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How to Sell Products Online Without a Website In 2023

This article gave all information on how to sell products online even when you don’t have a personal website.

A good number of products are displayed online everyday. And that creates more room for competition between you and your counterparts.

If you really want to know how to sell products online without a website, about 10 easy-to-follow tips are compiled in this guide to help you.

I can assure you they will help you to complement your online efforts and you will begin making sales like a pro.

Although moving your business online has a lot of great benefits, but that alone is not enough.

The strategy could make you start a business without capital, but at the same time, it is very challenging.

You need a lot of web traffic, quality backlinks, and viral content before your website can compete.

In fact, getting the products the customers will buy is even a terrible experience.

Against the bottlenecks of online business, you need to know how to sell products online without a website.

If you so much rely on your website and your target customers can’t effectively explore the web, catching up with them would be the hardest thing to achieve.

You can’t because of competition or the inability of your target customers to assess your e-commerce website quit the business.

All you need to do is to know what are the alternative ways to sell your products online.

How to sell your products online without a website

The following strategies may seem difficult, but the good news is they guarantee you more success.

Since there are likely fewer competitions locally, these strategies can help you penetrate the market and connect with your customers in real-time.

You just have to first establish a very strong and reliable team to carry out your plans. And once the team is set, here are a few pungent ways to sell your products and service online without a website.

Develop partnerships with friends

Collaborate with an effective team and plan to go separately to execute this plan.

On every lunch date and dinner night, chill out with old and current friends; this is a good opportunity to communicate with them and give them a good detail of your services.

Need I tell you that you must have a good backup.

What backup am I talking about?

Share your testimonies with friends on how you have implemented your services and the excellent results you got, this will persuasively give them listening ears in no time.

Event marketing

What type of event do you feel can best publicize your business?

Do you have any idea of an event host closest to you?

Then seize this opportunity to sell your services.

You might need to offer some money to host events or come up to render a speech that best sells your services.

You might also want to consider paying an event host to chip in the information that promotes your services.

With this, you get to reach a greater congregation which is a better way to sell your services without a website.

Post an offer

Rather than just telling people stories of time past, offer free products or samples to customers so they can develop a real idea of your brand.

Posting an offer cannot be very effective if it lacks good presentation of the offer. Get your clients know the need of the products or services and their relevance to them.

Of course, before launching into this, you must have gathered necessary information as regards the propensity of your services.

Use social media

Aside from running pages on different social media accounts, social media is a good measure to propagate your brand’s identity, products, or services.

Join different Facebook groups where there are likely many audiences or many people interested in your products and publicize what you have got.

You and your team can join Twitter Chats so that people can be rest assured that it is not just one person talking about it.

Make use of relevant and trending hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to reach more people. Also, run Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Instagram Ads to further sell your services.

I would also advice you to join WhatsApp groups and send broadcast messages to groups and contacts. This is another vast way to sell you products online without a website.

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Use fliers and banners

Create glittery fliers and banners to promote your products in accessible places. Let your banners and fliers contain relevant information about your services.

You might also want to consider creating e-fliers to share on social media using the tactic described above. Remember, those spots might not favour you if the letterings are not properly and boldly written.

Send emails to customers

Consider collecting email addresses from customers to appreciate their patronage and inform them about new innovations and products you render.

Constant contact enables them to patronize you more and it gets them more familiar with you, your team, and your brand.

Compose relevant emails and organize them appropriately. Determine the frequency of the mail; daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Design the mails in an appealing manner.

Buy competitors’ services

Anonymously check into competitors’ websites and purchase their services. This will enable you to know the way they so package their brands that it makes customers love them very much.

Get to know how they relate with customers and how much they sell their products. Weigh their costs with yours and create a more appealing way to make the best of your brand.

If you want to consider starting an online store, this method can be very effective. With this, you will get to know your competitors’ shipping policy and return and refund policy. Then, draft out a good operation plan that supersedes theirs.

Learn from competitors

There is a lot to learn from competitors. Start from scratch and judge how they started.

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and identify reasons why your products and services should be considered better than your competitors.

Work on your shortcomings and invent new ways to display your business to the members of the public.

Offer referral programs

Get friends and customers to help you get more customers. Offer them unique prizes on referrals and develop a mechanism for referral such as a code.

This will not only encourage your customers but also help you reach newer customers.

Always get feedback from customers

Setting up a feedback mechanism allows you to satisfy your customers more. You can set an easier feedback mechanism so as not to really bother your customers.

For instance, while sending them emails online, below the mail you can decide to put buttons that express completely different ideas, these buttons give you feedback in one click.


These are just a few out of the numerous ways to sell products online without a website.

I hope you have found this article very helpful as it leaves you with no shadow of doubt on how to sell your products online without a website.

Aside relieving your business from harsh competitors, these tips are very important in setting a good foundation for the products or services you render.

Take a few minutes to share this article with friends and feel free to connect with us or share more tips you think should be added to this list.


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