3 Things to Consider Before Tethering Mobile Phone to Laptop

Tethering Phone

There are three significant things to consider before tethering your mobile phone to a laptop.

In today’s world, mobile phones are becoming more than just a phone. Back in the years, mobile phones were just devices used for making calls and sending text messages. Now, more functionalities have been added, giving us the ability to connect to the internet and install applications.

Now it more than what we bargained for. It’s not just called a mobile phone but a smartphone. It means more functionalities, which include the sharing of data (tethering).

With tethering technology, you can easily share your phone’s internet with your laptop and other devices.

All you need to do is switch on your smartphone tethering and use the other device to search via a WiFi network. Once spotted, enter the password which you created on your smartphone and then connect.

It’s goodbye to modems. It’s as easy as that isn’t technology amazing!

But before tethering your phone with a laptop or any other device, there are three things you must consider, and they are listed and explained below.

Consider These Before Tethering Phone to Laptop

1. The data bundle you are subscribed to

One of the things you should consider before tethering your smartphone with your laptop is the Internet plan you subscribed to – if it will be suitable to share with your laptop.

People make the mistake of thinking that if they can not exhaust their monthly data bundle on their mobile phone, they will also not exhaust it on their laptop.

The truth is that computers’ data consumption is much different from that of mobile phones.

While a 2GB monthly mobile Internet bundle might last a complete month on a mobile phone, you might exhaust it within a week on your laptop. All things being equal.

The best way to enjoy tethering your mobile phone with your laptop for a long while is if you subscribed for an unlimited internet bundle.

2. Know the ability of your mobile device

Also, you need to know the strength of your mobile phone when it comes to tethering your mobile phone with your laptop.

So many people think that tethering any mobile phone will automatically provide them with high internet speed, this is not true.

When using the Internet, there are systems and protocols which influence and determines the internet speed you have to a large extent.

For instance, if your mobile phone does not support 3G Internet or higher, then you should not expect to get broadband speeds if you decide to tether it with your laptop.

3. The Solidity of your mobile device

The last thing to consider before tethering a smartphone with a PC is how solid your smartphone is.

Tethering mobile phones with a computer or laptop is battery consuming. As a result – most mobile phones battery run down quickly when tethered with another device.

If your mobile phone battery only lasts for an hour, if you tether it with your laptop, it may last just 30 minutes or less.

Else you plug your phone in power while tethering. If not, your phone battery may run down even before your laptop battery does, although most recent smartphones are exceptional.

If there is any other thing you think we should consider before tethering our phone with other gadgets, please let us know via your comments.


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