MTN YouTube Plans And Activation Codes

MTN YouTube

Millions of people all over the world subscribe to YouTube in a bid to watch or stream their favourite videos.

For some, especially in Nigeria, conveniently watching these interesting videos could be impeded by excessive data plans charged by different telecommunication networks.

However, for the YouTube lovers, sweat no more as MTN Nigeria launches a data plan that is right for you.

MTN introduced this package without much awareness. Its purpose is to reduce data consumption of YouTube videos on your regular subscription.

Thus, this package enables you to download and stream as many videos as you like, not exempting live videos like football matches and so on, all on the YouTube channel.

Understand that it isn’t selective but works perfectly on any phone model, ranging from Windows, Android, IOS, and several other smart devices.

To enjoy this package, what you need to do is.

Activate the YouTube internet package on your phone by using the subscription codes listed below.

To get access to the menu,

Dial *131*8*1#  and choose the option you want to subscribe.


See the table below:

No Price Duration Data Size
1 ₦50 1 hour
2 ₦130 3 hours
3 ₦50 12am – 5am 500MB
4 ₦200 11am – 6am 2GB


MTN YouTube 1 Hour Subscription

The MTN one-hour YouTube plan cost only 50 Naira. When you opt-in for this plan you will be allowed to watch video on YouTube for a complete hour.

At expiration, You can subscribe again. There is no amount of data that is allocated to this package.

The activation code is *131*8*1*1#

YouTube Three Hour Plan

If you have more videos to watch on YouTube, you may prefer this plan. This package gives you 3 hours on YouTube for only 130 Naira.

For those who plan to watch YouTube videos for up to 3 hours, this plan saves you 20 Naira if compared with the single-hour plan.

The subscription code is *131*8*1*2#

MTN YouTube Midnight Plan (12 am – 5 am)

Are you among those who love to stay awake at midnight? The plan will be unique to you. With only 50 Naira, you will watch videos on YouTube App from 12 am to 5 am each day you subscribe for it.

USSD code is *131*8*1*3#

MTN YouTube Best Plan (11 am – 6 am)

This plan is unique from others; it is the only plan that has a prescribed data allocation. This plan allocated 2 GB of data to you between 12am to 6am.

If you exhaust the 2 GB before the time elapses, your package will be terminated.

The subscription code is *131*8*1*4#

How To Check MTN Youtube Package Balance

To check YouTube plan balance is very easy. It will let you know your remaining balance and time.

Dial *131*8*1*5# to check the YouTube plan balance on MTN.

Enjoy Watching!!!!

From the little research we carried out; most people said that the YouTube subscription on MTN is so amazing that they wish they can get the same amount of data for the regular MTN monthly data subscription.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

What is your take on this?

Let us know what you think about the MTN YouTube data subscription.

Make use of the comment box to drop your comments; you can also share this information with your friends and loved ones so they can enjoy the package from MTN.


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