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Reading this article will educate you on the secrets used by the most successful blog which made them very popular today in the blogging industry.

Only a few blogs have become popular and successful lately. SEO experts say the secret to successful blogging is proper blog management, which makes it profitable because they are marketed the right way.

To generate money from, your blog doesn’t require the selling of products and services. Earnings can come from placing an advertisement in the form of banners, contextual advertising, or blogging on products reviews. The quality of your blog design and the content will draw large attention from your audience, making them returning visitors.

Type of blogs available

There are different types of blogs available. The common ones are:

  • Professional blogs: These types of blogs are centered on discussions from different professions, enable career building, and enlighten employers in the aspect of their job.
  • Personal blogs: These blogs are likened to a personal diary because they discuss certain topics, poems, personal matters, and other experiences.
  • Topical blogs: These blogs take the form of a niche, which discusses in detail some specific aspects of the chosen topic or subject.
  • Business blog: As the name implies, business blogs are strategically designed to meed business discussions and relates to market stocks.
  • Other types of blogs that fall under this category but are not limited to are science blogs, educational blogs, photoblogs, and cultural blogs.

To unveil the secrets to successful blogging that attracts many visitors and makes them return to your blog, there are some simple rules you need to follow. Here are some of the Secrets to successful blogging from an SEO expert.

Before you venture into blogging, it is advisable for you to consider the nature of the content to write on your blog.

There as so many exciting topics to write on, they are present in our everyday life, on the media, news, virtually anything thing that catches your attention that you know will be suitable for your viewers.

You can as well find blog subjects in so many places, no doubt the most important of them are already on the internet.

One of the Secrets to successful blogging is writing quality and organic content views in your blog that will benefit your viewers.

If this is in place, people will like to read from your blog, refer others, and share your post to their social media profile.

When you write content containing vital information and answer the questions your viewers are searching for in your blog, it will draw massive traffic to your blog.

Always make sure you add your URL address before publishing your article!

If other bloggers see useful information on your blog and decide to include it in the content of their blog, the link you added to your content will be hyperlinked and help to boost your blog traffic.

Master the habit of updating your blog regularly. If you shy away from this, your blog visitors will be bored and move on to other blogs where they can get updated information. Newcomers always encounter this fear of blogging.

They still fear their inability to update their blog daily. If you have exciting and engaging content in your blog, then there is naturally some level of engagement via your blog comment session, as views will ask questions or post what they feel concerning the topic discussed in your article.

When this is in place, you will have enough time to prepare your next blog post without any fear of rushing things.

Learn to give your readers a listening ear. Hear what they have to say, suggest, and find out what your viewers are always searching for each time they visit your blog; this is one of the Secrets to successful blogging.

Focus on a user-friendly theme with an excellent mobile view; You can achieve this by encouraging your visitors to discuss the new aspects they will like to see on your blog.

Keeping your post short and concise is part of the major secrets to successful blogging.

Avoid materials that take a long time to read should, most visitors coming to your blog like to quickly glance through your post for the needed information to resolve an issue.

If you post content that takes a long time to read, it bore your readers and drives your visitors away.

You can attach some artistic work to your blog. There are lots of free graphics sources online where you can get quality graphics to accomplish this.

If your blog content is original and captivating, bloggers might add the links of your blog or blog post to their websites as a continuation or source of their article.

They will comment on it, and your blog will gain back-links from their websites, this will make search engines rank your blog higher, thus boosting your post link for more popularity.

It is strongly advisable to announce the launching of your new blog with a press release. This free publicity is a potent and vital tool for increasing your blog traffic.

Search engines crawl press releases faster, and this will make your website to be index quickly.

Include freebies to your blog, like free downloadable reports to boost your traffic and build a quality subscriber/viewers base quickly.

To make the process of updating your blog simple, patronize many blogging tools and software that can provide you with this feature, many of them are free.

WordPress, among other software, helps you with your blog update. There are some free blog generators with a good blogging platform like Blogger, which affords you the privilege to host your content on google’s serves without any form of software installation or buying a host and domain.

Finally, always remember to submit your articles to high-quality and popular blog directories like feedster, Technorati, and blogstreet, which are the best blog directory that will boost your website traffic and popularity.

Include a Forum to Your Blog

Unlike a plain blog, sometimes you may want to add more customization to your blog – and create an avenue where your blog readers can get involved in a discussion, by raising up topics by themselves and sharing their views.

A blog forum is a necessary need especially for those blog niche that deals with a real-life situations.

Adding this feature to your blog will not only optimize your blog for search engines it will also get your readers addicted to your blog and increase your blog traffic. By this, your blog will be more successful.

If your blog platform does not support plugins you may find it difficult to include this kind of feature. But for those blogging with WordPress, this will be as easy as ABC.

Congratulation to all WordPress users you can add this in just a few clicks. There are lots of plugins available in WordPress which you can use to include a discussion forum in your blog.

Follow the steps below to add a forum to your WordPress blog.

Step 1: Choose a WordPress Forum Plugin

There are over a hundred free and premium plugins for creating a forum in WordPress, whichever you decide to use should depend on how you want your forum to look.

We have selected some amazing free and premium forum plugins for you to choose from, which we believe will add great value to your blog.

Step 2: Install the WordPress Forum Plugin

WordPress made their plugin installation very easy that everyone can do by themselves. If you choose a free form plugin directly from WordPress, you will find this step even easier.

But if bought it from a third party – you will have to upload the zip file from your WordPress dashboard. For professionals – you may choose to upload the plugin using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Step 3: Customize Your Forum Plugin

Every WordPress forum plugin has its own customizations, depending on the forum you install.

You will have to customize it to suit your need, remember you are not building a forum site, you are only adding a forum to your blog therefore, you should keep it simple.

Step 4: Add Forum Categories

The name you should give to each of your forum categories should depend on the type of discussion you want your blog member to engage in.

But it is advisable for your forum categories to be related to your blog niche. You Amy also add subcategories if you so desire.

Step 5: Create a Page For Your Forum

To make the forum visible you will have to create a page where you will add the forum. The page may be created manually or automatic for it to execute the expected action, depending on the forum plugin.

Step 6: Add The Forum Page To Your Blog Menu

To make your forum to be easily seen by your readers you will have to add it to your blog menu (navigation) to enable your readers to get engaged in discussions with just a click.


If you pay attention to these secrets to successful blogging, you will enjoy a large stream of income in your blog, and your viewers in the process will reward you.

Talk with an SEO consultant to get more tips on this; he will assist you will further information when you run out of ideas needed to make your blog a huge success.

We value your comment our esteem views; it keeps us fit for the next article, please leave a comment lets to know your say on this topic.


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