Access Bank Transfer Code – How to Transfer Money via USSD Code

Access Bank Transfer Code

This post explains how you can transfer money using the Access Bank Transfer Code to Banks.

The latest acquisition in the Nigerian banking industry was the purchase of Diamond Bank by Access Bank.

This made Access Bank the biggest bank in Africa in by customer base. Before this Access bank has been known to be a standard bank in Nigeria, they can even compete with other top banks in the world.

The bank offers lots of products and services that its customers appreciate so much.

Do you know that with Access Bank, users can transfer money from their account to any other bank account in Nigeria with their mobile phone?

The most amazing this is that a smartphone is not needed to make the transfer. The feature supports any phone, and this can be done in just a few seconds.

The USSD Code for Access Bank is *901# this code is the access bank transfer code. It is with this code that lots of banking transactions can be done. All that is required is the mobile number that is linked to your Access Bank account.

The lengthy procedures shouldn’t be a problem at all; all those are now in the past. With the USSD code of Access Bank, almost everything can be done with ease.

With the Access Bank USSD code, you can do almost everything by just dialing the simple shortcode.

Access Bank Transfer Code – USSD 

Access Bank Transfer Code

Access bank transfer is effortless to use. Use the code in the table below to make a successful transfer.

Access Bank USSD Transfer CODE FUNCTIONS
Dial *901*1*Amount* Account Number# To transfer money from Access Bank to another Access Bank account
Dial *901*2*Amount* Account Number# To transfer money from Access Bank to other banks

If you are sending money to a non-Access Bank, you will have to select the name of the bank, as it will display on your phone screen.

For example, to send money to another bank account Dial *901*2*5000*1234xxxxxxx# if you want to send 5,000 naira to 1234xxxxxxx.

The next step on the screen of your phone will be to select the beneficiary bank name. Next is to confirm the full name of the account.

Once this is done, you will then enter your PIN to complete the transfer.

Access Bank USSD Transfer Limit

The accumulated daily transfer for Access Bank USSD transfer is 20,000 naira. You can’t transfer any sum above twenty daily.

Features of Access Bank Transfer code

  • It is swift and secure.
  • It supports both smartphones and non-smartphones
  • The transaction must be done from the phone number that is linked to your bank account.
  • The banking feature is available round the clock, including at midnight and on weekends.

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