ask them about their perspectives of the brand, how they discovered the brand, what should be expected from the brand, and so on.

You can also gather questions from your customers and use that to promote good customer relationships.

How-To Videos

These are essential to put your customers through on how to make use of your products.

These are very important to brands like automobiles, skincare, software developers, and so on.

As many customers might find it difficult to understand your manuals, this kind of video will make them learn how to use the products step by step.

In your How-To videos, you should carry out the practical application of your products.

Review videos

These are mostly done by YouTube influencers and a good way to get organic traffic to your business website.

In such videos, you can give an honest review of the products and take into consideration the pros and cons of the products.

Don’t hide anything from the audience as any future disadvantages they discover can tarnish the image of your brand.

Ensure you don’t exaggerate the effectiveness of the products to promote sales.


Video marketing doesn’t involve people alone.

You can also consider making use of animations to illustrate how your products work.

As a matter of fact, the use of animations is on the increase and brands like Cowbell and Indomie have adopted this type of video marketing.

Animations make your videos more humorous and appealing to your audience.

It also creates curiosity and relevance over a long period of time for the audience.

Testimonial videos

You can also create videos by hosting your existing customers to give testimony of how effective your products are.

If you’re marketing a skincare product, let them give a description of their skin diseases and how your products have helped overcome the problems.

Live videos

You can host a live video on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, or Zoom to discuss and seek your customers’ opinions on your products.

Live videos promote friendliness and help you improve your services.

Virtual videos

We’re in a world of technological evolution, so virtually all things are possible.

You can add 3D or 4D effects to your videos to allow users to have a full view of your products from all angles.

Virtual videos can also be used to present how your products will affect a customer’s look after using your products with the Augmented Reality (AR) tool.

You can see that there are different types of video marketing that you can embark on to drive leads to your business.

You just have to go through the list above carefully and select those that are very important to your business.

A software brand, for example, might not need animations except for computer graphics software but definitely can’t do without “How-To videos” and Demos.

Benefits of video marketing


The following will clear the doubts you might be having on the importance of making video marketing for your business.

It promotes brand awareness

Do you know the number of people that watch videos online in a day?

YouTube has over 2 billion users who you can convert to your customers and drive leads to your business.

Imagine having a marketing video being displayed to each of these people.

Brand awareness is the major reason you should adopt video marketing today.

New dimension of customer support

Video marketing has taken the way customers get support from their brands to an entirely new dimension.

Instead of waiting for 1-3 days to get a response, they can quickly watch a video about how to solve the problem.

Not everyone can read and understand your steps in a text format, but certainly, they can carry out the steps when watching it.

Emotional connections

Videos make the audiences be able to figure out how passionate and enthusiastic you’re about your business, thereby giving them an insight into how authentic your products will be.

Your facial expressions and body gestures are key to winning the heart of your viewers and driving them to your brand.

It’s a faster way of communication 

With a video, you can quickly market a product and get leads in a minute.

However, you’ll need to write an article of about 2500 words to get a high SEO ranking, send e-mails to numerous subscribers, and even pay websites to advertise your brands on their platforms with other digital marketing strategies.

With just a smartphone and an honest review about a product, you’ll inform your audience about your brand.

There are several other reasons you should embrace video marketing, some of which text won’t be enough to describe until you try it out.

How to do video marketing

This is to walk you through how to make a good quality marketing video for whatever business you do.

No experience or professional qualification is needed.

You’ll be taken from scratch, so have no fear.

The following is the list of steps for getting started with video marketing.

You need to:

  • Choose your products or services
  • Choose a brand name
  • Script your video lines
  • Rehearse your scrip
  • Get your video recording tools
  • Shoot your videos
  • Edit your videos
  • Create a video marketing strategy
  • Choose a platform to upload your videos

Let’s briefly discuss each of these steps so you can catch up with the task.

#1. Choose your products/services

The first action you must take before shooting your marketing videos is to select the products or services you want to market.

It’s highly recommended to stick to a particular niche and don’t present a product or service which isn’t relevant to your niche.

For instance, if your niche is dermatology, don’t promote a skincare product today and food items the next day.

Being specific always will boost your reliability and credibility level in the business.

If you’re into affiliate marketing, otherwise known as influencer marketing, let your skill and level of professionalism be shown in your videos.

This suggests to you avoid shuffling around with products you don’t know much about without giving a disclaimer notice.

Save your head if you don’t want to be held responsible for any ill-effect of a product you recommend in your videos.

Once again, your videos are a great determiner of getting leads to your business.

So, it’s important to let your audience know that you’re enthusiastic about the products you promote and at the same time sincere with them in your videos.

#2. Create a brand identity

Many businesses have failed due to their lack of consistency with their brand identity.

Being double-faced with the kind of identity you choose to be identified with can confuse the audience.

However, your brand name, logo, and culture, for example, must give your audience the right view of what your videos will be like.

You should customize your video channel with your brand elements and relevant information about your brand.

This will present you well to your audiences and boost their affinity with your brand.

Don’t use a brand name like “Saint Graphics” if you’re marketing “website builders” in your videos.

Although both brand names are related to the same industry and you might be a professional in both aspects.

But because you’re not marketing “graphics design services” at the moment, your brand name should depict your business.

An audience who sees “Saint Graphics” as your brand name might be hoping to find something like Corel-Draw, logo making, or photo editing-related videos.

But the moment he realizes you’re discussing “website builders” in your videos, he will be confused.

Let your brand identity show who you really are.

#3. Script your video lines

If you’ve identified your niche products, scripting your videos shouldn’t be a problem.

The script is meant to cover your reviews of the product.

So, you should do thorough research about the product and write down all you want to discuss it in your videos.

A script should have three parts to create a constructive marketing video.

It must cover the introductory part, body part, and concluding part of the video you want to shoot.

Get all the features of your products ready to avoid blabbering and unnecessary “Uhm”, pauses, and other mistakes in your videos.

#4. Rehearse your scrip

Practice the presentation frequently to get used to it, especially if you’re a beginner or afraid to face the camera.

Rehearsing makes it easier for you to speak to your audiences and you will be able to note the aspects of the script that need to be adjusted before shooting your videos.

#5. Get your video recording tools

If you’ve identified your niche products, named your brand, and rehearsed your script very well, the next thing is to assemble all your recording tools.

Recording a video isn’t difficult and with your smartphone, you can shoot amazing videos.

However, the quality of the videos shot with a smartphone might be low and not considered good for promotion on some platforms like IGTV.

Hence, the need for a professional video camera should be met.

But this doesn’t imply that you can’t improve your video quality when you shoot with a smartphone.

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Get a condenser microphone.
  • Make use of video editing software to perfect the audio and quality of your video. (It’s recommended you choose from our list below).

With the above tools, you’ll be able to create a high-quality marketing video with your smartphone.

Note: As important as your video quality might be, you should know that it’s useless if your messages aren’t authentic.

#6. Shoot your videos

It’s time to shoot your first marketing videos.


You don’t just want to pick up your smartphone or video camera and start shooting.

There are some professional techniques you need such as colour correction, angular positioning, distance, and so on to help you shoot perfectly.

But with good editing software, you can produce the same output as a professional.

Just ensure you don’t shoot nonchalantly and try to maintain stability in your videos.

Speak fluently and go straight to the point.

Give your audiences the best reviews about the products to avoid misleading them.

#7. Edit your videos

With our list of video editing software, you can correct your video colour, remove background noise, change your video quality, and upload it to your social media pages easily.

A video editing software will also ease you from the stress of setting up a standard video recording studio.

Any good software will help you get good output from your video no matter how bad the recording was.

#8. Create a video marketing strategy

Before uploading any marketing video, you should have your strategy ready.

The strategy for creating a marketing video is very easy to understand.

Meanwhile, the use of a video marketing strategy is to ensure you create the right videos and target the right audience.

Here is a summary of what a good video marketing strategy will make you do:

  • Be purposeful with your videos
  • Think like your audience
  • Go for the right platforms
  • Use A/B test
  • Leave a resounding sensation in the mind of your audience

Be purposeful

Before creating a video for marketing, you should have a specific goal you want to achieve with the video.

Your goal can be to get more leads, create awareness, teach your audience how to use an existing product, or provide customer support.

Having a purpose for your videos can set you on track and prevent you from beating around the bush.

Your purpose will be determined by the time you’re creating the videos and the type of products you are marketing with them.

Think like your audience

Another strategy is viewing yourself as one of the audiences and rationalizing what you would expect as one of them.

Thinking like a customer can help you understand what your customers need and expect.

Hence, you’ll be able to touch the right aspect and also promote your interactions.

A very good way to achieve this is to seek the opinions of your friends on your brand but don’t ask for the reasons behind such opinions.

Try to figure out the reasons yourself and work on them.

Use A/B test

If you’ve read our article on e-mail marketing, you’ll know more about what this A/B test involves.

It can be used to categorize your audience and focus more on the active ones.

A/B test is just a kind of marketing strategy you apply to segment (divide) your audience based on some specific conditions such as age, race, geographical location, gender, and the likes.

It enables you to know who and who would like to view a certain video.

If your A/B test shows that 70% of your audience is interested in a certain product, then you should endeavour to concentrate more on the product in your video.

Deal with questions that are relevant to the products and provide solutions to the problems your customers might experience using your products.

You can equally introduce new tips on the usage of that product to keep your audiences engaged with your business.

With the A/B test, you‘ll be able to predict how a product will probably turn out down the line.

Therefore, you’ll know the type of videos you should create and those you don’t need.

Work on your results

Endeavour to work on the results of your A/B test, analytics, and the feedback you get from your audiences and improve on your videos.

You can also review products based on customers’ requests and do giveaways for your loyal customers.

This is because video marketing targets your prospects and you need to incentivize them to boost your conversion rates.

Leave a resounding sensation in the mind of your audience

This is simply talking about the use of power words.

These are words that make your audience have a second thought and become more curious to buy your products.

To make these words very effective, back them up with emotions and facial expressions that no one can resist.

For instance, if you are advertising software, you can add a powerful phrase like this, “Software can’t be touched but ours will touch your life”.

#9. Choose a platform to upload your videos

Another key part of video marketing is choosing the right platforms to share your videos.

The importance of choosing a reliable platform for sharing your videos can never be under-emphasized.

Your video-sharing platform is as important as your videos because this is where you get your potential customers.

After all, reaching the audience is the main reason for creating the videos in the first place.

The platforms you upload your videos to must be the ones that allow video marketing and give support to businesses.

I know YouTube will cross your mind.

But mind you, there are other amazing platforms with which you can get customers.

After choosing your platforms, upload your videos and promote them using the promotion tools on each of the platforms to get more views and subscribers.

Ensure you select an appropriate thumbnail, include your links, set your upload date then upload your videos.


It’s no secret that video marketing is one of the most productive digital marketing strategies with a high ROI.

So, learning how to do video marketing can effectively solve your related sales conversion issues.

Videos attract attention more than any other form of marketing and can be quickly implemented.

This guide contains all the necessary steps you need to get started and the kind of tools you need to succeed as a video marketer.

I leave you with the words of Carey Love:

There is something about video marketing that helps it stay apart from the other online marketing tactics. When done correctly, all you need is one video marketing campaign to build up highly targeted traffic for a really long time”.


You can leave a comment and share your thoughts about this subject.


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