Fix: USB device not recognized in Windows PC

USB device not recognized

This article explains the cause and solution of a major problem after inserting a USB device – “USB device not recognize.”

Sometimes when you insert your USB device into your laptop or computer – you end up getting a notice saying “USB device not recognized.”

This issue is more common with some USB devices such as Memory Card, Flash drives, Keyboard, and Pen drives.

Now you may be asking – what’s the reason behind this?

Did you encounter a USB issue like shown in the image above? 

Of course am sure that’s the issue you encountered, keep reading you are close to the solution.

There are many reasons behind this issue, in some cases, it may be that your USB device is corrupted or the USB device version is not supported, or even that your driver got some issues and many more reasons.

Methods Solve USB device not recognized in Windows PC

It’s amazing! There would be two solutions to the USB device not recognized issue if the first solution did not work for you the second will.

Let’s smile as we proceed further.

1. Scan for Hardware Changes with Device Manager

1) Click on the “Start” button then click on the “Run” option. Alternatively, click “Window + R.

2) Type “devmgmt.msc” command inside the box then click “OK.”

3) Your window Device Manager will then open.

4) After which, click on “Universal Serial Bus Controller” then click on “Action” menu

5) Now click on “Scan for hardware changes.”

After clicking on “Scan for hardware changes” your USB will then be recognized.

In case the first solution does not work, try the second solution.

2. Power Management – USB Hub

1) In this second solution you will still have to follow the same steps but instead on clicking on “Universal Serial Bus Controller” rather you expand it.

2)  Screw down the expanded options to “USB Root Hub” then right-click and click on “Properties.

3) A property window will open,  now “click on “Power Management” on the property window menu and Uncheck  “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” and click “OK.”

4) Perform the same process for all available USB Root Hub (process #2 and #3)

5) Then go to the “Action” menu and click “Scan for hardware changes” After  clicking on “Scan for hardware changes” your USB will then be recognized

If this method didn’t work for you, shut down your PC completely and disconnect the power source, if you are making use of a laptop you will have to remove the battery for a minute or two and insert it back. Then restart it, the problem will be solved.


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