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Compared 3 Major Types of Blogging Platforms

Before starting a blog, it’s good you know the types of blogging platforms to know which suit your need for a blog.

Blogging is an excellent way for people to show their write-ups or opinions on specific topics to reach a multitude over the net.

People indulge in blogging for different reasons, some blog for the fun of it, make extra income, make new friends, seek people’s attention, and many more.

People create blogs looking like personal journal to store their daily activities. A blogger quickly updates bloggers.

Blogging in the 21st century has taken a new turn; people now use blogs to make money online, they use their blogs to affiliate with different companies that are related to the post in their blogs.

A blog is an excellent medium for communicating with people. It creates an enabling environment to meet people of similar interests, and it paves the way for discussing great ideas to improve or correct existing knowledge.

People sometimes make money from their blogs by asking their readers to donate money for the maintenance of their websites.

This is a good source of income. Another vital way to make money with your blog is to sell products to your readers.

Everyone will like to buy a good-looking t-shirt, something that has your blog logo is the right choice of design.

Blogging has created the most common question around it. What are the different types of blogging platforms?

There are three important types of blogging; each of them is being differentiated by its advantages and uses.

Whether you are creating a blog for fun, or you have the mindset of making money, there is always a blogging platform to suit your need.

Types of Blogging Platforms

Hosted Weblogs

Hosted weblog providers are one of the types of blogging platforms where you are required to sign up, set up the account for your blog, and start blogging immediately.

No special software is needed to be downloaded or installed on your computer. All that is required is to sign up and start your blog.

Signing up in this type of platform is very easy, all you need is to fill out the required information about yourself correctly then you are good to go.

This type of blog is straightforward and is considered the easiest way to start a blog. It makes blogging suitable for those who don’t have existing or beginner knowledge in the blogging world.

To successfully set up your account, you will have to visit the blog providers’ website, register your new account, and set it up on your blog page.

To set up or customize this type of blog page is very easy; they usually provide you with a step by step instructions to guide you in the process of designing your blog page.

You will have to choose from a different template, your choice of colours, themes, your font size, blog style, and lot more.

This particular blogging platform is advisable for those who don’t have any knowledge of programming like HTML or CSS, and others.

Stand Alone Blogs

Stand-alone among the types of blogging platforms requires download and installation of software to your computer. This software is on the internet for little or no cost.

This way, you will be able to control different blog designs and manage a wide variety of themes applied on your blog webpage. You have to purchase a web host where you can manage your files.

This blogging platform is designed to benefit users who want more freedom in planning their blogs. There are lots of functions and templates that will suit your design to meet your desired need for a blog page.

If you choose this platform, you should have proper knowledge of technical matters to make it work, or you can locate someone who can help out when technical issues arise.

Remote Blogging System

Among the various types of blogging platforms, Remote blogging system, which is our third platform gives you the option to host your blog on an integrated blog host or allows you to use your domain.

When remote blogging system platform used, there is some setup guideline which looks precisely like that of the blog host provider.

If you want your blog to be hosted with your domain by other websites, then you should provide the FTP details of your remote web blog system. These details consist of FTP account username, password, and FTP address.

This platform recommended for those with advanced knowledge of blogging and technical matters on the internet.

How to find the right types of blogging platform

The choice of choosing the right kinds of blogging platforms to meet your demand is one of the greatest and sometimes difficult decisions to make as a blogger.

The right platform is capable of making blogging a breeze, while the wrong one chat makes blogging frustrating.

The brain behind this is that your platform choice is a great part to the success of your blogging experience, so it is worth the time to find the best platform that can relate your idea and strike a balance between flexible framework and a user-friendly interface that brings out the uniqueness of your blog to the limelight.

To find a suitable platform is not always an easy task, but with little patience and in-depth research, you are on your way to getting a perfect platform for your blog.

To find the best types of blogging platforms, you must first decide your priorities in terms of customization and usage.

Some highly customizable platforms are moveable, a bit complex to use compared to automated platforms like WordPress.

If you are new in blogging and the internet at large, you will have to sacrifice more time to create a quality customizable background and integrate a unique font in your template to find the best program that will be very easy for you to use.

On the other hand, if you are right in veteran web design with some knowledge of HTML and javascript, you will see its frustration and limitation.

There is nothing as cool as choosing the right blogging platform, though none of the types of blogging platforms is less important than the other.

It all depends on the unique need of the blogger. Blogging connotes more of individuality, So it is structurally designed to meet the needs of individuals with their different types of projects.

This diversity makes it preferable because it means you will be able to find the right program that fits your level of technical knowledge.

The coincidence of two bloggers who need the same thing from one particular blog platform can make searching for the right one a bit tacky.

When you read reviews on the different blogging platforms, always remember your priorities and make sure you consider the angle the reviewer is speaking from.

For example, a negative platform review that was written by a suitable software designer complaining of how limited a popular platform is not a clear indication that such a platform is not ideal for fresh bloggers.

Please take note; there is no perfect platform for anyone, so don’t waste your time looking for the best one, instead look for a platform that best meets your specific criteria.

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