How To Stop Airtel From Deducting Your Airtime Permanently


This article explains how to stop Airtel from deducting Airtime Permanently

Deducting of airtime is turning out to be a regular thing by most mobile users in Nigeria.

Sometimes after recharging our Airtel line, we discover that some amount of money has been deducted from our account balance without our consent.

So many Airtel customers in Nigeria have contacted the Airtel customer care times without number because of this same issue.

Sometimes the call made to the customer service goes well, and a solution will be provided immediately. Some other times – it just goes the other way round – nothing to write home about.

So many Nigerians have been complaining of this same issue and issues relating to unnecessary deduction of their airtime.

It can be so annoying. Imagine when we recharge our mobile phone to make an urgent call, and we are unable to because of insufficient credit due to the deduction.

It does not only happen with the Airtel network; other networks in Nigeria also do this at times. But Airtel is our focus on this article.

Best Ways To Stop Airtel From Deducting Your Airtime

There are two independent ways to stop the deduction of your Airtel mobile phone credit.

The two options we have will work for you, ough depends on the cause of the credit reduction.

  1. Send GROOM STOP as an SMS to 38043. After sending the SMS, you will receive a confirmation message in no time. Send the text message again if you didn’t get the message. The SMS is free of charge, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  2. Dial *902# with the same Airtel line and select Stop services. Doing this will let you see it there is any other package that hast-in, which you don’t know about.

Just know the Airtel network providers does not deduct your airtime without reason. In most cases, people mistakenly activate one or more services which they regularly charge for.

My advice is that they should create an avenue where their customers will have to verify before opt-in into any value-added service.


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  1. the sms is not free of charge
    I tried it but it’s not working
    I recharge 200 naire and I have not turn it to data and my whatsapp is already working after I did data for 120 and am supposed to be left will 80 Baird but I didn’t see it I was told I have zero balance pls how do i stop it

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