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Online Time Management System Source Code In PHP Free Download

This is an online Time Management System Project. It’s a web-based project developed with a core PHP language.

The web-based application provides an online platform for a company’s employees to record and report their time retendered or/and time allotted per project.

The system was developed to help companies monitor their employees’ rendered time and work done on every project. There is a pleasant user-friendly interface and easy to manage functionalities.

About the Online Project Time Management System

Project Name: Online Time Management System
Software Type: Web-Based Application
Web Languages: PHP, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, CSS, AdminLTE
Database Type: MySQL Database
File Type: Zip File
File Size: 68MB
Zipped File Size: 18.8MB
Test Condition: Tested on both local servers of live server using cPanel.
PHP Version: PHP 8.0.7 at time of development
Software Purpose: To allow a company’s employees to record and report their time retendered or/and time allotted per project.

This Online Time Management System Script Project has a super Admin Dashboard where the companies can manage the encoding of their employees’ credentials on how they can to access the whole system.

On this Online Time Management System web application there are two levels of users, namely; the Admin (Administrator ) and the Users (Staff).

The Admin is the level of users that have the full privilege to access all the whole features and functionalities of the script.

The Staff has only minimal access, their role and activities are managed by the admin. The staff is required to log in with their credentials which will allow them to report their daily work to specific projects, manage their accounts and generate reports.

Features Online Project Time Management System

The Admin Panel

  • Secure Login and Logout: The login and logout are well secured to prevent different levels of blackhat attacks on the site.
  • Dashboard: The admin dashboard on which you will see displays the summary in lists.
  • Work Type List Management: Admin can add new work type, Admin can list all work types, the admin can also view work type, can update work type, can delete work type.
  • Employee Management: The admin can add new employees, the admin can list all employees, can also view employee details, Updating and deleting employee details by the admin.
  • Project Management: on this section, the admin can add new projects, can list all projects, can view the details of each project, can update details of the project, admin can list project’s employee’s report list, View Employees Report, the admin can overwrite employees report, Delete Employees Report, Close Project, Delete Project Record.
  • Reports: Total Rendered Time, Rendered Time of Employees, Employee Time Allotted, Per Project, Print Reports.
  • Manage User List: Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD)
  • Manage Account Details/Credentials
  • Manage System Information

Staff dashboard

  • Secure Login and Logout: very secured authentication for every login.
  • Reports: Rendered Time Summary, Time Allotted Per Project, Print Reports.
  • Project Management: List All Project, Add New Report Per Project, View Project Details, List Reports on Project, Update Report, Delete Report.
  • Manage Account Details/Credentials

How to install the Online Time Management System

  • Download and Install a local server on your computers such as XAMPP or WAMP.
  • Download the Online Time Management System source code, the download will be in a zip file format provided source code zip file. The download link will be found below.
  • Open your local server Control Panel and start Apache and MySQL on your computer.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file, to do this you must have zip extractor software on your computer. If you don’t have any zip extractor you may want to read this post List of Best Free Zip Programs Extractor Software, to choose to best to download for free.
  • Enable the GDLibrary in your php.ini file.
  • For XAMPP users, copy the extracted folder and paste it into “htdocs” directory in XAMPP’s. For WAMP users, copy and paste the extracted source code directory into the “www” directory.
  • Use your browser to locate the phpMyAdmin. i.e. http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  • On the phpMyAdmin create a new database and name it ptms_db.
  • Next import the provided database SQL file. The file name is ptms_db.sql you will find it inside the database folder of the script you extracted.
  • Browse the Online Time Management System in any browser. i.e. http://localhost/online_time_management_system and for the admin side http://localhost/online_time_management_system/admin.
Time Management System
Rendered Time of Employees Report
Time Management System
Admin login dashboard

Online Time Management System Login Details 

Admin Login

  • Admin Login URL: /online_time_management_system/admin
  • Admin Username: admin
  • Admin Password: admin123

User Login

Download Online Time Management System Source Code

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