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Top 5 Best Video Marketing Software to Make Stunning Videos

How many people can afford DSLR cameras and other professional tools to shoot a good quality video?

In the absence of physical tools, laying your hands on video marketing software will boost the quality of your videos.

There are so many video marketing tools to download on the web, but identifying the one that is suitable for your needs can be a bit difficult.

For this reason, I created this guide to do the job for you.

The secret of creating a marketing video and your audience will convert hinges on the kind of software you use to edit the video.

After conducting serious research on what tools are used to make a marketing video, I came up with this review.

It includes a list of the best video marketing software used by most pro marketers.

If you want to start video marketing and all you have is just your smartphone, you can still end up with a highly engaging marketing video.

Video marketing software are tool used by vloggers or video markers to optimize their videos and improve their performance on search engines.

Since the advent of social media, so many videos had been shot and only a few were shot by professionals.

So, to make a low-budget marketing video look great, you need an editing software.

Which are the top best video marketing software?

To create a stunning video marketing for your business, check out the following video marketing tools and make a choice.

  • Biteable
  • Vidgeos
  • Hippo Video
  • Filmora
  • Powtoon

These software will offer you the best business solution to increase your sales and boost your Return on Investment (ROI).

Now that you have the list, let’s have a closer look at the software tools.

1. Biteable


Biteable is rated as the best video marketing software by software testing.

This software offers complete features to help beginners edit and create amazing videos.

Biteable features are:

  • Creation of studio-quality videos within minutes.
  • Simplified interface to create a story video and share to your social media links.
  • In-built collection of over 85000 shutter stock clips and animations.
  • Mixing photos to create your videos and easy personalization.
  • Creating your videos and uploading them on your social media channel.

It provides advanced features for professionals too and it’s best known as the perfect software for creating marketing videos.

Biteable has a lot of already-made templates you can use to create your videos faster.


Plan Price Feature
Starter $20 per month 1 premium video
Pro $29 per month 3 premium videos
Unlimited $49 per month Unlimited premium videos

Biteable has different price options, which include the Starter, Pro and Unlimited plans.

If you’re bigger, the Starter Plan is good for you as you’re yet to make enough videos. One good thing about Biteable is the price which is not fixed.

You can easily upgrade to a bigger plan as you make more videos for your businesses.

If you’re not sure of investing your money in Biteable, you can try its free trial plan.

2. Vidgeos


Vidgeos is a video creating platform that makes it easier for you to animate and market your videos.

It works well with both Windows and Mac as well as supporting all other forms of digital marketing such as email marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

It also provides an automatic translator of your videos to any language.

Its exceptional features are:

  • Auto-translator to any language
  • Live interactive tool
  • Video Editor
  • Text translator to any language
  • Numerous already-made templates
  • 24 hours customer support


Plan Price
Monthly $167
Annual $468

Vidgeos pricing plan is quite expensive but worth the bargain if you’re an enterprise.

It also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. With this option, your money is refundable within 30 days after purchase if you don’t like the software.

3. Hippo Video


Hippo Video is a popular video marketing software with full-fledged features to help you create amazing videos and get them to the right audience.

It provides video hosting services, video marketing, customer support, and can be used to blend your video marketing strategy with other digital marketing strategies.

Its exceptional features are:

  • Outstanding Video Editor
  • Upload to your social networks at a video size that works perfectly with all devices
  • Great Customer Support
  • Encryption of your videos for security.
  • Video Data Analytics
  • Segment and Integrate your videos.


Plan Price
Starter $15/ month (Good for brand awareness)
Pro $29/ month (Good to generate leads)
Growth $49/ month (Real-time video marketing)

Hippo is very cheap to acquire and also offers a free trial that allows new users to upload unlimited videos of not more than 100GB bandwidth.

The plans are as shown in the table below:

4. Filmora


Filmora is another user-friendly video marketing software tool that guides you through creating and editing your videos without hassles.

It provides you with the necessary features to ensure you create your videos in no time instead of going through the stress of understanding the basic features of video marketing.

Its exceptional features are:

  • Advanced video editing tools
  • Colour correction and screen resolution control
  • Multiple video clips
  • Speed control and noise removal
  • Upload to your social channel


a. Personal price plans

Plan Price
Monthly Plan $7.99
Yearly $39.99
Lifetime $59.99

b. Personal price plans

Plan Price
Basic $12.99/ month
Standar $24.99/ month
Lifetime $57.99 /month

Filmora has three plans for a different set of users, which are individual-plan, business-plan, and educational plan.

You will have to contact the Filmora sales team and submit a request form to use the software for educational purposes.

5. Powtoon


The last on my list and the very best software for multipurpose video creators is Powtoon.

You can use this video marketing software tool to create your outstanding videos.

You can use Powtoon to add sections to your videos to better enlightening your audiences.

Its exceptional features are:

  • Engagement videos creation
  • Latest Video Editing Tool
  • Import and export of user data
  • Customization and collaboration features
  • Data Analytics and Management
  • Security Features
  • Drag and drop tool


Plan Price Feature
Starter $16/ month 1 premium video export
Pro $19/ month 5 premium video export
Pro+ $59/ month Unlimited premium video export
Agency $99/ month Unlimited premium video export

Powtoon operates on 4-plan pricing and offers a free plan that allows users to upload up to 3-minute long videos.

What’s your own best video marketing software?

There is more amazing video editing software out there that was not listed in this review.

If you have any that you think is worthy of mentioning, feel free to state it in your comment. And don’t forget to say what you like about it so we can add more to the list.

Thank you.


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