USSD Code to Transfer Airtime on Glo Network


This article explains how to transfer airtime credit from one Glo line to another in just a few seconds.

Credit transfer or airtime transfer is a trending telecommunication service that allows users to share their airtime with another user on the same network.

When you share or transfer your airtime, the transferred price will be deducted from your account and credited to the receiver’s account.

Everyone has at least a friend or relation who always runs out of airtime all the time and ends up calling and asking to transfer some airtime credit to them.

If you do not have such a friend, then that’s because you are always out of credit, then asking you to transfer airtime will make no difference.

Almost all mobile networks in Nigeria allow users to transfer credit. But our focus on this article will be the Glo network.

We will explain to you how to activate Glo transfer PIN, and how to transfer airtime credit on Glo.

Globacom Limited, commonly called Glo, is one of the most popular indigenous mobile carriers in the Nigerian telecom market.

The network does not give way to its other competitors. After its establishment in Nigeria in the year 2003, Glo expanded its reach to some other African countries close to Nigeria. Such as Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, and Ghana.

The Telecom giant now offers fast 4G mobile Internet, cheap call tariffs, convenient roaming, and many more benefits, like airtime credit and data transfer.

Now, let us get all the obvious things off the way, and jump into the reason that brought you to this post.

Harmonized Code to transfer Airtime in Nigeria

Aside from the Glo reserve code to transfer airtime, Nigeria also has a general share service code that can be used to transfer airtime. This code will work on Glo, MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile.

The Share services code is *321#

Simply dial *321# select Airtime Share, and follow the onscreen instruction to transfer airtime on Globacom.

How to Transfer Credit on Glo Network

Am sure most of you still remember the convenient Glo Me2U system, which you can send credit to anyone on the Glo network.

The system has changed a little bit since then. Now there is a service that is called EasyShare, which lives up to its name.

It is so so easy to share nowadays! Although, it is still not possible to transfer airtime credit to people on other networks aside from Glo network subscribers.

For the airtime credit transfer, all you need is the USSD code which is 131, the receiver’s Glo number, the amount of credit you want to transfer, and your password.

Now let’s assume you want to transfer 500 Naira from your line to another Glo line – let’s say the glo line is 080555XXXXX and your pin is 12345

Dial: *131*081555XXXXX*500*12345# and then Send.

Once the transfer is completed, you will get an SMS with the confirmation.

How to Change Glo Credit Transfer PIN

If you are among those who always keep their phone carelessly without locking it. If you are among those who easily give people your phone – then changing your airtime transfer pin will be very necessary.

By default, all Glo users’ transfer pin is 00000. It is nothing complicated a bit like people use to say.

To change your glo airtime transfer pin you have to do is dial a simple USSD with its command.

Dial *132* default or old pin * new pin * new pin#

For example: *132*00000*12345*12345#, and hit the Send button.

In the example above, 00000 is the old or default pin, while 12345 is the new pin. Remember to change the digit to yours when doing yours.

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