What is Pinterest and How Does Pinterest Work?

Pinterest is a social network site – which shows links in the form of “pins” in a masonry-style grid. The Pinterest home page shows a feed of images (linking to web-pages) which is based on your settings and activities.

If you click on a pin in an image, it will expand to show you a larger image and additional information If you click again, you will be taken to the source of the image in any webpage in the world wide web – be it a blog post, forum, or any other type of website.

Just like most other social networks, every user of Pinterest can perform social networking functions such as following boards, liking, commenting on user’s pins, re-pinning content to boards, sharing pins on other social networks – such as; Facebook and Twitter or via email. Users can also embed individual pins on their blog or websites.

Pinterest which introduced in March 2010 – saw positive growth in 2013 – for the first time. Then it was ahead of email as a sharing medium, and it even outpaced Facebook in 2013.

In the year 2015, their active users were over 100 million, and it keeps growing up to this moment. Pinterest currently has over 80 billion pins and a range of about 2.3 billion monthly searches. This social media platform called Pinterest cannot be overlooked as a potential source of traffic to many websites, especially blogs.

If you have a small business, you can easily capitalize on Pinterest to market your products and grow your business consumer base. It gives businesses a chance to engage potential consumers with driving images and colorful infographics that easily promote deals and new products.

Owners of small businesses can also facilitate conversations on their brands online by simply adding Pinterest “share” button to their websites. It will allow site visitors to click and share a piece of content through a specific board on Pinterest.


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