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2 Ways To Transfer Money With Quickteller On Your Phone

This article gives full details on how to transfer money with Quickteller quickly with your mobile phone without any stress.

The time has come, and technology is the other of the day. The era of armchair banking has moved away like the wind, those days when a bank account owner will have to stand in the queue inside the bank to transfer money to another bank account.

Many platforms have to our rescue, and one of them is quickteller. Quickteller has simplified most of our banking activities from the comfort of our homes. With the Quickteller app or website, you can make lots of payments.

To make life easier, Quickteller also introduced USSD, which is believed to help those who don’t have a smartphone or computer and those who are in place with poor Internet access. It also makes recharging phone airtime very easy.

Enjoy quick and swift transfer at your convenience with Quickteller Transfer USSD and via the Quickteller website.

With Quickteller, you can Buy Airtime,  Fund Transfer, Pay Bills, and lots more payments made easier.

How to Transfer Money With Quickteller

You can transfer money to Nigeria bank accounts via the Quickteller website or Quickteller Transfer USSD.

Transfer money with Quickteller website

  1. Visit Quickteller website www.quickteller.com
  2. Click on Send Money
  3. Click on Transfer to Account
  4. Input the following: Destination bank (Select your bank), Account Number, Account Type, Beneficiary Name, Amount, Beneficiary Email, Beneficiary Phone Number, and Remark (E.g., Transfer to XYZ)
  5. Confirm the details you entered
  6. Click on “Continue

Transfer Money With Quickteller

Funds sent will be credited to the receiver’s account.

Transfer money with Quckteller USSD Code

Transfers made easy with Quickteller; all you need is a mobile phone number connected to your bank account.

Simply dial *322*AccountNumber*Amount#

E.g : *322*1234567890*5000#

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the transaction.

If you want other features, the Quickteller USSD has such as mobile number airtime recharge, pay bills, and others, simple dial *322#, the list of all available services will display on your screen, then follow the onscreen steps.

Note that the Quickteller shortcode should be dialed with the number that is linked to your bank account. Quickteller shortcode is applicable to all banks in Nigeria, and charges fees may apply.

The maximum amount to Transfer via Quickteller

The maximum amount of money that can be transferred using Quickteller is N1,000,000 per day.

You need to login to Quickteller to transfer money to bank accounts with Quickteller. Learn about Quickteller registration and how to login Quickteller account.

For any questions about How To transfer money to bank accounts in Nigeria with Quickteller, please ask questions via the comment box below.


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