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20 Things You Can Sell to Make Quick Money When in Need

There are times when we may be in need of quick money and want to sell some of our stuff. This article listed the things which we can easily sell without feeling the burden.

Once Nigerians are in need of money, the next thing that comes to their mind is to sell their car, house, or electronics. Although it all depends on the amount of money needed and the urgency.

All the same, it is never advisable to sell something that is still very useful to you or your household, or else you may have to drip some sweat just to replace it.

The list may not “break the bank” for you, but it will surely give you some extra cash. Most importantly, you won’t feel the brunt of what you are selling, renting, or giving out in exchange.

Things to sell to make extra money

1. Your kids’ old toys, clothing, and shoes

Sell off your children’s old clothes, shoes, and toys, if you are done having kids. That I don’t think they will ever be important to you.

Of what essence will it keep your kids old stuff. If you decide to keep it for no reason, with time, it will be outdated and lose its value.

You can choose to give it out to charity or sell it off to those who are ready to pay for it.

2. Old mobile phone


An average Nigerian changes their phone at least every two years. If you have a new and the old phone is still in good condition, just sell it off.

If you refuse to spell it out, give it out, technology trend you soon make it lost the value, or even damage over time.

For instance, imagine a mobile phone that was abandoned five tears ago; what will be its present value?

3. Clothes and shoes that don’t fit you anymore

If you don’t like the clothes anymore, why keep them? The answer to this question will assist you further.

Personally, I don’t see a reason why your closet should be filled with outfits you do wear again.

4. Rent out spare rooms or boys’ quarters in your house

If you have a house of your own, and some of the room or the boy’s quarter is not occupied, you may choose to rent them out for a short period of time and get some money from the tenant.

No doubt, this may be inconvenient, but it’s better than selling what you may end up regretting.

5. Sell Your Old Electronics

Everyone loves to have the most recent technology, especially when it has to do with electronics.

After buying new electronics, don’t just pack the old ones in your store. As long as they are no longer useful, simply sell them off and make some money from it. If you don’t, with time, it will lose its value.

6. Sell your old books

If you were a scholar that kept your books in a safe place, then you must have lots of expensive textbooks.

You can sell those you sure won’t be relevant to you any longer in exchange for some money when you are in need.

7. Gold and Jewelry

Lots of classic ladies have at least a box of expensive gold and jewelry which they don’t wear any longer.

To make some money, sell some of your outdated ones, and keep the recent ones.

8. Sell your Blood

Blood is something given to us by our creator for free. I personally don’t support selling your blood for money.

But for information’s sake, some people still sell theirs for a huge sum of money, especially the universal donor (O-) blood type.

9. Business Ideas

If you have some sort of business ideas you have done, and have plans to venture into, you can decide to sell it to those who are in need of it.

Don’t let the idea die with you; you have nothing to lose. But you have to be very careful, so your ideas will not be stolen.

10. Sell Lunch to Offices

If you are a good cook – you can look for some offices around you, and get a contract to cook their lunch.

I know some people who are cooking for offices and are making a huge sum from it. All you need here is to be a good cook, and you can get the contract.

11. Sell articles

If writing is one of your hobbies, then you can write articles and sell them to blogs. Depending on the number of words and the niche you write on, a standard article can be sold between 2000 and 5000 Naira.

12. Sell social media pages and accounts

This is a little bit informal, but can really fetch good cash. If you have a way to grow Facebook pages, Instagram followers, Twitter account, you can sell them for a good sum of money.

Most digital marketers are ready to pay for them. They will make use of it to promote certain products or services.

13. Video tutorial

Make some useful videos tutorial and sell them to vloggers, or upload and monetize them on your YouTube channel.

Doing this can fetch you a good sum of money, especially if your videos are getting lots of views.

Although YouTube won’t allow ads to display not until you have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on your YouTube Channel.

14. Website and domains

If you have good knowledge of how to develop a website, you can create and sell websites to people.

Also, you can purchase a domain name at a basic price and sell them at a higher. This option is more like an investment; therefore, there are some levels of risk involved.

15. Babysit friends and neighbors’ kids

If you always stay at home and you have a love for children, you can let your neighbors drop their kids with you on their way to work during holidays, and you bill them for that.

Lots of people do this for free; there is no problem with that. But just know that you can also earn from it.

16. Sell language skills

If you are fluent in multiple languages, you can be a translator and get well paid.

If the person that needs your service is a foreigner, you can earn as much as 30k weekly or even more. Many Nigerians are doing this as a full or part-time job.

17. Sell digital goods online

If you are into the digital world and own a blog, or you have strong social media followers, selling digital products will be so easy for you. The good thing is that you sell from home.

Think of amazing things you can promote and sell online.

18. Designing Skill

If you have good design skills, you can sell it to those who are in need of it either online or offline by designing for them.

It won’t take much of your time; what matters most here is consistency.

19. Modeling

If you are good-looking, you can offer to model for the fashion and beauty business. You don’t have to wait for them to call on you.

Think of the benefits your modeling will bring to their business and submit a proposal in that regard.

20. Do makeup for people

If you are a good makeup artist, you don’t have to look for a job, because ladies will be begging you to come to help them with their makeup.

You can be paid about 3k for casual makeup in less than an hour. For occasions makeup, you can be paid between 40k to 100k for just an event.

FAQ on What to sell and to Make Quick Money

This article was able to answer all the FAQs below;

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