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What Are The Standards Of A Blogging Consultant

When you search for the standards of a blogging consultant on google, you will find millions of blogs and hundreds of persons who tag themselves “Blog consultants”, but when you clearly define a blogging consultant, you will discover they are nowhere.

This should be the first thing for any blogger to do before hiring a consultant, because, without a proper definition, there will be no standard to hold them to.

I’m not saying I’m an expert in blogging of all time or any of such.

So before any “blogging consultant” tries getting defensive about this or that, he/she need to have a rethink before writing.

If you feel too nasty regarding the post, I may seek a better definition of “blogging consultant”, and a lot of them will fail this without using google.

Now, this is known, let’s discuss business. It’s crucial for all companies to have a blog, there are lots of reasons why you should get one for your business.

Please also note the difficulty for you to write all the blog posts, and now your company is serious in need of a blog.

So do you go for a blogging consultant? What are the standards of a blogging consultant you need? What do they look like? How much should be paid to a blogging consultant?

Let’s begin with the question of “should you hire a blogging consultant or not?”

Without any further inquiries the right answer to this particular question is yes, but let’s quickly check why first. There is so much to do before your blog gets to the limelight.

Long articles research, keyword research, submission and pings to the blog list, learning how to get blogrolls right, etc.

If you are a novice in blogging, it will take you lots of time to catch up on most of these things, and your blogging consultants will tell you they are all necessary for a successful blog.

There are so many things to be added to the list but in this on how you can run a successful blog, but this article will talk lesson that because our primary focus is “the standards of a blogging consultant”.

When you hire a blogging consultant, you will find out in the long run that you have successfully saved yourself from making silly mistakes and reaching more persons with your blog, than trying to do it yourself and ruining the whole stuff.

Now I’m sure all the blogging consultants are happy with me again. I’m sure of this. But will it last?

What are the standards of a blogging consultant you need to grow your blog?

This is where things go wrong between the blogging consultants and me. A lot of them have this mentality of a successful blog because the ideas and suggestions they are currently giving you have previously worked for their client, forgetting what works for one, may not work for another and that bloggers measure their blogging success differently.

Some mistake the standards of a blogging consultant and the success of their blog much they made on Google Adsense monthly.

Others see it as the increase in numbers of their blog visitors https://techorganism.com/how-to-pull-massive-traffic-to-your-blog or the number of comments on their post; Some measure their blogging success by what other bloggers in their niche are saying concerning them.

What do bloggers who mistake the standards of a blogging consultant have in common? They usually have this impression that having a successful blog makes them a qualified blogging consultant.

It’s going to get nasty if I try to compare or measure my level of success by what other bloggers think or say about me, it implies I’m doomed!

I do hate to measure my level of success in terms of what other bloggers or blogging consultants feel or think about my blog. Let’s get back to the standards of a blogging consultant.

Firstly, it’s important to note all log is website and the type that needs a regular update more often. Every blog post published becomes a page of the website. So with a blog, your web pages are increasing as often as you publish to your blog.

Now the big question. Would you prefer to hire a blogger to help you out with search engine optimization on your website?

Would you prefer to hire someone who will handle your Adwords and other campaigns? Would you like someone to build your website for you?

The right answer to all the above questions is probably no unless such a blogger has enough experience in the above fields and not just the little technical skills they have on their blog.

The actual website they have designed, optimized, and successfully marketed for clients and themselves.

The standards of a blogging consultant are not the same as being a blogger. They should possess all the required skills for running a successful website.

Now the blogging consultants will be mad at me for these tips. But come to think of it, Many bloggers can write,

They are good at getting into the right blogging circle where friends do link up with them. They know the business of blogging.

So if you need someone to write your blog post, then hire a blogger who is good in writing answers to the minds of your viewers.

But if what you want is the management of your blog including posting, search engine optimization, link promotion and popularity,  and marketing your products in a blog post, then it’s better to hire a qualified webmaster who can blog very well.

How much should a blogging consultant pay?

Some persons believe in paying according to the standards of a blogging consultant, but the big question is how much you should pay?

It depends on the type of blog you proposed to have. A corporation blog will not pay the same amount a personal blog would pay.

Not because the owners of the corporate blog have more, But because of the level of legal and policy matters is considered in every single blog post in addition to every link shared to or from third parties websites.

A personal or small business blog has lesser issues when compared to a corporate blog, but still has some level of standards.

Have it on your mind; if you are to hire a blogging consultant who will teach you how to blog, then it won’t be as expensive as hiring to perform the vital services of a webmaster and that of an internet marketer including search engine optimization.

You can share your thought or experience on the standards of a blogging consultant, let’s know what you think.


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