How to Get Quick AdSense Approval in Few Days

Quick AdSense Approval
Quick AdSense Approval

This Post Will Educate You On How To Get Quick AdSense Approval In a Few Days

So you want to start making money online from your website?

Of course! since you are reading this then your answer should be yes! there are no better ways to make money as a webmaster (blogger) than to start serving adverts with AdSense.

But what seems difficult to many webmasters (bloggers) is how to get AdSense approval which is the best way to make money online with google.

There are many Google AdSense tricks you must know before you can be a certified AdSense publisher.

To get that AdSense approval you need to work hard and be consistent so we came up with an idea to write on the things you need to do before you can get AdSense approval.

It is 100% free to use the Google AdSense program, but you must first get verified. Getting verified is quite tricky most times and complicated too.

What is Google AdSense and how does it work?

Google AdSense was introduced on the 18th of June 2003. It is a platform that provides a way for website owners to earn money from their online content.

Google AdSense is an ad network run by Google that stands as the middle-man between advertisers and publishers (webmasters & developers).

The AdSense platform accepts publishers from different countries by placing adverts on their websites.

In exchange, they are paid for this service from the money paid to them by advertisers. It is the largest and the most reliable ad network in the world.

There are many full-time bloggers making a complete living from AdSense without fraudulent clicks.

If you are consistent and hard-working you can make millions from AdSense but don’t think it will be very easy because I said “there are many”, it is easier said than done.

Before you can make much from AdSense you need a whole lot of traffic and not ordinary traffic, a human audience! Let’s leave that for now as that is not what we want to talk about today.

How Google AdSense Works

If you don’t know the way AdSense works, this is it;

As a publisher (Webmaster), you will insert an AdSense code that will be given to you when you are approved on your website.

If you can’t code, don’t worry! WPQUAd plugin will do this for you for free. The plugin will place the code at your desired location except for your header.

Each time your pages are visited, the JavaScript code uses inlined JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) to display content fetched from Google’s servers.

Most time these adverts are matched with the existing content you have on your website or matched with the cookies of the person viewing the posts.

Adverts displayed also vary from country to country, being a Nigerian webmaster does not necessarily mean your British visitor will also see a Nigerian advert.

Also, note that it is difficult to buy or sell an Adsense account nowadays as Adsense policies have been updated one of the new policies says that every website you want to put an AdSense code on must get approved before they can serve ads.

Unlike before when you just need to add your AdSense code on the new website and Ads will start displaying.

In this post, we will guide you on;

  • how to get AdSense approval fast
  • how long AdSense approval takes
  • how to create a Google AdSense account
  • Google AdSense help
  • how are you eligible for AdSense?
  • how to qualify for AdSense
  • Google AdSense requirements
  • How to get AdSense for your blog
  • blogger AdSense approval
  • how to register for Google AdSense in Nigeria and other countries like the USA, Nigeria, UK, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, etc.

Let me explain briefly how I got my 2 personal AdSense accounts

In the year 2018, I applied for AdSense for my blog which is not even up to four months old with only 26 posts and I got approved.

Since then I have been helping bloggers and other webmasters get AdSense approval in weeks without stress and this year alone I’ve helped many bloggers get approved for AdSense.

By 2020 I have gained more blogging experience and getting AdSense was easier to get, I got AdSense approval for this blog you are reading now in 7 – 30 days with 15 published posts, you are shocked, right? Don’t be!

I bought a domain name in November 2018 and I got approved for AdSense in December 2018. Adsense really wanted to toil with my complete success story but God is surely bigger than them!

The approval process took about 21 days but on a normal day it ought to be a day, I guessed that it was a result of holidays in the USA due to black Fridays, cyber Monday, and the like.

Adsense is the nightmare of webmasters who engage in online fraud such as piracy, theft, scamming, etc. Those websites hardly get AdSense approval as AdSense policies do not favour them

Requirements for setting up an AdSense account

  • A Gmail account or your custom address like [email protected]
  • A website, an application, or a YouTube account
  • You must be 18 years old
  • Your address
  • Postal Code
  • Your country

How can I register for Google AdSense?

To register for Google AdSense ️Click here.

When you get to that page Click to sign up now or start.

You need to provide all the necessary details as they will be very useful when they want to confirm your address.

When you are done with the form click submit.

You will be told to copy a code, copy it, and place it at the header of your blog.

This is where the problem kicks in, you need to place it between your <*head><*/head> else they won’t be able to verify it! and the approval process may even take more than the normal 6 weeks.

If you use WordPress there is a plugin that can do this for you, the name is inserted headers and footer you can click here to download it.

Better still your theme or template may support placing ads at the head section so you can copy them there.

After placing the code, then click I’ve copied the code on your AdSense page. That is all, you have applied for an AdSense account.

You will need to wait for someday(s) before AdSense specialists can fully review your website.

However, before applying for AdSense, you need to check these AdSense approval tips, because you won’t get approved if you don’t follow AdSense policies.

AdSense is not always straightforward in its rejection policies so we came up with a plan to split AdSense policies into details for you.


How To Get Fast AdSense Approval

1. Publish Original, meaningful, lengthy, and insightful content

The no 1 goal of every blogger should be to produce content that will be insightful, original, and inspiring but I don’t know why some bloggers always look for shortcuts by duplicating content online.

Please when am talking about original content, please don’t mind numbers! If you can produce 20 original content and they are more than 1000 words it is okay that producing 100,000 plagiarized posts will never get you approved.

Make sure that your site contains only original content, do not copy and paste or be held for copyright infringement.

Google will run a plagiarism check before approving your site.

No one can escape this; once your site articles are plagiarized, your blog will not get approved.

Adsense policies are really strict if your blog is not a standard blog and you produce plagiarized content but if you can produce insightful and original content then your chances of getting AdSense approval are high.

When getting AdSense approval, content is 60% while other requirements follow.

Believe me, when I say not all original posts are quality posts, a post with 100 words can’t be considered a quality post though you did not copy it, a quality post must be at least 700-1200 words.

But if you can even increase the word count on your post to about 3000, it will create more impact, not only for AdSense approval but also for SEO in general.

Also, make sure your posts are grammatically sound and highlighted with proper heading tags, and bullet lists as this will increase your chances of getting approved.

2. Add privacy policy, contact us & about us page

Without these three pages, your chances of approval are very slim, or let me just spill the truth zero! Websites lacking these pages are considered new and not safe for users.

It is from the contact page that your site visitors can reach you or get information on how to contact the owner of the website or blog.

It will be a great idea if the email on your contact page is the same email you are using to apply for AdSense verification. It proves a sign of authenticity. That is if you are making your email visible on the page.

Google looks out for the contact page, especially on blogs, before approval.

No one can escape this. I have never seen a site that got approved without having a contact page.

You must find a way to tell your users what your website is all about, who you are, how they can contact you, and how you use their data — that is exactly what these pages are meant for.

Websites without privacy policies are considered scams.

In addition, visitors want to know how they can contact you when they have issues surfing your website so create a Contact Us page on your website where the necessary details that users can use to contact you are provided.

When I said the three pages are essential, I did not say creating more pages apart from these three will get your AdSense application rejected.

You can have more pages but just ensure that they follow the rules and guidelines i.e. they must be original and not blank.

3. Your age is very important

Many don’t think this is a serious issue but believe me it is when opening a Gmail account they just choose any age they like but they don’t know this will later backfire.

Adsense policies state that anyone applying for AdSense should be at least 18 years old so choosing the wrong age for your Gmail will easily get you disapproved even when you are meant to be approved.

Also, Provide accurate age when filling out the AdSense application form to avoid stories that touch.

If you are not up to 18 years old yet then we suggest that you use one of your parent’s or guardians’ email addresses and names and please inform them about it.

4. Buy a domain name, not free domain names, please! TLD or ccTLD

Without a domain name, you can never get AdSense approval with a website unless you get a hosted AdSense account with BlogSpot, names like will never get approved as they are considered unprofessional and risky, no one wants to do business with such a website.

You need your domain name like which will not even cost more than $10.

Don’t buy a domain name anyhow just because you want to get AdSense approval fast! Please check our guide on choosing hosting and domain names.

Domain extensions like .com, .org, or Country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) like are usually recommended.

From our research and experience, we discovered that domain names with country codes like “” and “.ng” quickly get approved over just “.com,” As well, “.org” and “.net” may take a little more time to get approved.

So you may consider the kind of domain name you choose. Note that domain names with an extension like “” may not get approved.

5. Have a website or at least a YouTube channel or an app

Many people do ask me if they can get AdSense approval without a website, yes you can! If you develop applications or own a YouTube channel.

However, YouTube AdSense differs from AdSense as it cannot be used on your website unless you do an upgrade.

The easiest way to get AdSense approval is by using a standard website so we recommend that you start a blog or a forum etc before you can even think of getting full AdSense approval.

6. Website design should be at its peak

Your website design could be one thing that will knock you out of the AdSense approval chase.

Your website design should be at its very best when you want to apply for AdSense, no one wants to run through a wall of text.

If you can’t design your blog properly we recommend that you hire an expert to code your website for you as this will reduce errors on your website.

A horror design is not for AdSense.

However, if you want to design your website yourself you can still go on but do it properly without contradicting colors and other newbie designs.

7. Adult contents are not allowed

Adsense stated clearly in their policies that websites with adult content will never be approved.

Adsense said and I quote “While we recognize that interpretations of adults or mature content may vary across countries and cultures we hold all publishers accountable to the same content requirements so that we can ensure a safe and global healthy advertisement ecosystem”.

Forget all these rumors that you can get AdSense approval with a site publishing adult content like pornography etc.

Immediately they cite a topic or an image portraying adult content they will disapprove of your application.

The worst scenario here is that even if you are luckily approved with adult content, the probability that you will get banned again is 90% as they will still review your application again so you should be cautious of what you write about.

You need to check this page on how to remove adult content on your website if you have one.

8. Domain age should be at least 6 months old

In some countries like India and Pakistan, your website needs to be at least 6 months before you can apply for AdSense.

The reason behind this is not yet known though am guessing it is because most Asian webmasters engage in AdSense malpractice like self-clicking etc.

So you have to wait for six months if you are in Asia, while waiting you can easily use this opportunity to set up your blog to the standard and also try out other ways to monetize your website (blog) like affiliate marketing etc.

This is even the best way to get a reasonable amount of traffic before you start showing adverts on your website.

9. Use a trusted email address and add it to your Contact Us page

When applying for AdSense please avoid emails like [email protected] or [email protected] as this will easily reduce your chances of getting approved, humans are the ones reviewing AdSense applications you know!

It is even advisable that you use emails that portray what you do on your website.

Research shows that many websites get approved with this. Am not saying that you can’t use your personal email address, please.

You can use it but make sure it is not that email you use to commit crimes up and down.

10. Avoid paid traffic

Be cautious when you get paid traffic, believe me when I say Google algorithms can easily differentiate bots from human audiences and even some of these automated bots are made to click ads automatically.

Some paid traffic will reduce your chances of approval by 200% if you are not careful, AdSense wants human clicks and that is exactly what advertisers pay for.

We even suggest that before you apply for AdSense flow with the natural traffic you have on your blog and apply with it.

This will reduce your chances of getting disapproved because of paid traffic. Adsense doesn’t use traffic as an approval requirement

11. Watch your sidebar

Sidebars are one thing AdSense specialists take note of, just in case you are hearing this for the first time adding unnecessary sidebars may get your website disapproved.

Don’t disorganize your website with annoying sidebars pages and widgets.

Take advantage of your sidebar to post information that will be useful to your readers like your recent post, call to action for subscription or lead generation, etc. not stuffing the sidebar with flashy ads and irrelevant text.

12. Avoid black hat SEO and work on white hat SEO

We wrote a guide on beginners and pro guides to white hat, grey hat, and black hat SEO here so do well to check the page if you want to know more, also check 30 ways to improve your blog SEO here.


I discovered lately that AdSense wants to start disapproving websites that are not properly search engine optimized like sites without meta descriptions, site tags, etc.

In addition, do well to avoid black hat SEO techniques as websites practicing such will never get approved.

Black hat is one thing AdSense specialists frown at I discovered so do well to abstain from it.

13. Ensure navigation ease

You should know how that proper navigation will easily trigger your approval. Let the navigation within your site be as easy as possible.

I myself have made this mistake in the past and I got disapproved for it so ensure your website navigation is at its very best before you apply for AdSense.

On a normal ground, your navigation is meant to be incorporated and properly placed with your theme.

However some themes are not properly coded which causes AdSense disapproval

If you fall into this category we suggest that you change your theme or tweak your theme settings if you know how to do that.

14. Use Google AdSense supported languages

Some languages are not supported yet by AdSense so you need to check if your language is supported so these are the supported languages: Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonia, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish and Spanish (Latin America), Sweedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese.

So if your Language is not included then you need to find other ways to monetize your website or probably you blog about language then selling ad space may be the best way out.

15. Avoid nulled themes and plugins

There are some files that are placed in nulled themes and plugins, these files even have the tendency to break your website and your site is even prone to hacking.

Search engines mark such websites as not safe to surf, when AdSense specialists notice these things they will be left with no option but to disapprove your website as they can serve ads on websites that are not safe to browse

You can test your theme or plugins with XAMPP or WAMP before you go ahead and install them on your website.

16. Check if your country is not restricted by AdSense

Google said they must comply with sanctions imposed by the OFAC (United States Office of Foreign Assets Control) and as a result, Adsense is not available for publishers in some countries like Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

If you are affected by this then we suggest that you try some AdSense alternatives

17. Avoid stealing Copyrighted Images

Many bloggers are guilty of this, they just go to Google image to search and steal them which is illegal.

Google doesn’t want to be sued for copyrighted images so they rather disapprove of your AdSense.

Even if you link to the real image owner, you will just reduce the probability of getting disapproved by 60% but you can still link to them if you can’t create images yourself.

Better still, you can buy those images and get the license

Grace (An AdSense expert) wants you to know this on AdSense approval with copyrighted images.

18. Remove all existing ads code

Existing ads is one of the reasons AdSense rejects lots of blogs coming to its platform.

When applying for the AdSense program, make sure you don’t have any other Ad code placed on your site. Otherwise, you may not get approved quickly.

I can’t tell you about affiliate links, but it is better not to have any form of monetization on your site when waiting for AdSense verification.

Once approved, other monetization links like affiliate link codes can then be added. Only those can merge with AdSense.

19. Make sure AdSense has never approved your domain name in the past. 

Make sure that your domain has never used AdSense in the past before you purchase it.

Before I discovered this, I once bought a domain that I was blogging with.

After complete two years, AdSense still didn’t approve of it. I have to carry out research to know why.

To my greatest surprise, my two years old domain had been used for AdSense about seven years ago, before the domain expired and was not renewed.

With all indications, the domain went against AdSense policy and got blacklisted.

Nothing can be done about it.

With respect to this, I advise you to be very careful when purchasing an expired domain, else are sure of what the site was used for before it expired.

How can I get AdSense approval in a minute?

When I saw this query on Google for the first time, I was completely perplexed and shocked, how could someone even think that can be possible?

You launched a website just now and you want to start earning from it the following minute? Who does that?

It is possible though in some countries but you will spend hundreds of dollars. I must confess that you will have to produce a minimum of 20 posts and 3 pages within that 1 minute. Again your design also needs to be at its very best within that minute so can you now see that it is almost impossible?

7 days of AdSense approval is more realistic.

How many visitors do you need for AdSense approval?

I don’t think visitors are much needed for AdSense. All you need is a good-looking blog with little traffic. About 10 daily organic clicks are OK for AdSense approval.

How can I get AdSense approval for a new blog?

My blog was new when it got approved for AdSense so I see no reason why you should not get an AdSense account for your new blog.

Just follow the guidelines I gave above then you are good to go.

How long does Google AdSense approval take?

Adsense approval takes 1-50 days. In most cases, it is usually less than 24 hours but in rare cases like mine, it may be up to 50 days nevertheless from experience the more time it takes the higher your chances of getting approved.

How to get an approved AdSense account with a website

You can get a YouTube AdSense or AdMob, apart from those two I don’t think there are other ways to get AdSense approval without a website.

AdSense application is still under review?

This is the message you get when you just register for an Adsense account.

It can be there for days but just know that the moment everything is ready a message will be sent to you that you have been rejected or approved.

If you follow the procedures I gave earlier on and download my ebook then I see no reason why you should be disapproved

Why my Google AdSense application was rejected

Your Google AdSense application was rejected because your website is not worthy to get AdSense approval and start serving adverts so you have to do things the right way before you can be approved.

The next step you should follow after disapproval is to work on the reasons why your application was rejected.

The reason(s) will be sent to you by AdSense when you get disapproved but the main thing here is that the message they send is not always self-explanatory but you can always reach out to us for help or interpretations.


In conclusion, what matters to Google the most is not you, nor your interest and motivation. But rather the users and visitors of your site, are the ones Google wants to reach via the AdSense program.

Remember, Google earns money from its advertisers to pay the publishers, so the advertisers are of utmost importance to them.

Therefore, if your site is of value to its visitors, and at the same time, you are not violating Google policy, your site will definitely be verified in a few days.



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