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Taj Bank USSD Codes – Bank Transfer, Account Balance & Airtime Recharge

Taj Bank Limited was granted an operational license to operate in the North West and North East geo-political zones of Nigeria.

Taj bank was approved by the apex bank in Nigeria which is the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Just like other major banks in Nigeria, Taj Bank users are also privileged to make use of USSD code for several banking transactions.

Taj Bank USSD Codes functions include; bank transfer, account opening, checking of account balance, airtime recharge, and many more.

Taj Bank has embraced technology and supported the use of USSD codes. Taj Bank root USSD code is *898#.

Taj’s shortcode feature offers a great way for its customers to carry out their banking transactions.

List of Taj bank USSD Code

Function USSD Code
To check Taj bank account balance *898# select “check balance”
Taj bank fund transfer *898# select “transfer fund”
Open Taj bank account *898# select “open account”
Airtime Topup *898# select “buy airtime”
To retrieve BVN *565*0#
Pay Bills *898# select “pay bill”
Hotlist ATM Card *898# select “manage card”

Features of the Taj bank USSD Code

  • Opening of Taj bank account
  • To transfer money from Taj bank to other Taj bank accounts and other banks in Nigeria.
  • To purchase airtime of all networks in Nigeria, as well as data.
  • Checking your Taj bank account balance
  • Payment of Bills, and lots more.

Taj Bank USSD Codes

Benefits of Taj bank USSD Code

  • Swift and easy transactions
  • It features several types of financial transactions.
  • It can be accessed without internet connectivity.
  • It saves customers time from going to banks for some financial transactions.
  • It functions on all types of mobile phones.

How to Activate Taj bank USSD Code

  • Firstly, dial *898# with your registered sim card.
  • Select the card linked to your account, or alternatively “Create PIN”.
  • Fill up the required details and then proceed.
  • Next, verify you own the account, then create your 4 digits PIN.
  • Enter the PIN again as confirmation, and the registration is now completed.

After you have registered and activated the Taj bank USSD code, you will then be privileged to perform any available banking transactions using the USSD shortcode.

Taj bank Transfer USSD Code

Taj bank USSD shortcode to transfer money from your Taj bank account to Taj bank account and from your Taj bank account to any other bank in Nigeria, simply *898# then select the “Transfer Money” option and follow the on-screen prompts.

Taj bank USSD Code for Checking Balance

You can simply check your Taj bank account balance by dialing *898# and then select the “Check Bank Balance” option, after this your Taj bank balance you display on your phone screen.

USSD Code to Buy Airtime for Taj bank Customer

To top up your phone number with Taj bank USSD code dial *898# then select the “Airtime Top Up” option. Next enter the amount you want to recharge, enter the phone to recharge, then enter your Taj bank USSD PIN.

Taj bank USSD Code for Opening an Account

This is as easy as dialing *898#, then accept the mobile banking terms and conditions, then continue the prompts to open an account with Taj bank.

Taj bank USSD Code for Bill Payments

The Taj bank USSD code for bills payment is *898#, then select the pay bills option, and follow the prompts.

Check Taj bank BVN

To check your BVN, simply dial *565*0#.


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