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22 Part Time Jobs For University Students In Nigeria 2023

This article will be very valuable for campus students in Nigeria, especially those who are seeking ways to make money through part time jobs or business, and which will not have an effect on their academic studies.

The essence of this post is to give you insight and motivate you on how to make extra money as a student.

All the part-time jobs listed here may not be perfect for you, but nevertheless, it will expose you, so you too can think of what you can do in your free time on campus.

After the pandemic that shook the world and closed down schools, after the resumption, most students will look for an avenue to make a part-time income to add on whatever that was given to them.

And who said a student should be totally dependent on their sponsors.

When you go to most developed countries, you will find most students taking part-time jobs mostly in grocery stores, vocational training, and even real-time business.

But in this part of the world, most businesses don’t require the service of a mere student.

No one will like to employ someone who may occasionally abandon their business for lecture classes, exams, or other academic urgent needs.

There is two major cause why most employers don’t like to employ students.

A high level of unemployment and a poor education system gave employers the privilege to employ non-students ready to take up the job.

Nevertheless, there is no cause for alarm. I will share part-time jobs and businesses a student can do and make legit money of their own.

I have passed through the four walls of the University. I was very active during my days in school. So I am fully aware of how most students were making money to support themselves.

Part Time Jobs For Students In Nigeria

1. Typesetting and photocopying

If you are a student or once a student, then you should know how the services of typesetting and photocopying are needed.

Just buy a photocopying machine and a computer then you are good to start.

If time is against you, then you don’t need a shop. You can be working from home. In the long run, when incoming works are being so demanding, you can employ the service of another student to assist you.

2. Private Tutor

The private tutoring business is for intelligent students. It is mainly about tutoring students on courses that they are finding difficulty with.

If you have good teaching skills to make them understand very well, there are lots of people who will need your service.

You can start from home service tutoring one, two, or three persons. But when students who need your service are increasing, then get ready to start holding tutorial classes for them.

They will all pay for your services. And this is when big money starts coming in.

3. Hostels agent

One can make it very big as a hostel agent. On a daily basis, students are either packing out from their hostel to another hostel.

Some are graduating and leaving their hostel vacant; some just gained admission and looking for accommodation.

Many can’t afford the rent and are looking for a roommate.

As a hostel agent, your job will be to have details of vacant rooms in hostels, those packing out, and those looking for a roommate.

Then put posters of your contact and what you do. Students will be calling you for accommodation issues. You make money by billing them for your services.

4. Dry cleaning

Back in school, I know of people who pay their fees and rent from the money they made from their home base laundry business.

You don’t need a laundry shop. You can use your house and wash it for those around you.

There are micro washing machines that use less power. You can start with that. The machine can be in your room or bathroom as the case may be for a start.

But if you have the capital, then you can start it in a big way, where you will have to rent a shop.


5. Research, Assignment, and Projects

Another job for intelligent students, especially those who are good at research. You can assist your course-mates or even students in other departments with their assignments, term paper, research, and projects.

As an intelligent student, you will really make a lot of side money from offering this service. Doing this will also expand your horizon in several fields of study.

6. Work for your lecturer

This is not a regular job. The lecturer must like you before they can allow you to work for them. Almost every lecturer has a right-hand student they work with.

If the lecturer is very strict, people will be paying you and showering you with gifts to assist when they need help from that lecturer. In addition, you will also be getting favor from the lecturer.

7. Baking of cakes

Many students have made a fortune from baking cake on demand while in school. It does not really cost much; all you need is to learn how to bake and be very good at it.

In the school environment, there are birthdays almost on a daily basis, and most time, the celebrant or their friends are willing to celebrate it big.

You can make a profit of 1k to 4k for every cake you bake for people. You will even make more money when baking bigger cakes.

The best thing here is that it doesn’t even take much of your time. You are done baking within a couple of hours.

8. Barbing as a part time job

Barbing is mainly for the guys, if you are a good hair barber, you can be barbing people around you, especially in your hostel. Or rather still, simply look for an existing barbing saloon to attach yourself.

If you are very good at what you do, you will be accepted into the saloon. You will be paid commission on each hair you cut.

Once you are free go to the shop, if you have lectures or preparing for an exam, you can go and study.

9. Hairdressing for women

Similarly, like barbing, a home service hairdressing job will give students adequate time to read their books and make money outside classes to pay their bills.

10. Cooking for neighbors and friends

The school environment is full of different types of persons, most of them spend money going to restaurants and fast food daily just because they don’t know how to cook, or are lazy to cook.

If you are a good cook, you can make an effort to locate friends and neighbors that will need your cooking service.

They are mainly rich people on campus. But you will have to convince them why homemade food is better off – before you can get such a job.

11. Fixing of nails and lashes

Another business for the women, though some few guys are going into it.

If you are a specialist in fixing nails and eyelashes, you can start providing home services.

You don’t have to pay for a shop because your lectures will not give you time to stay at your shop.

12. Ushering Jobs

Part-time ushering jobs are getting so common nowadays, mainly among campus girls. Although it all depends on the location of your campus! Just look for an event planner around you, and register with them.

They will contact you anytime your service is needed. Be warned; the ushering job may involve traveling to the event or occasion place in most cases.

One good thing for those who have a “good sense of humor” is that this kind of job lets you meet influential people and stay connected.

13. Promo jobs

Promo jobs are more like marketing jobs; it’s about marketing for a company that is doing promo just for a period of time. This means that you are not staff of the company, you are only contracted for a particular promo.

Most companies that hire people for promo jobs are brewing and beverage companies. Be warned as you may get abused by people while doing this job.

14. Commission sales rep

A commission sales representative does not receive a salary; they are paid on commission for the sales they made.

In this kind of job, your marketing skills, effort, and time are what matter the most. Choose to work anytime you wish while doing this job.

To get this kind of job, simply look for a company or business that sells products or provides services.

Promote their business and get customers for them. You will be paid on commission for the customers bring to them.

15. Master of Ceremonies (MC)

To be a good MC, you must know how to express yourself in front of people.

Within the school environment, there is always a celebration, is either someone is celebrating a birthday, graduation, matriculation, lodge party, end of the year party, picnic, get-together, etc. Any of this will require your service.

As long as you are good at being an MC, you won’t have to struggle to master an occasion, people see you, and you will be surprised when they call for jobs.

16. Dancing

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. There is always amusement in the campus environment.

If you are a good dancer, your service will be needed to entertain people. And you will be paid for what you are doing.

17. Modeling

Though not everyone makes money from modeling. If you have what it takes, you can be modeling for some brands, within the campus, and if you are so lucky, you will be earning a fat income, or even take your modeling career to the next level from there.

18. Makeup artist

Knowing how lucrative the makeup business is, most ladies are venturing into it.

Do you know as a makeup artist you can be paid over 50k to make up the bride and her maid for a wedding?

All things being equal, getting such a contract twice a month will place you at a 100k gross income.

This is better than most bank jobs, as it will give you sufficient time to read your books.

Aside from getting wedding contracts, you can as well do minor makeup deals for birthdays, occasions, and home service as well.

To make it in a big way, try to attach yourself to a photo studio. Most ladies who come to take pictures will definitely need your service.

19. Teach people how to swim

If you have good swimming skills and can teach people how to swim. Then you can make some side money.

Just look for a hotel that has a pool and request to be employed as a part-time diver.

If you are given the job – the pool will be your office, your presence should attract more customers, especially those who want to learn swimming.

20. Be funny (Comedian)

There are some people just merely looking at them makes you start laughing. They can do funny things, just like a comedian.

If you fall into this category of people, then you can make money by making people laugh. Your service may be needed on occasions just to entertain the crowd.

21. Help people lose weight

Can you place people in losing weight programs?

First, you must be a professional else your therapies may not be effective.

Read extensively on losing weight and watch videos on it; you can get such videos on Youtube. Then look for people who are in need of your service.

They are mainly fat people, those that weigh over 100kg, and obese people too.

Charge them for your service, place them on the effective program, and keep motivating them.

I personally did this back in school, I never planned it, I just found myself helping people lose weight.

After coaching, a lady I met in the gym lost about 21kg weight in 3 months. She gave all her fat friends my contact. They were 4 of them. I saw it as a way to make extra cash.

I made them register in the gym, only 3 of them registered, I was coaching them twice a week – Wednesdays and Saturdays. While coaching them, some other people joined our group.

They were all paying me for my services. 3k monthly from 9 persons – that was cheap but not bad. My job was just about 10hrs in a week. Then the purchasing power of 3k is far more than what it is today.

The following month the hotel where the gym was, employed me to train people to lose weight only on Saturdays and was paying me. But it was all in my final year, so it didn’t last for long.

22. Forex trading or/and Crypto trading

Forex trading has been making moves for decades, but it seemed too technical for lots of people to engage in. Only but a few students have found their ways around it.

To make it big in forex, you will have to dedicate much time to it. Although it all depends on the kind of trader you are.

If you understand how the movement of the chat it won’t be stressful to combine your trading with your academics.

The introduction of crypto trading provided another trading umbrella, which simplified the whole trading process. NOw we have so many young people in schools, making it big time on several trading platforms.

There you have our list of 22 part-time jobs for Nigeria students. We will love to still increase the list if you know of any job a student in Nigeria can do, which won’t affect their studies, please include it in the comment box below.

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