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How to Pass a Job Interview and Get Immediate Employment in 2023

This article is an educative one. It talks about how to successfully pass a job interview you attend in Nigeria, and get immediate employment.

The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is so high that competition in most available jobs is unbearable.

Most people are of the opinion that a good job is determined by its pay. But with the current level of unemployment in the economy – you will still find a long queue on jobs that pays almost nothing.

Most Nigerians that are gainfully employed are still not comfortable with their jobs.

Reasons, mostly because either their not well paid, due to job insecurity, or the job is too stressful. “Just to mention but a few.”

Most time, job seekers attend a job interview and loss hope of getting the job even before they are interviewed.

Why won’t they! How does it feel seeing thousands of people applying for just an opening? This is so sad.

Nevertheless, all hope is not lost. You can still get that your dream job on merit. You don’t have to know anybody, all you need is to follow the principles and believe in yourself.

When people went to an interview and didn’t get hired. They end up believing that they failed the interview.

This is not true; most of them passed the interview. The reason why they were not hired is that the employer can not hire everyone.

In this case, the employer only picks the best among the rest. In some cases, the employer may be tribalistic or be biased, based on nepotism.

Now, put yourself in the position of any employer. You want to employ just an accountant, and you find out 500 persons attending your interview; what Will you do?

Among that 500 over 300 will definitely pass the interview, but will not be employed.

The big question now is, what do you do to be that lucky person that will be hired?

How to Pass a Job Interview and Get Employed

1. Dress Smart and Look Smart

Dressing smart commands respect, and makes you look very responsible. This is very crucial to pass a job interview.

Dressing smart does not mean that you must put on a suit, especially when you are not comfortable in it. Corporate dressing is OK.

Although this may vary at times depending on the kind of job you are applying. Whichever, make sure you dress very responsible and neat.

As for looking smart, for guys – make sure you had a nice clean haircut and good shaving too.

For ladies, make good-looking hair, avoid multicolored hairstyles, and wear lite makeup.

2. Speak with full confidence

This is where lots of people get it wrong. You come to an interview to recite what you have crammed. It doesn’t work that way.

Try as much as possible to be in charge of the interview. Even when you are not sure of what you are saying, don’t show it.

If possible, give your interviewers an eye to eye contact during the interview.

Speaking with confidence, it will prove that you are sure of whatever comes out of your mouth.

But if your confidence level is low, it will mean that you are not sure of yourself, all other things being equal.

3. Never claim to be perfect

No one is perfect, not even your interviewers. You may be asked what your weaknesses are.

Never say you have no fault; everyone has a gap. If you say so, that means you don’t even understand yourself, or you are lying, how will you then understand the job?

4. Be optimistic

Being optimistic is really helping lots of people to pass a job interview. It is another way you can build your confidence level.

Even when you see lots of people in the interview hall, don’t get scared, instead, put up a big smile as if you are the only one there.

When speaking to your interviewers, try to take charge, talk to them as if you are lecturing them with all confidence.

5. Do comprehensive research about the company

I just don’t know why some people will be going to an interview without knowing a bit about the company they want to work for.

I understand the fact that most youths are applying for so many jobs as a result of which they may lose count or even forget that they applied for such a job, not until they are called for an interview.

Studying things about a company is not a big deal; all you need is just a couple of hours as long as you have access to the internet. Even if it’s just a few hours to the interview, it’s never too late.

One major question you may expect to be asked is, “what do you know about this company.” If you fail this question, your chances of getting that job will be cut low.

You are also expected to know some little facts in the company’s history if made available on their website to pass the job interview.

Another thing you must know is the Founder, CEO, and other top management members of the company. This is actually for big conglomerates, though, like the banks.

If it’s a small business that has a website, just study the information they have on another site, that should be OK.

6. Understand the job position

Understand the job position

Whatever job position you are going for, make sure you know beyond the basics.

If you were asked a question about the job position and you are unable to answer correctly, that simply means that you are not fit in that position and that you know little or nothing about the job.

In most cases, that will be the end of the road for that job; else, other factors will prevail.

7. Learn how to express yourself

To pass a job interview, you have to be able to express yourself very well.

After dressing smart and can’t express yourself, then it’s of no use. Choose your words; you don’t have to use big words.

Simple English is OK; else, the job has to do with your spoken English.

Listen and understand the question you were asked before answering. Don’t beat around the bush when answering a question, simply go straight to the point, so you won’t be cut short.

Your interviewers may not have much time. Remember they have lots of people to attend to, or they may have been stressed up.

If you don’t really get what was asked – don’t be shy to tell them to repeat in a light tune. Use words like “I beg your pardon” in this case.

8. Ask your interviewer questions when necessary

Sometimes after a successful interview, the interviewer may ask if you have any questions. It would be a bonus point if you were able to ask a smart question.

Especially questions pertaining to the job position, the company/business, or the industry the business falls into.

This is another reason why it is imperative to read much about the company and job position you will be interviewed for. Asking this kind of question means that you know what you want.

9. Add a little smile

Smiling helps to ease stress and makes you look more comfortable.

Depending on the kind of job you are being interviewed on, the interviewer can throw an embarrassing question to you.

It can even be a question that has to do with your private life. When asked this kind of question – although you may not give a straight answer to it. But make sure you do not frown on your face, put on a big smile instead.

Answer to such questions may not be necessary for the job; what they are looking at most times is your facial reaction. Expect such questions mainly in a marketing job interview.

10. Make your CV simple

CV means curriculum vitae or resume’. Never create a complicated CV. Your resume’ has to be as simple as possible.

It is not advisable to have just one well-designed CV. Always modify it to suit the job and company you are going for.

You don’t have to change your academic information. But information concerning your job experience skills and a hobby should be modified based on the job position.

Not all information pertaining to you should be on your CV. Information that is not at all linked to the job position may be removed. Else, it is about job experience.

11. Pray for Grace

If you believe in your God, then speak to him. There is a super being to everything that exists in this world.

Say as many prayers as you can, it will go a long way. Don’t be an island of your own.

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