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How to Monetize Your Blog and Make Extra Money

To monetize your blog can be very simple as the majority will say. But, it all depends on you and the kind of effort you push forward.

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You register your domain, host it, start posting new articles, do affiliate marketing, and begin to make money.

That sounds wow, but may not be possible if all you think about is “I want to earn like Pat Flynn” when you don’t own another SmartPassiveIncome!!!

Pat Flynn who owns SmartPassiveIncome is one of the leaders in affiliate marketing.  His blog generates more than $170,000 every month for him.

With Pat’s passive income-driven guides and tips on affiliate marketing, he makes a lot of money than many others in the industry.

The question is to what extent can your blog answer the questions that trouble the mind of your audience? That is the strategy – the best way to monetize your blog is to make it solution-packed content for readers.

Don’t capitalize on the money you want to make. Income will come as a reward for your hard work.

It is good to see readers stumbling upon your blog with the hope of learning something. But if you disappoint them, it would be quite unfortunate.

Pat was once like you and it’s possible you become a leader in the industry one day. With a lot of investment – hard work, time, patience, and persistence, it’s very certain to make money blogging.

Since every leader was once a follower, the next can be you.

The monthly earnings on SmartPassiveIncome is a result of Pat’s relentless efforts to succeed in his online business.

This post will guide you on how to make money on your blog like Pat. There’s no magic around it.

The first lesson is that your blog won’t generate a dime unless:

  • It can serve the audience some value.
  • It can retain the audience.
  • It can convert the audience into customers.

These three things will explain how you can monetize your blog and start earning passive income.

At the end of this post, you can start making money on your little blog like a pro. But before we get to the end of the post, let’s quickly answer this question.

Can you really generate income from a blog?

The answer would always be YES if you can make the following efforts:

See Beyond a Blog

Assuming the whole world is sick and you’re the only one that has the cure to save the world. Two things will happen. The first is putting your energy into becoming a hero and the second is saving the world.

Since the whole world depends on your cure, you’ll never want to disappoint anyone.

That’s what it means to create value with your blog. Though your intention is to monetize your blog you have to consider the means first.

You first serve a blog that has the capacity to command a lot of readers and then leverage their patronage.

So, the means to monetize your blog is to work more on creating content that will add value to the life of your audience.

Go beyond registering a domain, hosting a domain, posting new articles, and expecting money to come.

Some waited months or years for their blogs to generate income without adding value. But because money doesn’t come that way, they wound off.

If your blog hardly gains 1000 viewers in a month, that doesn’t mean blogging is HELL for you.

Anyway, it’s a lot of fun having a blog that can help you do a lot of business and boost your income online.

So, it’s not about mere adding content, or making money but by posting content that readers can make reference to irrespective of your niche.

That is one sure way your blog can be profitable.

Imagine how you’ll feel.

It’ll really blow your mind posting an article on your blog and you see the view count growing from hundreds to thousands in less than an hour. Or in a month you record more than 500,000 readers.

That’s the result of posting content that has meaning in the life of your audience. And when that happens, expect more money.

See Yourself as an Entrepreneur


It’s one thing to be a blogger, another thing is to be an entrepreneur. You can monetize your blog when you blog as an entrepreneur.

You’re not just going to be writing for the fun of it. You’ll be making recommendations for people. That makes you a professional.

This is the stage you start thinking about how to retain your audience and convert them into your customers.

So how can that be used to monetize your blog?

You write good stories and promote products that are relevant to your stories.

Meanwhile, good stories alone are quite a load of money and when you add great products to your stories, your money is doubled up.

Blogging is the easiest online business you can venture into and start making passive income.

The truth, which most may not like, is “no luck without work”.

So, if you really want to make extra money blogging, you need to follow these approaches to monetize your blog.

Your success as a blogger who wants to make extra income will happen but not overnight. It’s impossible for you to start a blog today and begin making money the next day.

The pace at which you do your thing is a remarkable factor.

Don’t be disappointed if your blog doesn’t generate any income after posting some content on it.

It works fine with aggressive optimization, your persistence, and a little bit of patience to see the effects of your efforts.

Thus if you post more content and do it right – work hard to optimize your landing page and promote your blog content, the rewards await you.

They’re all yours, not none else’s.

There is no such business that can yield profit without the efforts of the owners to place the business in a desirable and profitable condition.

Understand The Process

It takes different stages, strategies, and inputs to monetize your blog.

Since this post is all about an existing blog, it’ll discuss the strategies that have to do with the content of your blog –  tricks for placing your blog in a profitable condition.

The stages and inputs you need to monetize your blog can be found in the following series.

  • How to Register Your Domain
  • How to Host Your Domain
  • How to Install WordPress on Your Domain
  • Why You need WordPress Manual Installation
  • How to Set up a theme for your Blog
  • How to Promote Your Business on Instagram and Generate Sales

If you like to review the whole process of your existing blog, read How to Optimize your Blog Posts for Humans.

In case you don’t have a blog yet read how to start your own blog.

Consider all these processes one after the other.

At this level, consider buying premium. Forget about using free domain registration, free hosting, free theme, free widgets, or plugins.

Your audience wants to see a well-structured or easy-to-navigate blog with a very fast load time to stay long on your blog. Otherwise, they leave immediately if your blog takes forever to load or it’s difficult to navigate.

Since premium services are designed for business, they’re far better than free services.

So if you want to monetize your blog, start using premium services across your blog for great performance.

Your audience may not know whether your domain is being hosted on a free server or not. Whereas, anything free may have bad effects on the user experience.

Whatever efforts you make at the back end of your blog have a great impact and effect on retaining and maintaining your audience loyalty.

Gain Authority

Having multiple interests can hinder your authority as a blogger. Your audience needs to know your area of specialization before you can gain their loyalty.

They say, “a jack of all trades is a master of none”.

The era that bloggers wanted to flaunt knowing everything has gone. Most people now narrow their niches to very single or specific keywords to gain both search engine ranking and audience loyalty.

As it’s misleading to write content related to marriage on a blog that teaches how to monetize your blog, search engines love to crawl authority blogs faster than those traditional blogs that cover a broad range of unrelated disciplines.

What works fine for business now is the authority blog.

No matter how deep you can go, delving into a specific keyword in your niche is highly profitable.

It’s good to have multiple interests or to be multifaceted. But that’s off the limit when you aim to monetize your blog.

Other advantages authority blog serves to include placing your blog on an authoritative level. Such a blog has the potential to attract backlinks and a high search engine ranking it needs to generate money.

It’s a lot of fun to be distinct in an industry than trying to be everywhere and eventually not seen anywhere.

Consider what works best for your targeted audience and specialize in it.

Use Native Ads

One of the major ways to monetize your blog is to place advertisements on it. But since this approach has been abused, not all audiences like to see an advertisement running on their screen.

A solution to this is to adopt what’s called native ads.

Native ads are paid advertisements that you embed on your blog without disrupting the user experience. They adapt the look, feel, and function of your blog unlike the traditional display ads or banner ads.

The key to native ads is to make sure your ads don’t irritate your consumers.

Whatever advertisement you want to place on your blog, make sure it blends well with the theme of your blog.

Avoid stocking your blog with banner ads and use more native ads.

Use Emerging Technologies

Blog content performs better in multiple formats than in a single format.

Content shared in the audio, video and other emerging technologies such as AI has the potential to generate massive leads to your blog than the traditional text format.

Whatever business you’re running, always remember to place the interest of your customers above all.

Your customers know when you make life easy for them. And that’s one advantage of incorporating new technologies in your online business.

While this strategy is still very new, some advertisers and publishers have started trying it. It works very fine for generating leads and boosting conversion rates.

When you have a blog that allows users to switch between different formats of your content, the experience is great.

In the US alone, more than 47 million voice-assisted devices are currently in use.

You also have to be trendy to stay in course of monetizing your blog.

Since that’s where the future is leading us, the environment for online business is very dynamic. And those who follow the trend have the edge to compete for the future.

In conclusion, if you’re planning to monetize your blog and make money blogging, be sure you focus on serving valuable content and retaining and converting your audience.


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