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Top 10 Tech Blogs in Nigeria with their Rankings

After reading this post, you will know the top 10 tech blogs in Nigeria and their Alexa ranking based on the last updated date.

Since Nigerians have gotten exposed to the ICT world, most ts citizens do their possible best to earn a living via the internet.

The need for earning in the comfort of one’s home also increased as the rate of unemployment and under-employment started becoming unbearable.

As a result, most Nigerians went into blogging as a means of their livelihood, engaging in different niches in the blogging industry.  Among many other blogging niches, the tech niche has for a very long time been rocking so hard in blogging.

For this reason, we did an extensive review of the leading tech blogs in Nigeria – in other to rank them according to their position in the industry.

Before we proceed further, you may want to know how to check the global and regional Alexa ranking of a website or blog. To do this is straightforward, go to alexa.com/siteinfo/ and input the site URL, then click on “Find.” The Site analysis and ranking will display on the next page.

Top Tech Blogs in Nigeria with their Ranks

1. Tech Point

  • Global Rank: 44,393
  • Rank in Nigeria: 271

Techpoint recounts the African Tech story utilizing a touch of Africanism in a frame you have never observed. You will be astonished how assets are left undiscovered in Africa, which are ready for the taking.

Techpoint plans to open your business visionary personality to tremendous open doors and the day by day news on how the fortune organizations control the Technology space.

2. Tech Cabal

  • Global Rank: 82,062
  • Rank in Nigeria: 838

Techcabal is the most visited tech blog in Nigeria, likely the greatest in Africa. In a nation where Entertainment rules, I don’t have a clue about the mystery of how this tech site has made it to the main 50 most visited websites in Nigeria.

It may be from the title Everyone is welcomed, the accomplishment they have come to has influenced numerous tech bloggers to admire it for fair reviews, start-up news, and notable unrest in Africa.

3. Naija Tech Guide

  • Global Rank: 49,341
  • Rank in Nigeria: 353

Naijatechguide is a tech site with more focus on phones, laptops reviews, and specs. If you are a tech fan hunting down phones and devices; you will more likely than not discover this site while scanning for phones on search engines.

4. Naija know How

  • Global Rank: 84,561
  • Rank in Nigeria: 655

This tech blog is growing like no other, all the way from nowhere like a shadow, now rocking itself among the leading tech blogs in Nigeria. Naijaknowhow post is viral, as it involves lots of categories in the tech industry

5. Ogbonge Blog

  • Global Rank: 101,611
  • Rank in Nigeria: 733

On the chance that you need to figure out how to blog in Nigeria, you can take in everything from one of the best tech bloggers known as Jide Ogunsanya.

This rundown list would not be finished without ogbonge blog. Numerous bloggers picked up everything about blogging on jide’s blog. As shoutmeloud is to Indians, that is how ogbonge is to Nigerians.

6. Specs Price Nigeria

  • Global Rank: 155,631
  • Rank in Nigeria: 1,623

Specsprice slices the waste to give you the purest type of point-by-point reports about tech devices, Smartphones, and Simple Telcom hacks. It brags of unprejudiced reviews, well if you suspect something, you can look at it for yourself

7. TechOrganism

  • Global Rank: 346,228
  • Rank in Nigeria: 4,595

One of the finest tech blogs in Nigeria. On this blog, you will get quality content that will provide solutions for the keyword relatively. Aside from tech in techorganism.com you will business-related articles as well as crypto and start-ups.

8. Geek.ng

  • Global Rank: 208,706
  • Rank in Nigeria: 2,883

This blog mostly concentrates on mobile phone reviews and comparisons, tech news, and other related points about tech. Their YouTube channel is justified regardless of a scene to watch unpacking recordings and itemized reviews.

9. Mobility Arena

  • Global Rank: 310,795
  • Rank in Nigeria: 6,827

Mobility Arena is a site that speaks to the GSM field for Nigerians. It has made cell phone reviews shortsighted and straightforward to assimilate. You will likewise discover MobilityArena suitable for all types of tech refresh.

10. TechCity 

  • Global Rank: 310,255
  • Rank in Nigeria: 3,020


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