How to Schedule your Time as a Part Time Blogger


For every part-time blogger, it will always be lovely and great to experience what makes a blogger unique and at be top of others.

You might have stumbled across both part-time and full-time bloggers, and you may find it onerous as to which one is the best.

Sometimes, you might have an element of skepticism about being a full-time blogger in order not to endanger other activities that will aid you in fending for more monies and attending to other things.

Besides, if you decide to be a part-time or full-time blogger, you will still need to set and get your goals right, plan them well, and organize your time without fuss.

How to schedule your time as a part-time blogger is not hocus-pocus or random thought that runs through the veins of many part-time bloggers.

Many bloggers do ask me if they should quit their offline daily job to being a blogger, please don’t take this step if you are not sure of what to do.

Your blog earning may not be able to pay your bills for some months and you will need some cash to set up things on your blog so quitting your offline job now is just a waste of time.

If you are very hard-working you can quit your offline job in a year’s time after starting your blog, at that time your blog should be at its best.

Believe me, when I say I have seen part-time bloggers making millions from their blogs, you just have to schedule your time properly.

As a part-time blogger, you should get it in the back of your mind that the only time you will have time to do the basic things on your blog (like writing articles, sharing on social media, working on your SEO, etc) is Early in the morning, at night, midnight and weekends.

An adage says that

Hard work is painful when life is devoid of purpose. But when you live for something greater than yourself and the gratification of your own ego, then hard work becomes a labor of love –
Steve pavlina

Factors to consider as a part-time blogger

The niche you want to venture in

The niche you want to venture into matters a lot, you can’t venture into a niche that involves a full-time schedule and you expect your blog to stand out among the best.

There are niches that require you to post every day while in some niches you may not even post in two weeks and nothing will happen.

A typical example is the entertainment niche and makes money online niche.

I have seen only a few bloggers succeed as part-time entertainment bloggers so you know what you are in for if you want to start an entertainment blog.

Even if you want to start a blog that teaches people how to make money online it still requires consistency and adequate research.

You can succeed in these two niches only if, you know how to manage the little time you have

Your marital status

Your marital status is very essential, you cannot work at the rate a single man is working.

As the head of the family, you will be required to provide the basic and necessary things for your family so to be a blogger you need to set realistic goals and schedule your time effectively.

As a married woman too, your primary task is to take care of your family, and blogging with it might be a mountain to climb only if you don’t schedule your time.

Your job type and schedule

Some jobs are time-consuming let’s take for example Banking and Nursing. Nursing may even require work overnight and even weekends are not always free.

The best time to blog as a nurse is when you are on shift if you have fewer patients to attend to overnight.6-10 jobs like banking also create little time to blog so you have to re-strategize to be successful.

Can you make sacrifices?

This is the most important part, even as a full-time blogger you need to let go of some things let alone a part-time blogger.

As a part-time blogger the rate at which you party around should also decrease, you only have the time to carry out basic tasks on your blog during weekends.

Most times as a part-time blogger, you need to work on your blog overnight! Can you do this? You must try too!

Are you really in for something big or do you just want to play around?

This question is for you to answer. If you are in for something big then you must prepare to work on something big.

Can you cope?

Let me break it. Can you work overnight?

Can you write and think straight even when you are stressed?

Can you find time to research?

Do you have some cash to hire writers?

Hmmm, You may not need this but if you plan to achieve a lot in a few months you will need this.

It could be your best bet when you feel like quitting.

Let us treat a few cases on Part-time bloggers and how they can schedule their time

A married medical doctor with a wife and 4 Children.

This person can still find time to blog especially early in the morning like 3 am – 6 am.

At night too like 8 pm to 10 pm. Sundays too.

A married banker with a husband and 3 children

Very tight schedule, isn’t it? 10pm to 12pm when kids are asleep.

3-5am before kids start preparing to go to school and also before you start preparing for work. Sundays and Saturdays too.

A single university undergraduate self-employed in his sophomore

9pm-2am you can rest properly on weekends. Saturdays and Sundays too.

This also brings into fruition, why some part-time bloggers just write for writing’s sake.

This should not be the aim of a successful, credible, and profitable part-time blogger.

Some new bloggers may have the thoughts that if they engage in other activities, there will be lapses for them as they progress.

This is an erroneous impression as to whether you are a part-time or full-time blogger.

Both depend on how you multi-pronged your strategy. You will need more than being a confident and passionate blogger to be successful in the blogging world.

As a blogger, your time will hinge on schedule by always sticking to your guns no matter whose ox is gored.

More often than not, there are times you will need not give a hoot when you have rightly and strategically planned your blogging goals and schedule in order to get the best out of yourself and what you intend to give out or publish for your readers/audience.

The first step you will want to take is to define your blog schedule which will surely help you to publish superb posts, and always be on top of your game.

We want to believe that you cannot just dabble in writing without having a solid plan.

This is simply because you will need to promote your blog so that it can be accepted and admired by your target audience.

You will need to ensure that your social media shares, traffic, social media subscribers, newsletter subscribers, and customer conversions among others are well planned out.

In this post, we will ensure that we provide all you will need to get the best on how you can schedule your time as a part-time blogger which will be well spelled out in order for you to achieve your set goals.

1. You need to set realistic goals for your blog

What every part-time blogger should know is that you should not expect the miracle of a bungalow to suddenly become a skyscraper overnight.

It is not possible! You should have it in mind that the goals you set must be achievable and realistic. Being pragmatic with your goals will give you an edge over others.

As a part-time blogger, you should know when to write, when to post and when to share your posts.

In other words, you must set clear and definite goals in order for you to be successful as a part-time blogger.

Your readers or audience want you to be well organized and leave no stone unturned in your research.

2. Brainstorm on the topics before you post

Many part-time bloggers are guilty of the fact that they hardly brainstorm on the topics given to them before they post.

They just rush into abrupt writing without properly checking on the topics they have at hand.

Meticulous research is always required of you before you post. Your subject matter or topic is the key to the minds of your readers or audience.

Cogitate on the topics with you, carefully research the topics and get the best out of them.

No man is an island of knowledge, and as such you will need to embark on precise and definite research that will be worth your time.

3. You should know when to write

No successful and profitable blogger just writes for writing’s sake in order to satisfy the urge of his readers. This will be catastrophic.

A good and successful blogger must have brainstormed on the topics he wants to write about, research the topic, and draft some ideas or sentences before writing.

The “When” to write now comes into play. If you intend to write 500, 1000, 1500, 5000, 7000 words, etc, you should simply map out the hours you would love to spend on a particular topic (albeit this depends on the particular niche you are into).

You may even decide that a topic of not more than 500 words should not take you up to 2-3 hours, if it will a top-notch article.

By doing so, you will now decide on the exact number of articles you can write in a week. Some bloggers may decide to write 2-3 articles a week.

For instance, you can choose Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays of every week to write on three different topics. This will be about consistency and quality to your readers.

You need not worry about quantity but rather the quality of the published works.

Inundating your readers, audience, and or visitors with inordinate posts automatically creates an aversion to reading your posts. So, be careful.

4. Getting started

One of the difficult things to do as a part-time blogger is to get started.

Getting started implies “Ready to write”. Every successful and profitable part-time blogger does not just dabble in writing and at the tail end publishes a gibberish post.

You don’t want to be in this category! Before you write, simply draft what you intend to be the points of your posts.

You anticipate what your readers should expect from the posts. In fact, you might have so many drafts that you won’t know what and what to select.

But, don’t be afraid that is part of what a writer experience.

Writing is a personal thing that there should be no hard and fast rules about it.

For a part-time blogger, you should have the luxury of time to cogitate on the topic at hand and make sure anything that has to do with writer’s block does not set in.

We all experience it though, however, consistency in your writing will make it go away into the thin air.

More often than not, the best time to write is in the morning. When the head is cool and not many activities have taken place. Just write naturally and freely. You will surely get the best out of yourself.

5. Set time limits for yourself

Yes, you need to set time limits for writing and publishing your posts. Since you are a part-time blogger, you don’t absolutely need to apply undue pressure on yourself, but you set a specific time limit for your writing.

This may be hard to apply at first, but with time you will get used to it. It will even give you a source of motivation, and make you achieve more goals you have set already.

For example, you may decide to start writing for the day by 8:00am and halt by 9:00am.

This is an hour that affords you the opportunity to get down to brass tacks without getting distracted. Your time is your passport to progress. You won’t want to fritter it away.

6 . You need to stay organized with your schedule

Time is never a friend to a blogger. You either kill the time or use the time! As a part-time blogger, you ensure that time is your friend by giving it the right schedule so as to make judicious use of it.

For instance, if you are in your room and everything in there is disorganized, there is a high tendency that you to lose focus. Your schedule is your time management and you must not joke with it.

Schedule your time in a way that there is no room for disorganization, and stick to your guns. The result you will get will be tremendous and terrific. You will be proud of it at the end of the day.

Also, you will have time to attend to other pressing needs. Manage your schedule and time very well.

7. Allow room for guest bloggers

By now, you should not be oblivious to the fact that there are millions of people out there that needs your help and vice versa.

Since you don’ knows it all and you cannot do everything by yourself, you will need to allow guests’ posts on your blog.

If you had published some posts before now on your blog, you might have inspired some of your readers or followers of your blog.

They may in turn want to share their wonderful ideas as well. This vital step will help promote your blog, as you will be focused on making your works better as you in turn exchange blog traffic as well as readership.


Part-time bloggers who are always on the track to getting the best out of their schedule should have in mind that your time is the ultimate direction to how you will become successful.

It can be admitted that sticking to this is not easy t, but it is worth it!

How to schedule your time as a part-time blogger is a simple reference to setting realistic goals for your blog, knowing when to write, staying organized, and managing your time effectively.

There are three main keys to being a successful part-time blogger and they are: Time-Consistency-Effort (TCE)

We hope this post will help you to become a successful, wonderful, and delightful part-time blogger.



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