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4 Most Profitable Online Businesses – Easy Internet Business

This is a guest post about the most profitable online businesses that are very easy to start up.

Talking of profitable business – what will come to the mind of most people is eCommerce, but that was not included here.

Ecommerce is an amazing online business, but there are even other better online businesses with good potential one can venture into, those are the ones I explained here.

Based on our discretion, we do not classify eCommerce as a small online business.

Take note that the order of arrangement is of little significance as I have no way of determining which is more profitable than the other among the shortlisted profitable small businesses

Most Lucrative Online Businesses

1. SEO/Writing Firm

Profitable Online Businesses

There is a popular saying in the blogosphere; “Content is king” Over the years, the saying keeps reiterating how important it is to publish quality content on blogs and websites.

The demand for quality articles skyrocket over the year, and the gradual increase in demand for quality web content opened up a huge market for freelance writers and content creators.

It explains why a writing firm finds a place in our list of most profitable small businesses online.

The return on investment for this business is huge, considering the little cost of running the business. SEO (search engine optimization) firm.

On the other hand, is mainly about ensuring that the website or blog gets on the good side of the search engine, and ranks high on the search engine result page.

I visited WarriorForum, DigitalPoint, and BHW, and discovered that a very high percentage of services rendered on this popular forum relate to article writing and SEO services.

Surprisingly the clients are readily available once the service rating is above average.

2. Reseller as a Profitable Online Business

Believe it or not, people are making thousands of dollars every month from being a reseller online.

Reseller in the context of this post comprises of, internet marketers that invest some amount of money into buying traffic to promote a certain product that earns them a commission on the sale, eBay resellers, and affiliate marketers.

Last year, I made a fortune by buying and reselling cheap tablet devices from China. I bought the tablet at a very cheap price (less than $100) from a Chinese website, great specifications with free shipping.

So I bought the tablet and listed it on a local classified site, and the return on investment was as high as 100%.

Take note that the start-up cost was less than $500, and I had no store or personal website, no promotion whatsoever.

3. Tech Firm as a Profitable Online Business

Web designers, app developers, and video editors are making fortunes online, simply because the market is huge enough to provide a very robust client base, and the demand for their service is increasing from day-to-day.

If you’re tech-savvy and you’re proficient in one of these areas, it just might be your ticket to another source of income.

4. Web Hosting and Domain Registrar

lucrative Online Businesses

Truth be told, the competition in this niche is very fierce, but the fact remains that, thousands of websites are being created every day.

Hence it’s imperative to seek the service of a web hosting company.

Starting a web hosting company is highly rewarding, provided you have a targeted customer niche. Considering the advancement of the cloud server, the start-up cost is moderate.

That’s my list of the 5 most profitable small businesses online. Although there are other lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

I hope this would inspire you to start a small business along the line of these businesses. Take note that all these businesses can be done alongside your regular day job.


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