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12 Best Part Time Business Ideas to Make Extra Money in Nigeria

In this article, we explained the 12 best part time business ideas that every employee can engage in to make extra income in Nigeria.

Having a good job does not mean that one should not look for other ways to make extra money.

As long as your job spares you little time, then you are qualified to have a part-time business, which will definitely increase your income.

Having a part-time business will make you not too dependent only on your employers as the only source of your income.

With the level of unemployment in Nigeria, no employee is fully secure. But by having a part-time business – even if your employer doesn’t need your services anymore, you will have something to fall back on.

I know of people who resigned from their full-time job and channeled all their focus to their part-time businesses as they saw them grow beyond their imagination.

It is advisable to have a part-time business and not a part-time job. Observe the difference between “business and job.”

In this regard, a part-time business means you are the boss of yourself; you own the business, which means that no one can sack you, while a part-time job means that you are using your spare time to work for another employer who will pay you for your services.

Although a full-time job will provide you with immediate cash and make you overwork yourself, while a part-time business gives you a sense of belonging knowing that you have a business of your own, which you can decide to fall back on at any point in time, it is as well an investment.

In this article, I am going to explain businesses every employee can venture into and make more money to support their present income, at the same time growing and investing in a business they can call their own.

Part Time Business Ideas

1. Open a car wash business

A car wash does not require much in terms of capital. If you have what it takes, you can open a car wash business and employ a car washer and place them on target, which is a fixed amount they will be paying you on a daily or weekly basis.

If you want to be paid on a percentage basis or you want to place them on a salary, then you will have to mount CCTV cameras to get the footage of all activities – so they won’t easily cheat you.

2. Start house and land agent business

House agent business is a commission-based business mainly on a percentage basis. Simply register your agent business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to look authentic so clients can rely on you.

Open a small office and employ a secretary who has experience.

Doing this will give time to attend to your job, and visit your business office when you are free.

3. Run a block industry

A building block industry will give you adequate time to do your job and manage the business part-time.

As long as you have an idea of how many blocks a trip of sand and certain bags of cement can produce, those you employ can hardly cheat on you.

For me personally, opening a block factory is my favorite among every other part-time job.

4. Importation and supplies

A lot of importers do this as a part-time business and have other business or job that occupies most of their time.

To go into the importation business, the main thing that may disturb your mind is what to import.

Importation mostly has to do with understanding the market and having good links from the country the goods will be imported from.

If your current job is time demanding, you may decide not to get a shop.

Once your container arrives, then supply goods to those who need your goods in wholesale in your free time. Or you can fix a time when they can come for pick up.

If you have sufficient time, you may also decide to own one or more shops where you will be selling.

But in this case, you will have to employ someone to manage the shop, and you will have to be paying them.

5. Become an Uber or Taxify Driver

I am sure most of you know about the Uber taxi. You can apply to be an uber driver; if accepted, you can set your own schedule and be the boss of yourself.

With Uber, you can choose to drive at any time of the day – be it day or night day or night.

Fix your driving time in your free time. The more distance you cover driving, the more money you are making.

At the point whenever the law of demand prevails, and demand becomes higher, you can even make more money.

6. Build a cement depot

This is a very common business. To take the lead, look for a place where housing projects are ongoing and build your cement depot around there.

Employ someone that will help you with sales and give you reports about the business.

Try to visit your shop whenever you have the time to inspect how the business is going.

7. Open Barbershop

This is very easy and common; simply rent or build a barbershop, put a professional barber there, and place him on a target.

Whenever you are free, you may go to the shop to assist in cutting the customer’s hair.

But to consider this business idea, you must be a professional barber yourself else you may be taken for granted.

8. Start up a Poultry Business

Poultry as a part-time business is also among my favorite. The birds do not require much attention to take care of.

You can employ the service to someone to help in the feeding if you don’t have sufficient time.

If you are married with grown-up children, then you may not need to employ someone, as every member of the will contribute their own part.

The major challenge you may have is pollution; if you can take care of it, then the business can kick start.

9. Iceblock business

This kind is highly dependent on the environment. There are lots of retail stores out there that need iceblock to cool their drinks and water. Most of them have to walk much distance to get the iceblock.

If you live in an environment where power is always an issue, your ice block business will earn lots of profit.

All you need is to buy the required equipment and employ someone who will sell it for you. If your budget permits, then you may buy a shuttle for supplying the ice blocks.

10. Create a blog

Having a blog is an online business that can really fetch you some good sum of money on a regular interval, and will make you quit any other job you are doing with time.

A blog is about writing a good article and showcasing it to the world. If you are a good writer, you won’t have any issues with blogging.

11. Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is simply the act of earning commissions for promoting certain products or services.

The good thing with affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to work around the street trying to promote or sell the company’s products or services. All this can be done online, even the registration.

After registering with a company that accepts affiliate marketers, you will be given your affiliate link.

The link is what you will be promoting using different platforms, including social media.

If you have a blog, it will be much easier for you. Once any sale is made via your link, you will be paid for your commission on the sale.

12. Become a part-time Vlogger

part time business vlogger

Similar to blogging, vlogging is also an online business mainly about making videos. Simply make your videos of any kind as long as it is something people will love to watch.

You can also make tutorial videos of your specialization, upload them on YouTube and monetize them.

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