120 Miss You Messages and Quotes for SMS & WhatsApp

Miss You Messages and Quotes for SMS and WhatsApp.

Coexistence is one great quality of human beings. Humans are so structured to live happily together in this little world, although, inevitably distance is one thing that will always at some point creep into relationships.

In moments like this, we ordinarily miss dearly these loving friends, family and well wishers.

However, it will seem awkward if we don’t express our deep feelings and affection in any possible form.

In this case, good miss-you messages could go a long way relaying our love and concern for such loving and caring people. This work will dish out good messages to friends, family, and well-wishers.

Miss You Messages

  1. Hullo dearie, it has been a while since we last met each other. I want to tell you I miss you dearly.
  2. Your thoughts are all that’s going on in my mind. Miss you.
  3. Since you left, I have never felt complete. Miss you
  4. Your absence is always like a decade away from you. I struggle to bear it. Miss you
  5. Just to be with you, I will borrow wings from the birds of the air just to be with you. Miss you dearly!
  6. I promise to spend my entire lifetime making sure that I kill this distance between us. Miss you darling!
  7. I have become so used to you that distance between us kills me. Miss you so much!
  8. Words alone cannot capture the much you so mean to me, please come back to me. Miss you like never before.
  9. Hello dear, you mean the world to me, and I can’t help that nothing seems to work since you left. I miss you.
  10. All my heart desire is to be with you because you mean everything to me. See you soon!
  11. Dearie, I don’t know how to tell you that you are my heart. Without you, I feel incomplete. Please come back to me.
  12. My thought for you will never diminish even in this hurting distance. Miss you like never before.
  13. With you, I will forever remain the happiest man. Please come back soon.
  14. Your voice has always been a lulling melody and has left me missing you greatly. Please come back to me.
  15. I have learned to treasure who you are to me and will not in my life abuse that privilege. Miss you dearie.

I Miss You text Messages

  1. Hullo pretty, please tell me you will return this soon. I miss you so much.
  2. Whenever I look around, I find only but your absence. The thought of being with you gets me going. I miss you dearly
  3. Whenever I close my eyes all I see I just you right in my arms. Please come back to me.
  4. I can’t really explain what’s happening in my heart. Since you left, I have been in twos. I’m missing you.
  5. It hurts so much to look around and not find you. You are a part of me, please come back.
  6. Seeing you is the most fulfilling thing that has always happened to me. Pls don’t leave me.
  7. The most difficult thing is living without you by me. It feels tough. I miss you!
  8. My prayer is to have eternity with you, where we will never be apart again. I miss you
  9. I miss you a big deal. I just want to hold your hands and squeeze it. See you soon
  10. Even a whole 24 hours with you will not be enough. I will always miss you dearie.
  11. I pray I get enough of you because you have become to me what water is to the fish. I miss you so much!
  12. Just like the breath I take every day, you are just like an oxygen to me. please come back to me.
  13. Holding you around my arms is what my heart yearns for. This distance is doing me a great deal of damage. I miss you.
  14. All the kisses, hugs, and pecks, I will save them up. I miss you.
  15. We have become just like the moon and the sun. So wide apart and never meet. Please come to me.

Miss You Messages For Him

  1. Hullo my boo, since you left, my life has become so incomplete. I just want to be in your warm arms again. I miss you love.
  2. The kisses, hugs, and pecks I will all save them up just for you. You deserve every bit of me. Please come back soon.
  3. Your subtle hands just like the velvet is all I want around me. This distance is painful. please come to me.
  4. just like the wind, you have become so invisible, I can only feel you and hear your voice in my head but can’t touch you. I miss you my sweetheart.
  5. Loneliness has become my name since you left me. I struggled to act as if nothing happened but I can’t help but accept that I miss you so much. Please come home.
  6. I will never let you go, no matter the distance. I will always keep you as close as the beat of my heart. I miss you my hero.
  7. No matter what comes my way, I will always treasure you. You around me makes me even better. I love you. I miss you my dude!
  8. Just like bread and butter, we are stuck together and will remain inseparable no matter the distance. See you soon sweetie
  9. I will climb any wall or even mountain just to be where you are. I can not be better without you. You are my heartbeat. I miss you.
  10. You and I are meant to be together, forever. Please come back to me. I miss you so much my man.
  11. No medication can sustain me like your presence. From the deepest part of my heart, I miss you. Never forget the love we shared. Please come home soon. I love you.
  12. A message from you healed me greatly. I miss you so much. I love you my boo.
  13. As I turn in, I will hold you strongly in that deepest place in my heart. I miss you darling.
  14. It is really beautiful down here. But it is beautifuller when I’m with you. Please come back to me my prince.
  15. Just like the rainbow in the sky, whenever you are around you color my world. Please never leave my prince. I love you.

Miss You Messages For Her

  1. Hullo sweetheart, I feel like I’m drowning whenever you are not with me. We are created to be together. I love you my queen.
  2. If you leave me, I’m afraid, I will die. You are the reason I am alive. Please be with me my sweetie!
  3. I feel alive, loved, cared for, treated well, valued whenever I’m with you. Please don’t leave me.
  4. Since you are gone this life has become so a big vacuum to be. please come back and feel this space in me.
  5. I feel blessed to have you, I feel lucky to be with you. I miss you dearly queen of my heart.
  6. Whenever we are far apart my world falls apart. Never leave my side lest I will die. Come be with me my queen, I miss you.
  7. My heart, fingers, and toes are freezing, only your warm cuddle can thaw my frozen heart. Please never leave me pretty. I miss you
  8. Just staring at your picture every day makes my day beautiful. However, your presence will make much meaning. Please come back soon my joy of inestimable value.
  9. Even when you are around I hardly can get enough of you. Your absence is however a disaster. Please be with me forever, I don’t want to miss you. I love you my queen!
  10. The world may end but my love for you will never end. This is why distance apart is much toxic and killing to me. I miss you my jewel.
  11. I have tried greatly to get you out of my head, however, every effort is suicidal. I don’t want to miss you again. Please stay with me, forever!
  12. Of all the moments in my life, the most wonderful is the one spent with you. You have become a great part of me. I miss you my love.
  13. just like a boat without a rower, my life lacked direction after you left. I miss you my heartthrob!
  14. I don’t mind causing the world to stand still for, I don’t my screaming on top of my voice to tell how much I miss you. I will save up kisses for you just to show you how much I miss you. Kisses!
  15. You have become the backbone of my life. Spend forever with me my love. I miss you!

Miss You Messages for Friend

  1. Hullo pal, I really miss those amusing moments we share. Be good!
  2. Longest time friend. It is a total boring moment whenever we are apart. I miss you a big deal!
  3. Hello friend, your rib cracking jests really made it difficult to go the day without checking on you. You are the best. I miss you.
  4. You are my friend for all time. Your words of encouragement and friendly gesture really stood you out. You are irreplaceable. Be good. I miss you!
  5. Neither phone call nor texts will cover for the moments spent together. You are the greatest pal. I miss you
  6. A friend in need is a friend indeed. You are indeed an indispensable friend. I miss the good times with you.
  7. I can not exchange you for gold or any treasure. Your worth can not be measured. I miss you man!
  8. Hullo bro, you are truly a good friend. Your support and concerns towards me are greatly appreciated.
  9. You have been on my behest, I hardly can believe how greatly you have influenced my life. I miss you fella.
  10. Always let me know when you need a hand or support of any kind. The beautiful gestures from you are a blessing. I miss you pal.
  11. Who could fathom that distance will creep in and set us apart. I miss you man, see you when I see you!
  12. Be good friend, your thoughts will forever be in my heart. I miss you my special friend.
  13. I pray that God will keep you good wherever you are and protect you. I miss the good and warm times we shared. Be good!
  14. Fate has never been fair toward our friendship. The challenges of life have set us apart. Nevertheless, we will see each other someday.
  15. Never forget me, never perish the good time we enjoyed together, watching each other’s back. See you soon fella.

Short Miss You Message

  1. Hullo fella. It’s quite a time now. I miss you.
  2. You have been in my thoughts all day. I miss you
  3. I will give you a call to relish the memory of our good times. See you soon.
  4. You are the best friend I have ever had. I miss you greatly.
  5. Never forget your hearty friend, never forget us. See you when I see you.
  6. We are pairs for life. Distance will never win. See you soon
  7. Even though we are far apart, our thoughts will always be with each other. I miss you.
  8. You are the most amazing person in the whole world. I miss you greatly!
  9. I miss you very much. Give me a clue an how we overcome this. I miss you.
  10. Together with you, forever is all I want. See you soon!
  11. Emptiness has been eating me since you left. Please come back soon.
  12. In my heart, you remain indelible, no distance will come between us.
  13. I have tattooed your name on my chest. We are always together. I miss you
  14. My pillow couldn’t make up for your absence sweetie. I miss you
  15. I will always run to cover up whatever distance that tries to come between us. See you soon pretty!

Miss You Quotes

  1. Distance is a moment that strengthens relationships, even though it not always easy to accept.
  2. Treasure every minute together because the distance is always lurking around.
  3. Make love, kiss, and cuddle as much as possible because in moments apart you will feel non of this happened.
  4. Passion is the key to conquering distance.
  5. Never give up on love when distance creeps in. It is the time the love gets lovelier.
  6. Always being in touch is the antidote for distance. Never fail to use it.
  7. You can know real friends after a period of long distance. Never let the love quench because distance came in.
  8. Just I miss you can kill boring distance.
  9. In words, we can pour out our feelings, and through phone calls and texts we transport them.
  10. Distance fades away only if you can hold on, hold on in love.
  11. When you miss someone it means they have left an indelible mark in you.
  12. Always keep photos they will always come in handy when you both are far apart.
  13. A lifetime can not entirely leave one satiated with the savor good friends bring.
  14. When you come across good friends, love them perfectly, because nothing last forever!
  15. Always show how much you love a friend, because in distance you will never get such a chance.


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