How To Track And Lock Stolen Android Phone – No Tracking Tool Needed

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This article explains the best way to track and lock a stolen android device without the use of any software.

On a daily basis, thousands of people do misplace their mobile phone, or might even get robbed.

It is good luck to all those using an android smartphone.

Do you know that with just your Google account you can easily track the exact location of your stolen mobile phone and even lock it if you wish to?

No software or tracking tool needed, just your Google account.

I know it may sound “new” or “strange” to most people, but it is real. So many people are making use of it – and it is working perfectly.

Follow the steps below.

Steps to track the location of android phone

I will go straight to the point without saying much.

1) Open your system browser and log on to

2) Once it opens, click on the “gear icon,” which is on the top right side of the webpage and click on “Android Device Manager.”

3) After which, you will be asked to enter your Google account (if you are not logged in).

Note that the Google account details you will enter must be the same as that of the stolen android phone.

4) Once your login is successful, you can now view the current location of your android device

5) After locating your device, you can choose “lock,”erase data,” or “ring” your device.

Note: This feature may not work if your Google account data had already been wiped from your phone.

Yes, it is that easy, Google is incredibly amazing, why not since they own “Google Map” they can easily integrate some android codes at the backend which cause this to happen.

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