List of all Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys


This post contains the full complete of Microsoft Excel shortcut you should know to increase your speed and accuracy while making use of it.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet tool that comes with the Microsoft Office suite. The software is broadly used in the world by most offices and organizations.

The features and functions that come with Excel are so versatile that it can be used to do almost any usual office work.

Those who have gone deep in Excel can use to tool to build lite apps such as payroll computation.

The mathematical functionalities that make the software are capable of solving almost any kind of mathematical equation in just a few steps.

To save time, the Excel tool has some shortcuts that can help users to perform tasks faster than expected. We are giving the list of Excel shortcuts you should always have at your fingertips.

Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys

Moving Between Cells

Navigating within a worksheet efficiently is crucial. Here are some key shortcuts:

  • Move to the next cell: Tab
  • Move to the previous cell: Shift + Tab
  • Move one cell to the right: Right Arrow
  • Move one cell to the left: Left Arrow
  • Move one cell up: Up Arrow
  • Move one cell down: Down Arrow

Switching Between Worksheets

Managing multiple worksheets is a breeze with these shortcuts:

  • Move to the next worksheet: Ctrl + Page Down
  • Move to the previous worksheet: Ctrl + Page Up

Selecting Data

Precisely selecting cells is essential for data manipulation:

  • Select the entire worksheet: Ctrl + A
  • Select a column: Ctrl + Space
  • Select a row: Shift + Space

Extended Selection

Expand your selection with ease:

  • Extend selection one cell down: Shift + Down Arrow
  • Extend selection one cell up: Shift + Up Arrow

Basic Editing

Simplify data entry and editing:

  • Edit the selected cell: F2
  • Undo your last action: Ctrl + Z
  • Redo your last action: Ctrl + Y


Effortlessly fill cells with a series of data:

  • AutoFill down: Ctrl + D
  • AutoFill right: Ctrl + R

General Formatting

Give your spreadsheet a polished look:

  • Bold: Ctrl + B
  • Italicize: Ctrl + I
  • Underline: Ctrl + U

Number Formatting

Format numbers with precision:

  • Apply currency format: Ctrl + Shift + 4
  • Apply percentage format: Ctrl + Shift + 5

Quick Formulas

Speed up formula entry:

  • Insert a new formula: Alt + Equals (=)
  • Enter an array formula: Ctrl + Shift + Enter

Function Library

Access Excel’s vast function library:

  • Open the Function Wizard: Shift + F3

Row and Column Manipulation

Efficiently manage rows and columns:

  • Insert a new row: Ctrl + Shift + Plus (+)
  • Delete a row: Ctrl + Minus (-)
  • Insert a new column: Ctrl + Space

Data Validation

Ensure data accuracy:

  • Open Data Validation: Alt + D + L

Date and Time Entry

Input dates and times effortlessly:

  • Insert the current date: Ctrl + ;
  • Insert the current time: Ctrl + :

Sorting and Filtering

Organize and analyze data efficiently:

  • Sort data in ascending order: Alt + A + S + A
  • Filter data: Ctrl + Shift + L


Create dynamic summaries of your data:

  • Create a PivotTable: Alt + N + V

Charts and Graphs

Turn data into visual insights:

  • Create a chart: Alt + F1

Save and Close

Manage your workbooks seamlessly:

  • Save your workbook: Ctrl + S
  • Close Excel: Alt + F4

Customize Excel

Tailor Excel to your preferences:

  • Open Excel Options: Alt + F + T

Print Options

Print your worksheets efficiently:

  • Print Preview: Ctrl + F2

Share and Collaborate

Collaborate with others effortlessly:

  • Share a workbook: Alt + H + K


Mastering these Microsoft Excel shortcut keys can make you a true Excel guru.

These time-saving tricks will boost your efficiency and productivity, allowing you to excel in your work.

Now, go ahead and start using these shortcuts to streamline your Excel experience.


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