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How to Search For Job Online to Get Immediate Employment

Are you finding it so difficult to search for jobs online? Don’t worry; this article will give you the most vital tips on how to search for a job online.

With the advent of the internet and the world wide web, job searches are no longer restricted to the pages of newspapers, magazines, televisions, radio, and other media outlets.

Potential employers seek for most qualified employees by posting the job descriptions and the needed qualifications on different platforms on the internet.

Now the question however is, do these prospective employees know where to search for these jobs? 

Steps to Search for Job Online

1. Use a Job Search Website

Job search websites are currently one of the most popular places online to scout for job vacancies.

It could be due to be the fact that they are usually easy to use or navigate.

In searching for a job on a job search website, all you have to do is key in the name of the job post or skill in the website search box, and you get to see a list of current job vacancies and related vacancies.

You can also give specifics to get more desired search results or a job vacancy that closely suits your taste by indicating the choice location, salary, and working period – either part or full-time and so on.

Most professional networking websites have a job search function. Thus, to be thorough and conveniently get a hold of your desired job, you might want to consider widening your search beyond notable and prominent job search sites.

Use various and diverse websites – Do not restrict yourself to or patronize only one job search website. Different job search sites specialize in distinct areas.

You are more likely to see your preferred or desired job vacancy when you visit various job search websites.

Subscribe to job alerts – Subscribing for job alerts and setting them to your readily available email puts you at the forefront of getting your job preference as you are immediately sent notifications when there are new job vacancies that suit your areas of interest and specialization.

Use a string of search words – If at any time while searching for a job online, you inadvertently and fortunately come across a job preference, note the keywords used in the job vacancy advert then key in those words in another search or job website. It would bring up more jobs related to your areas of interest or specifics.

Apply for the job as soon as you can – Always remember that there are many candidates and prospective employees vying for that same job as you.

Thus, many employers start shortlisting in less than a week of putting up a job advert.

Applying as soon as possible increases your chances of being shortlisted and called for an interview. Procrastination is dangerous and may cost you the job.

2. Create a Jobseeker Profile online

Sometimes Instead of putting up job vacancies online, prospective employers go through curriculum vitae and resume already uploaded to job search websites and professional networking sites and contact the individual whose CV better fits the job description.

Hence, creating a job seeker profile online and uploading your CV can better your chances of getting a job.

You can also set up job alerts with your job seeker profile that keeps you updated via email about new job vacancies that relate to your areas of specialization or meet your interests.

These profiles can be created on sites like LinkedIn, which is a professional networking site, or on job search websites.

Note that creating your job seeker profile on more than one website increases your chances of being seen by prospective employers and better your chances of being contacted by one.

You will also get more emails on new job vacancies that you can apply for.

3. Visit Company Websites


If there is a specific company you would like to be employed in, and which have an active website(s), duly visit their site (s) and go through to see if they have a job vacancy page and if there are new job vacancies.

If any, you can submit your application and CV directly through their website.

Visiting and checking out company websites means that you would be informed about new job opportunities long before it appears on other job search websites.

Thus, giving you an edge above other interested candidates.

Some companies may choose not to advertise job vacancies on other job websites but resort to their website for dispersing that information.

4. Check out websites of Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies connect prospective employers and employees, shortlisting candidates and helping in the interview process.

Many recruitment agencies own websites where they put up job adverts and allow job seekers to create job seeker profiles or search for job vacancies.

Once you see a job on a job search website that matches your interest, find out if it had been put up by the recruiting company or by a recruitment agency.

If by a recruitment agency, visit their website to look for other jobs, they may have listed that suit your interest or meets your specialization.

Different recruitment agencies specialize in distinct types of jobs. Knowledge of which recruitment agencies specialize in jobs positions you have an interest in – makes it easier to find jobs on their website.

5. Search religiously

Emphasis should be placed on this. Job adverts are put up daily online, and even more, candidates are vying for that particular job opportunity.

For a serious job seeker intent on getting a job opportunity online, you have to always be on the lookout for new job vacancies.

Ensure you visit job search websites or other company websites at least twice each week, or even more.

You have to put yourself out there and be at the forefront of job seeking. Remember that the more you search, the better your chances of getting that dream job.

6. Seen a job vacancy? What next?

You have finally found a job that relates to your specialization and meets your interest, what is the next step?

The first step is searching for that desired job. Applying for it is the next step. Brush up your curriculum vitae (CV) to suit the job and apply as soon as possible.


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