Taj Bank Customer Care Number, Address and Email


In this short article, you will find all the contact details of Taj Bank Nigeria, this includes; Taj Bank’s customer care phone number, Taj Bank office address, Taj Bank email, and many more.

Taj Bank is one of the few banks in Nigeria that operates under Islamic banking principles.

There have been lots of misunderstandings about Islamic banking, but in real fact, the banking mode of operation is far more beneficiary than mote conventional banks in the world.

Islamic banking is one of the major tools some Arab nations used to develop their countries to the level they are now.

Islamic banks have many advantages over conventional banks all over the world, and one of the top advantages is that it is an interest-free bank, this is the major reason it is embraced by so many, including the non-Muslims.

While conventional banks pay interest to their customers, Taj Bank pays profit to its account holders.

The rise of banks like Taj Bank, and other world-leading Islamic banks are one of the major reason we see rocket development in lots of Arab nations.

Taj bank was founded in Nigeria in 2019, with starting total assets of 50 billion naira.

It performs lots of functions just like the commercial bank which includes, savings, transaction accounts, and investments.

With its headquarters in Abuja TajBank also operates a few branches outside the Federal Capital Territory.

The bank may not be well known to many people because it has just a few branches, but its core functions and Modus Operandi will amaze you.

Just like every other bank in the world, Taj provides easy access to reach out to them to ask questions about their banking activities, bank accounts, mode of operation, and just about anything you may want to ask.

Below is the Taj Bank Customer Care Number, Head Office address and official email address, and other contact details.

Taj Bank Customer Care Number, Address, and Email

Taj Bank Head Office Address

The Taj Bank head office is situated in the Nigeria federal capital, Abuja. You will find it at Plot 72 Ahmadu Bello Way, Central Business District, Abuja, Nigeria.

Taj Bank Kano Office Address

For those leaving in Kano state, you can locate Taj Bank Kano branch without any stress. The Kano branch is at 110 Murtala Mohammed Way, Kano, Kano State, Nigeria.

Taj Bank Customer Care Numbers

  • +2349087937417
  • +2347008252265
  • 012272906

Taj Bank WhatsApp Number

  • +2349087937418 (WhatsApp only)

Taj Bank Email Addresses




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