10 Top Online Shops in Nigeria


Here is a comprehensive list of online shopping sites in Nigeria and tips to shop safely online.

E-commerce has grown tremendously in Nigeria in the past five (5) years, as a result of this growth, there are various online shops in Nigeria, and online shopping in Nigeria has taken a whole new dimension.

Online shopping is not just the easiest way to buy things right now. It’s one of the best ways to check out various items and compare them before making your choice.

Shopping online in Nigeria has grown tremendously over the years, and as a result of a larger percentage of Nigerians now buy their desired electronic and fashion items online.

I have compiled a list of online shopping sites in Nigeria, and hopefully, you’d find it resourceful.

Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria

1. Jumia

Jumia claims to be the number one online retailer store in Nigeria. They sell various types of items ranging from electronic devices to fashion accessories and toys; name it.

Being one of the most popular online stores in Nigeria, they have established their brand as a household name in Nigeria, just like you have Amazon and eBay in the United States.

They are based in Lagos but deliver across the country. They also have pay on a delivery option that allows buyers to pay only when their goods are being delivered.

2. Konga

Konga is currently the most popular eCommerce store in Nigeria. It’s said to have the highest funding for a start-up in Africa.

It sells various items directly and through other merchant sites. Konga has its own payment and delivery system.

Konga is also based in Lagos but offers a nationwide delivery.

3. Kilimall

Kilimall is known for its vast assortment of products, ranging from electronics to household goods and more.

With competitive prices and a commitment to customer service, Kilimall has quickly gained popularity among online shoppers in Nigeria.

4. Slot

Slot Nigeria Limited is a trendy electronic retailer in Nigeria. They have both offline and offline stores. They sell online electronic devices; mainly phones and laptops.

Slot limited sells the most popular brand products like Samsung, HP, Tecno, Apple, etc.

5. DealDey

DealDey is all about offering unbeatable deals daily. From discounts on dining experiences to travel packages and electronics, this platform provides a diverse array of discounted products and services that keep shoppers coming back for more.

6. Mall for Africa

Mall for Africa bridges the gap between Nigerian consumers and global brands.

Shoppers can access a wide range of international products and enjoy hassle-free shipping to Nigeria. It’s the ultimate destination for those seeking imported goods.

7. Supermart.ng

Supermart.ng simplifies grocery shopping with its online platform. Nigerians can order groceries and have them delivered to their doorstep, saving time and effort.

The platform’s reliability and comprehensive product selection make it a convenient choice for busy households.

8. Drinks.ng

Drinks.ng claims to be the largest alcohol and non-alcoholic wine delivery service in Nigeria. We’ve seen sites that are focused only on technology products or fashion products solely.

Drinks focus mainly on beverage delivery across the country. They offer a wide range of payment options and offer quick delivery service; especially within Lagos.

9. Mystore

Mystore is a self-acclaimed number one online largest indigenous marketplace in Nigeria. They provide a platform where buyers and sellers meet to complete their purchase transactions.

They provide a large marketplace for various categories of products.

10. JIJI

Jiji is not a typical shopping site compared to the ones I have listed above. It’s a listing website where sellers list items for sales and buyers with interest, can make direct contact with the buyer to complete their transaction.

Although there are numerous products listed on Jiji, however, the main issue is the security of the transaction, because there has been a report of fraud on the site.

This list of online shopping sites in Nigeria is not completed because there are other shopping sites.

But I have decided to list out the ones I have personal experience with to avoid recommending sites I don’t know much about.

When buying online, it’s important to put some security measures in place to avoid falling victim to online fraud.

If the site you’re about to purchase offers payment on delivery, I strongly advise that you take advantage of the pay-on-delivery option to avoid using your card on sites you don’t trust.

You can also Google search the site online to check the experience of users.


These ten online shops in Nigeria have significantly contributed to the growth of e-commerce in the country.

They have transformed the way Nigerians shop by providing convenience, quality products, and competitive pricing.

Whether you are looking for electronics, fashion, travel deals, or printing services, these online shops have got you covered.



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