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How to Stop MTN from Deducting your Airtime after Recharging

In this article, I will let you know the reason why MTN deducts your airtime unnecessarily and how to stop them.

In recent times so many people have been complaining about the unnecessary deduction of credit immediately after recharging.

The last I witnessed two weeks before writing this article, a friend recharged N1000 airtime to use for data subscription. Checking the account balance, he saw that only N750 which means N250 was deducted.

The question is, “why was his airtime deducted.”

Most time, people end up subscribing to different MTN services without even knowing. There are lots of tricks MTN contents use to sell their products.

The most annoying is the pop-up message of an offer – which lots of people end up clicking without knowing they have subscribed for one package or the other.

There is another trick where we received a phone call from a machine – asking to press a button to accept an offer.

Most people are ignorant of the effect of what they are doing and end up pressing and subscribing for packages they know nothing about.

There are also lots of other tricks MTN use, but let’s look at how to prevent MTN from deducting phone credit.

How to stop MTN from deducting Airtime after recharging

  1. Dial *123*5# to check which service is deducting your airtime.
  2. Press 1 and send to see the active list service(s)
  3. Enter the number of any active service you wish to stop and send.
  4. Enter the deactivate number and send a deactivation confirmation SMS.
  5. If there are more than one active services you will have to repeat the step in no. 4 on each of the services, to deactivate them.

Once all services which you opt-in to intentionally or accidentally have been deactivated MTN will never deduct your airtime again. Else you activate another package.

But I advise you to dial *123*5# monthly just to be sure you are not being charged for anything.

How to stop MTN from deducting Airtime while Browsing

If your airtime is being deducted while browsing you don’t have to worry. The reason is that you are not subscribed to any data bundle.

By default, no MTN line is enabled to browse with airtime, although that may happen in a few cases, your line may be enabled to browse with your credit.

If you do not want that to keep happening on your line, simply dial *131*201#. To switch back to your previous browsing experience, where you will be charged from your airtime with your airtime the dial *131*200#.


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