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5 Profitable Side Hustles you can do to Make Money in Nigeria

It’s no longer news that many people would continue to lose their jobs during and after COVID-19.

So, if your legs are shaking at your place of work, it’s high time you find what profitable side hustles you can do and make money the easiest way in Nigeria.

Nigeria isn’t the only place where people are losing their jobs due to the pandemic.
If your regular job isn’t profitable – making little gains with a huge budget and crazy expenses can even lead to high blood pleasure which kills faster than the novel coronavirus.

The economic situation in the global world now warrants you finding opportunities online, especially in areas where most people need help such as coaching, marketing, virtual assistance, graphic designing, and so on by turning your knowledge, skills, and available resources into a side hustle business.

If you find this interesting, then you should know what kind of idea or business to turn into a lucrative side hustlehow to do business online and make money working from home?

How to hustle for money in Nigeria during the lockdown

Most highest-paid side hustles don’t require much stress, serious planning, or capital to start.

Did you know that?

I mean, the easiest way to make money in Nigeria is having the basic tools such as your phone or a computer and knowing how to monetize your skills and experience.

Sometimes, you don’t need to spend a dime to start a side hustle business in your locality.

Irrespective of the side hustle of your interest, you don’t need an office, a store, staff, or a large customer base which are usually the reasons why you need so much capital.

While you use your mobile phone or laptop to automate your business, a small space in your home can be designated as your office so you don’t get too many distractions from your family members.

I personally have a room in my home, which I set up as a standard office to do my business.

If you have the means, you can equally turn your bedroom or dining into an office for ergonomic purposes.

You don’t need to quit your current job because you want to start a side hustle business.

Even if the hustle pays you to double what you used to earn, you need to be absolutely sure of its certainty before sacking your boss.

You must also have a good understanding of the type of business you want to do and ensure it won’t compete with your regular job.

So, if you think of doing something in your free time, this guide will walk you through some of the highest-paid sides hustles you can start without having to invest so much.

With all these in mind, I would like to introduce the following profitable side hustles to you.

Whether you’re in Nigeria, Lagos, Ogun, Abuja, Port Harcourt, or overseas, these businesses which I’m about to show you are the best side hustle ideas you can start inside your room and make a lot of money.

Since the lockdown, many people can now make extra money and take care of their family needs, working from the convenience of their homes.

So, if you want to boost your monthly income and be more comfortable with your life, you can also consider the following profitable side hustle ideas.

Profitable side hustles in Nigeria

There are many profitable side hustles in Nigeria that are considered to fetch you money easily. But funny enough, many people are yet to discover these ideas.

It’s true you can’t do a business you don’t know much about.

In view of this, most side hustle businesses aren’t relatively achievable in Nigeria due to a lack of funds and skills.

As a result, many people remain unemployed and that’s worrisome.

Because you don’t have enough skill to start up a business doesn’t mean the business isn’t for you. What it means is to learn the skills required to do the business and succeed if it’s actually lucrative.

If you’re in that category, it would be better for you to consider the following lucrative side hustle ideas and gather a little knowledge to start one and make money online.

You’re not going to be asked to bring money for training, investment, or spend a year to learn these side hustles.

These ideas are businesses you can learn about on your own with good use of your smartphone. So, that makes the following side hustles the easiest way to make money in Nigeria.

#1. Online Coaching

These days, many people source relevant information online on various aspects of life:

  1. Health and wellness
  2. How to do something yourself
  3. Business management
  4. Personal leadership
  5. Consumer guides and so on.

The opportunity in this side hustle idea is providing such information people need and monetizing the resources.

If you have never thought of this as a way of earning money online, then you’re lucky to come across this article.

You don’t need to feature in all aspects that pop up in your mind. The little skill or knowledge you have in a particular field can be leveraged.

Based on your profession, you might have some knowledge or experience about certain important or trending issues which you would love to share with the members of the public.

For example, people are very inquisitive about their health.

Hence, sharing nutritional tips online can make you earn extra money as an online coach in the health industry.

You can learn more on how to make money in the online health business as a health coach or explore other side hustle ideas to make extra cash working from home in Nigeria.

Through various online applications, you can network with other coaches to get mentorship.

All you have to do is to visit relevant websites, blogs, or social media platforms to steal useful ideas regarding your niche and then create your own content free of plagiarism.

Once the content is available online, different people from around the world can have access to it.

You don’t want to do this for free.

So, do your best in sharing the content across different platforms to get more people craving for your content and monetize your traffic.

You can also organize live sessions such as WEBINAR or create audiobooks or ebooks for different groups of people and charge them at certain rates.

The point is that you can monetize whatever information you have by turning it into a training resource for your audience or marketing for others businesses using your audience base.

#2. Blogging

Blogging remains one of the most profitable side hustles to make money online and nothing ever goes wrong with this idea.

Blogging as an Online Business

What matters is the effort you put into your blog and your level of determination to treat relevant issues.

Blogging can be relatively new, yet it’s the major source of income for many people.

If you’re willing to know how to start blogging, that’s a sure way to make money working from home.

Blogging as a side hustle cuts across various industries or niches like entertainment, business, lifestyle, education, art and photography, beauty, and lots more.

Whichever niche you focus on, there are thousands of people waiting to view your content as long as it satisfies their demands.

Once you have enough viewers, you can monetize your blog by advertising for several other brands. All it takes is placing ad banners on your blog manually or through prominent advertising agencies like Google.

You can equally use your blog for dropshippingaffiliate marketing, or marketing your knowledge, skill, experience, or connections.

This type of side hustle takes a lot of effort which includes creating amazing content.

In fact, the efforts and resources you need upfront can be overwhelming.

After creating your content, you also need to share it on different social media platforms in order to increase your viewers.

As time goes on, the efforts will turn into money for you.

So, if you want to start a blog, you must be sure to have the following items:

  1. A computer laptop
  2. A smartphone
  3. Conducive environment
  4. Responsive website
  5. A steady internet access

However, the cost of starting a blog is not pretty much when compared to other small businesses. So, with as low as N20,000, you could have a professional blog.

#3. Virtual assistance

Another lucrative side hustle business is virtual assistance which is otherwise known as influencer marketing.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a great way to help brands reach new audiences, increase product awareness, and boost their marketing ROI and bottom line. SingleGrain

That is, brands use the service of influencers to increase their reach, customer base and skyrocket their ROI and market shares and positions. And no industry is exempted.

To do this kind of side hustle in Nigeria, you need a very strong online presence – an active social media account, blog, or YouTube channel.

These are the basic tools you need to campaign for brands that are craving customers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube.

Besides the fact that virtual assistance is a lucrative side hustle idea, it’s such a job that can’t clash with your regular job because your appearance is only needed on the internet.

You can be at work or anywhere doing it.

But if you don’t have a regular job at present, it means you’ll have enough time to represent brands in front of your audience.

Your audience can be hundreds, thousands, or millions. What is important to the brands is your ability to make the people become their potential customers.

Then you have to monetize your activities as a brand ambassador.

You must have come across people who promote other businesses on their social media handles. They’re called social media celebs.

Meanwhile, top influencers in Nigeria include Ibrahim Kolawole, Loritta Obi, Temmie Ovwasa, Juliet Ibrahim, Oduniyi Opeyemi, Israel Iwuozo, Femi Coker, Elochukwu Obiefuna, Godswill Mukoro, Dean Teachings, and the likes of them.

They aren’t leading their audiences to the brands for free.

Those guys are making a lot of money from every post, video, like, share, and comment they generated on their profiles for their clients.

Getting a desirable amount of audience as a brand’s virtual assistance isn’t difficult.

This is all you have to do:

  1. Focus on a niche and be an enthusiast.
  2. Make your audience feel you represent them, not the brand.
  3. Consistently engage your audience in discussions that are relevant to them.
  4. Talk about the products your audience desires.
  5. Make the brands know you care.

When you do all this, remember to hashtag the brand you’re promoting to get its attention.

If you want to control a very large audience on social media, having a blog and YouTube channel is a good shot.

In fact, the performance can be overwhelming with your blog and social media channels going hand-in-hand.

Little wonder why a higher percentage of social media influencers are bloggers.

If you can train yourself to talk in front of a camera, you can definitely work as a social media influencer or YouTube influencer.

You might be wondering why influencers are very diligent?

Knowing they have to go through a lot each day sharing posts, videos on Facebook, liking and responding to comments to make people engage and engross on their clients’ business pages, their hobbies become a side hustle.

What they do is the work of a virtual assistant and they’re making a lot of money from the act.

Other people that use the service of virtual assistants are multi-niche bloggers or digital marketers.

They need a few other people who can help them with some administrative tasks on their blogs or social media pages – checking and replying to emails, answering calls, editing photos, and lots more.

In a nutshell, the demand for this hustle is very high.

If you can build a large audience for other businesses on social media, then doing this job can pay you some extra cash online.

That makes the virtual assistance job one of the best side hustles you can venture into in Nigeria if you have the charisma.

#4. Web or graphic designing

web design a Profitable Side Hustles

Being a web or graphic designer is also another side hustle business that can fetch you a lot of money working from home.

In this present age that everybody needs a website or graphic art to illustrate his or her business, the idea is very lucrative.

Graphic work is quite profitable job and broad.

The skill is appropriated in designing logos, including animations and advertising banners, which take different dimensions today.

With a little skill, you can make a lot of money creating logos for people.

Many people don’t show interest in this job because they didn’t go to school to learn the skill.

That shouldn’t be an issue.

Most professionals learned the skill one way or the other without going to school.

The truth is anybody can learn web and graphic designing and do better on the job without being a professional.

With a little understanding of the job, you can bid for contracts from customers who need graphic work and outsource the project to a professional.

That means you must have a technical partner that can always help you come out with the best result that your clients desire.

The startup cost for this side hustle business in Nigeria is pretty low.

To start with, you can download the Canva to manipulate some designs for ad banners, logos, and ebook covers.

Other tools which graphic artists can make use of include Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw.

In all, Google can be your best friend to find useful training resources online.

You can equally leverage YouTube to learn web designing or graphic designing by watching relevant videos. That will only cost you some internet data.

Make more research on what the startup requires and how to pave your way through the business.

Once you have the skill and you are reaching out to the right customers, you can start making money right away.

There are various freelancing sites where you can sell your services. These include FreelancerFiverr and PeoplePerHour, and so on.

Visit them and sign up to have your own free account to start selling your gigs and making money.

For Fiverr as an example, you can read How to Use Fiverr to make Money Online.

#5. Vlogging

The fifth highest paid side hustle in Nigeria which I would like you to also consider is vlogging.

According to Cambridge English Dictionary, a vlog is a blog in video format, which is a visual presentation of your thoughts, opinions, or experiences that you publish on the internet for public consumption.

Many people are finding pleasure in vlogging nowadays due to its numerous advantages which include fame and money.

Vlogging seems easy to be managed because we all like the sight of pictures and videos.

Many vloggers have the secret key to being successful and that is consistency.

The audience might not come all at once.

But unlike blogging, the audience is more satisfied with amazing videos.

In that case, your content also matters here. If you’re into entertainment, your videos must be highly entertaining and educative.

Before starting a vlog, you need to make thorough research on the type of audience you want to carry along and the purpose of your vlog.

That will help you stay focused on the hustle.

Google Adsense is one of the major means by which vloggers get to monetize their vlog.

Vloggers also get payments from various brands by promoting their businesses, products, and services in their videos.

Conclusion Profitable Side Hustles

Out of the numerous profitable side hustles out there, the highest paid side hustles you can start to make some extra income aside from your regular pay in Nigeria are discussed above.

The guide focuses on the easiest way of making money by turning your skills into a profitable online business.

However, this will help you to make more money when you combine your regular job with a side hustle.

As said above, you don’t need much capital to achieve this.

All you have to do is have a proper schedule and time management.

With your consistency, passion, and determination, you should be able to cope with two or more of the side hustles and become fully established and financially stable.

Most times, self-employment turns out to bring more gains for you than working for someone.

When you have a side hustle business that you do, you’re not just going to be in charge of your earnings but spend your free time on something more profitable.

Hence you are in full control of all that comes out of your business.

Even, if there is a need to share your profit with someone, you have the chance to control how the gains would be distributed and have a ransom share as the boss.

That is exactly what happens between you and your employer in the 9-5 world.

No matter how kind your boss is, there is no way your wage can be fair compared to the job you do. However, there is a little you can do with your salary.

If you want to make money the easiest way, consider doing these profitable side hustles.

For further information on ways, you can make money online in Nigeria, reach us via the WhatsApp Us button on your screen.

And don’t forget to leave a comment below.


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