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110 Womens Day and Mothers Day Wishes for WhatsApp and SMS

Women’s Day and Mother’s Day Wishes for WhatsApp and SMS.

Women are the greatest gift to mankind. However, in most societies, women are greatly denigrated and underappreciated.

Nevertheless, in a very much admirable way, women are becoming the most celebrated in our modern societies.

This day is called Women’s Day. It is a day women, and mothers as well are celebrated. It is a day women are made to understand how indispensable they are.

This work will go on to dish out wishes and messages for celebrating women on Women’s Day.

Happy Women’s Day Wishes

  1. The greatest gift to humanity is a woman. They are the epitome of angels. I thank God for creating women. Happy women’s day Ma’am!
  2. A world without women is a world void of order and beauty. Women are the creatures that instill order in our society and deserve all the love. Happy women’s day dear.
  3. Women implies completion. The moment the first man saw a woman he said ‘this is the bone of my bone’. This implies she is a structure that gives a man completion. I will always treasure you my woman.
  4. You are my woman, you are my world, you are my completion. Happy women day
  5. Women are the strongest creature god has made, and in women lies the potential to build a nation. Women are nation builders. Happy women’s day sweet woman
  6. If I was given a chance to choose, I will choose becoming a woman in my next world because women are angels.
  7. A woman I a blessing to the nation because in her multiplication is embedded. Happy World Women’s Day.
  8. Looking at how the world was made, I am always forced to think God is a woman. Why? Because only the beautiful can create the world.
  9. Happy International Women’s Day to you my special woman.
  10. When I think of a woman, I see a strong creature working to see humanity as an embodiment of her beauty.  You are my superhero my woman. Happy Women’s Day. I love you more than words can express.

Mothers day wishes

  1. Sweet mother, I want to thank God for making you my mom. In my many worlds, I will always pray to God to still make you my mom. You are the best mother in the whole world. Happy Moms Day.
  2. To the world’s greatest mom, the woman who has painstakingly to my welfare before any other thing, the woman who kept me from cold from the cradle. I want to say, I love you Ma.
  3. Sweet Mom, I promise I will buy you the world, I will treasure you. If I was given a chance with God, I will ask him to bless you forever. I love you Mom.
  4. To all the loving and caring mothers, I say, Happy International Mother’s Day. Age with grace.
  5. Being a woman is strength. Happy Women’s Day to my super-mother. I will always love you.
  6. This day marks your loving achievement on this planet. May you stand tall in all your endeavors, and may you reap all the fruit of your labor. I love you Ma.
  7. The Bible calls her a virtuous woman because there is non like her. Her impact goes generational, her love is perfect. Loads of love to all the mothers!
  8. The only creature that can feed her baby even when there is non for her is the mother. Their undiminishing love is overwhelming. May the world see the virtue in your love and forever bless you.
  9. This is your day Mother, may the world never stop celebrating you, and may you always stand out in all your loving effort. The world will always stand still for you on this day because you are irreplaceable. One love to all the mothers on earth and beyond.
  10. Love for every woman on earth, no violence toward women, no marginalization, no objectification. Happy Ma’s Day.

Women’s Day Messages

  1. The love of a woman is the greatest thing that has happened to humanity. Women’s Day will forever remain for the sake of love and continuity. Happy Mother’s Day to all the happy women.
  2. A woman’s love builds the world. It forges the human nature to become the perfect nature God desires. She is the expression of God’s love. Love for all women!
  3.  The society that respects women is destined for development and their economy flourishes like a tree planted by the river. All hail the virtuous woman!
  4. The love of a woman is rather a soothing balm to whom it is giving. It makes the bones firm and strengthens the heart. Cheers to the lovely women alive.
  5. Through the vicissitudes of life, she kept her love burning. She never stops loving the world and life around her, she of course goes on to rob off the love of the life around her. I love women!
  6. Never hurt a woman because her anger goes beyond the moment. In the same strength, her love extends just like ripples all over the world. Plenty of love for all the women.
  7. If not for women there will be no love. They are the epitome of love. Cheers to all women!
  8. Women are the strength and beauty of every society, however should be seen as such and be treated with every sense of love and respect. Loves for all women!
  9. No woman, no love. This is the slogan that has been taken for granted yet depicts reality. Women are love!
  10. To all the women in the world, may your love illuminate every dark places in this world. May your love bind the universe. Happy Women’s Day!

Mothers day messages

  1. Mothers are Universal being that deserves appreciation and love. God saw the need for multiplication that was why he created mothers. Happy Mother’s Day.
  2. I can not see anything that will stop me from loving you Mom. You are the love that I have always prayed to God to bless the world with. May God bless you Mom.
  3. Mothers are the vessel from which the salvation of mankind came from. However, the society will be free from all evil when we begin to treasure the vessel that bore the salvation of man. I love you Mom.
  4. For all the love you have shown me Mom, I say thank you; thank you for all the patting to stop me from crying and to cheer me when I am down; thank you for the kisses and smiles you give. I love you Mummy!
  5. To all the women in the world, thank you for being the cornerstone upon which the love in the world is built. Plenty Loves!
  6. To the best role model in the world, to my idol, I say, I love you. Happy Mothers Day!
  7. Just every morning and warm morning sun, I will always treasure and love you. You are the best!
  8. Thank you Mama for nurturing me, thank you for loving me. I love you!
  9. For all the disturbing cry I gave you from the cradle, for all my stubbornness, I say, sorry. I will be your peace till the end!
  10. Thank you Mom, from your wonderchild, who will make you proud in life.

Women’s Day Wishes for Wife

  1. A woman is pleasing and loving in her dealings, this is why she is likened to the angels in heaven. I wish all the women on earth the very best in life.
  2. Loving pecks to all the loving and caring women in the world. My love for the will never stop breathing!
  3. Never stop loving and showing love to women, she is a pleasant being that lives the world smiling. Cheers to all the beautiful Women!
  4. A woman is a touch of blessing to every home, she is a home builder, and she has a Midas touch. Loves to all women!
  5. Love a woman, you have loved the world. I wish you all the loving and pleasurable life.
  6. I will never make you cry, I will never hurt you my woman, you are a blessing to the world.
  7. Women are gold, treasures you can not mine, they are blessings from God. I wish all women plenty of love!
  8. When you see how beautiful the world is, you will come to the conclusion that God is a woman, however, a beautiful woman. Cheers to all the women!
  9. Women are the light of the world, they illuminate love into every cranny of the world.
  10. Trust a woman with leadership, she will lead the world into one harmonious entity. I wish women well!

Mother’s Day Wishes for Wife

  1. Hullo, my sweet wife, every time I look at you, I see the love that I can not resist, I see the beauty that is skin deep. I thank God for making me the mother of my kids. You are the best mother in the world.
  2. My wife, my gold of inestimable value, I will treasure the day I met you. I feel blessed for making a mother through me. I love you mother of my wonderkids. Happy Mother’s Day!
  3. You are an amazing woman, to an amazing man. Happy mothers Day my darling wife!
  4. The most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and our kids is you. I am a blessed man, for having you. Cheers to the best mother in the world!
  5. If I was given one wish, I will wish in my next world you be the mother of our beautiful children. You are a mother from Venus.
  6. Your love can only be appreciated with fidelity and care. I want to thank you for loving me and the kids. You are the best mother, my wife.
  7. I will always stake my life to give you and my kids the best, for your love has become the vertebrate of my being. You are a vitreous woman
  8. A man that finds you found a great thing and is destined for inevitable success and lifting. I am privileged to be the sole beneficiary of these blessings. Happy Mother’s Day, woman of my life.
  9. The day I met you, I knew my kingdom have got the right queen. I love you the mother of my kids. May God grant you longevity with me. Happy mothers Day!
  10. The mother of my kids, the woman of my life, my all and all. Happy Mother’s Day, cheers!

Mother’s Day Wishes for Mum

  1. Hullo Mummy, I want to use this day to restate the much you mean to me, and how much of a blessing you have been. Happy mothers Day sweet Mom.
  2. I pray the God almighty to grant me the resources to build you a paradise, where there will be no stress. Happy Mother’s Day mommy. I love you!
  3. I remember vividly how you covered me from cold, and breastfed me even when you have not eaten. I will protect you with all my strength sweet mom. Happy Mother’s Day sweet mom.
  4. The loving kisses and pecks you gave me remained indelible. I promise I will treasure you with all my life, my sweet mom. Happy mothers’ day my super mother.
  5. You are the dream mother of every unborn child. For this perfect reason, I will celebrate you every day of my life. I love you sweet mother.
  6. Thank you very much Mom for putting smiles on our faces in spite of all odds. Even in lack, you made sure there was enough for me and my siblings. you are a perfect mother. God bless you. May God grant you healthy long life.
  7. If not for my mom, I would have been frozen by cold, I would have cried all through my childhood days. But you find in your loving heart to give me joy. May the good God always put joy in your heart until the end of time.
  8. My earnest effort is to meet God and appreciate him for the love and blessing of having a loving mom. Happy Mother’s Day Mom.
  9. Thank God for a day like this, I want to advise everybody out there to treat their mother with love because they are among the most irreplaceable thing in the world. Happy Mother’s day to my super mom.
  10.  If I am given the chance, I will pray my mom becomes immortal, just like the angel, because she has so loved me in a way I can not explain. Cheers to you mother.

Women’s Day Messages for Girlfriends

  1. Hullo dearie, you have the most caring, warm, welcoming, and loving mother in the world. I pray god will always bless her and keep her for us. Happy Mother’s Day
  2. Sweetheart, you are a replica of your loving mother, an embodiment of her caring nature. I want to cause the whole world to stand still for her this day because she is an amazing woman.
  3. Hullo my love, “like mother, like daughter” cannot explain the real duplication of the amazing woman your mom is. You have the best mom in the world. Happy Mother’s Day to your loving mom. One love
  4. Just like a candle illuminating the dark room, your mother has given me a better understanding of what love is all about. My Happy Mother’s Day to your mom.
  5. Hi my love, I pray for good health, increase, longevity, and prosperity for your wonderful mother. Happy Mother’s Day
  6. After your mom, it is you. You are your mom and more. Cheers to my darling’s mom
  7. To my best friend in the world, I want to join to celebrate the amazing woman in your mom. She is such a blessing to our generation. Happy Mother’s Day.
  8. In your mom is found the love that rules the world. May almighty God bless your mom. Cheers to all loving moms in the world.
  9. Your mom is a woman of substance, and her loving nature has stood her out and made her a light to the world. Happy Women’s Day.
  10. I will treasure your mom more than anything in the world because she is such a radiation of love. Happy Women’s Day!

Women’s Day Wishes to Friend

  1. To my friend indeed, I say God bless the woman that birthed you. May good things never depart her way.
  2. I will celebrate every woman, and your mom as well, for she is a woman of high repute. Happy Women’s Day!
  3. Hullo friend, your mother is a replica of the virtuous woman pointed out in the Bible. I celebrate her!
  4. May the good God keep my friend’s mom in the hollow of his hands, and cause the warm morning sunshine on her back. Happy Women’s Day.
  5. What a blessed day, to appreciate every woman for the love they have shown us. Cheers to a good friend’s mom!
  6. Your mom has obviously shown she is fierce, bold, and loving. Happy Women’s Day
  7. I love your mom, she is among the best, beautiful, and loving mother in the world. Cheers to the loving woman.
  8. Hullo fella, your mom is among the well behaved women and deserves to be celebrated. Cheers to a loving woman!
  9. Friend, your mom is a superwoman. Happy women day
  10. Happy Women’s Day. This lovely day I celebrate another mother of an amazing friend. Happy Women’s Day

Women’s Day Wishes to Sister

  1. Thank God you have grown to become a loving mother just like our mom. Happy Women’s Day
  2. To my loving and caring sister who has become a full-fledged woman, I celebrate you. May God keep blessing you.
  3. Whenever I see you I feel happy and celebrate you. You are an embodiment of God’s grace. Happy Women’s Day Sis.
  4. All the angels in heaven are happy because today the world celebrates a woman of great repute. Happy Women’s Day dear sis.
  5. You are an amazing woman, a queen the world has long awaited to celebrate. Cheers to the world’s greatest woman.
  6. Beauty, elegance, brave, and diligence will not be enough to qualify the amazing person you have grown into. The queen of women, Cheers!
  7. Amazing woman the limelight has long waited for. I celebrate you. Happy Women’s Day
  8. A woman God has commanded that whoever looks at her should celebrate her. Happy Mom’s Day, my darling sis.
  9. A patient woman, an industrious woman, a woman of strong value. As the world mark this day, I celebrate you as well. Cheers!
  10. May God keep you in the shadow of his wings as you live out your womanhood. Happy Women’s Day sis.

Women’s Day Quotes

  1. Women are the pillars of every successful society and should be greatly respected in all possible manners.
  2. The vertebrate of any successful man is a diligent and virtuous woman. Never you undermine the place of women in life pursuit.
  3. Give a woman land, and resources, then watch her develop it beyond your imagination. This is just a tip of the rich importance of women
  4. After God, it is women, because they are an embodiment of beauty and color.
  5. Never fail to treat a woman with love, because in so doing you fortify the society.
  6. Women are a microcosm of an infinite ocean of love. They are overachievers. Cheers to all women.
  7. A door a woman cannot open can never be opened, because it is believed they are the key to success.
  8. Never you stop loving women wherever you see them, because upon their shoulders lies the success of every society.
  9. Women are warriors. They win battles with love. Happy Women’s Day
  10. Always get a hug from a loving woman before you begin your day. They are spiritual beings that have a way of blessing your day. Cheers to all women.


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