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Fix Power Button Delays Screen Wake Up Samsung Phone

Good day friends, Today I want to talk about the Samsung phone power button delays screen wake-up, and how to fix it.

The delayed screen wake in Samsung mobile phones has become very common in recent days.

I have experienced it several, and I have found the cause of it in my own case as well as the solution.

I hope my solution works for you too.

At first, when it first occurred, I thought it was a virus, I had to download several applications from the Google Play store to scan my Samsung Galaxy phone, but the problem still was not solved.

I also updated my phone’s Android OS and every app installed on my phone, but that also didn’t help.

I uninstalled all the apps on my Samsung Galaxy device; still, the screen delay wasn’t solved. At this point, I was getting furious and frustrated.

How can a phone I bought in less than three months develop such a fault, I had to contact the Samsung support team at a point via the Samsung member app and explain the problem to them.

They asked me to update the software, something I have already done.

Since all these trials didn’t solve the screen delay issue, I concluded that a factory reset would do the magic. So I decided to reset my phone back to factory mode.

But after the factory reset the problem persists.

At this point, I concluded that the phone was not in good health, that it may be a hardware issue, and nothing could be done about it.

I went as far as wanting the change the phone panel, but the cost was what made me not to.

The solution came to me after I had given up, and planned to give out the phone. I fixed my screen delay via this process. You won’t believe what the problem was.

Causes Samsung screen wake delay

power button delay
Samsung phone

On four occasions I have fixed this problem on my phone and other people’s phone. I discovered that they all are surrounded by the same problem – a bad SD card.

The memory card had been the problem all this while. It’s either the SD card is substandard, or it’s not supported by your phone.

The memory card may even be working and still causing the issue without being corrupt.

Once you encounter such a problem, the first thing to do is to restart your device to see if that will help.

If the phone restart didn’t work, then removing your phone’s SD card will fix the screen delay problem.

Hope this short was helpful in solving the Samsung phone power button screen wakeup delay.

Do make use of the comment box below to share your comments.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. My problem is resolved now. It has been bugging me for months. And now even my battery is running better. Thanks a lot.

  2. Same issue but never had an SD card installed? Now what? (don’t claim you know the problem/fix unless you really do)

    • SD card was the cause of the problem with mine, and that is what I shared. If you are able to find a solution on yours please share with us.


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