When to Charge your Phone Battery to Prolong its Battery Life


In the post, we shall critically look into phone charging percentage as many people are asking, “At what Percentage or when should they Charge their Phone Battery.”

Mobile phones batteries are manufactured from Lithium-ion electrolytes, and they are meant to have a good life span for about three years.

People who ask questions about when to charge their phone battery – must have experienced or heard of situations when phone battery life becomes unnecessarily short.

A short phone battery life can be so annoying, especially for those living in countries where epileptic power supply still exists.

There have been lots of cases where a phone battery that is meant to last for days reduces in lifespan and can barely last 24 hours.

In most cases, what spoils the battery of a phone is a bad charger, and not even a percentage of the phone should be before you should charge it.

Most issues of this nature have been attributed to the ways and patterns of charging to phone battery, which is the reason most people keep asking at what percentage should they charge their phone which will not affect the phone battery negatively.

How to charge your phone battery

Phone battery

Most phones nowadays have an inbuilt power management application systems, which indicates when you should recharge your phone.

Most phone with OEM such as Samsung, Infinix, Tecno, iPhones, etc. alerts the phone user to charge the phone once the battery drops to about 15%.

Ensure that your phone battery does not drop below 15% or below the battery management application’s alert level.

However, it is better if you can keep to the average 40% – 80% rule. The rule states, “to prolong the phone battery life, keep the battery always charged between 40% -80%“.

It is however not wrong to leave your phone plugged even at 100%. The reason for this is that most battery nowadays is built with smart control circuits. These circuits control the charging procedures of most phone batteries.

If fully charged, the circuit cuts off the power supplied to the battery, and the phone charger then powers the phone directly. It means that there will be nothing like overcharging the phone battery.

Do not pay much attention to charging timing, especially if you are using new-generation phone batteries.

This is very important, no matter what, never allow your phone to trip off by itself as a result of low battery – as this can reduce the battery life span. Switch it off or plug it into a power source if it gets too low.

Again, I repeat, never allow, no matter what, never allow your phone to trip off by itself as a result of low battery.

Also, bear in mind that what spoils the phone battery most is a bad charger. Make sure that you are charging your phone with the specified charger.

Once you discover your phone battery takes a longer time than usual to charge, you may consider changing the phone charger.

Every phone has its charging input voltage that a charger charges a phone fine does not mean it will be suitable for another phone. And if the charger voltage is too high it may end up changing the phone faster but causing harm to the battery.

Always buy your phone charger from your phone brand verified to shop. This is very important.

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