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How to Stop Glo from Deducting your Airtime 2023

In this short article, I will give you codes to stop the Glo network from deducting your airtime.

Is your glo airtime being deducted unnecessarily – even when your phone is idle and when you are not browsing?

So many people have been complaining lately about how their airtime gets deducted by glo without any explanation. This can be so annoying.

In my case, I recharged N1000 to subscribe to a Glo monthly data plan. But after recharging, I tried to activate my subscription but discovered my airtime had been deducted.

N200 was removed from my airtime. It was so annoying that I had to buy another airtime to complete it to N1000.

If you are reading this post – is either you have been a victim, or you are trying to help someone out to such an act by Glo, or let’s just say you are doing research.

Whichever, you will find your solution here. Below we will drop the information on how to stop Glo from deducting your phone credit unnecessarily.

How to Stop Glo from Deducting your Airtime

To unsubscribe from all glo services is the only way to stop them from deducting your credit balance. To do this, send an SMS on the codes below.

  • Text STOP to 2442 (this will stop all unsolicited SMS, calls, and value-added services. But but sending other codes below will be necessary just to be very sure.)
  • Text STOP to 8888
  • Text STOP to 34001
  • Text DEREG to 7728
  • Text CANCEL to 127
  • Text UNSUB MV to 577
  • Text STOP TECH to 34002
  • Text STOP RMC to 34002
  • Text STOP STT to 34002
  • Text STOP CAR to 34002

If you can text all the listed codes, I can assure you that your airtime can never be deducted by Glo network again.

But I advise you send the codes when there is no airtime on your Glo line – so your money will not be deducted on the process.

I hope this short was able to help solve the issue of unnecessary and hidden charges that you may encounter on Globacom network in Nigeria.

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If you have any challenges with on stopping Glo network from deducting your airtime you can use the comment box below to express the issues.


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  1. I just borrowed 200 from glo and I bought 1000 and and I bought 100 data and I got a message that my account balance is 534 naira.
    How do I deactivate this?

  2. I turn off my iMessage still yet they have debuted 40 niara 3 times now is soo annoying I think i will just break the sim they are stupid

  3. How about glo deducting my airtime consistently and when nothing is left, i get the notification….. you do not have sufficient airtime to initiate a voice call, kindly recharge to enjoy more benefit. Please, how do I stop this as I did not even initiate it in the first instance

  4. The auto deduction is quite appalling. I got same SMS but the so called service wasn’t even stated.

    I had to buy more airtime.

    This is another stylish way of stealing from their customers.

    Imagine they do this to over a million subscribers.

    That’s hundreds of millions for them.

    Quite sad.


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