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How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster – 5 Best Methods

After Reading This Post, You Will Learn 3 Methods to Make your Phone Charge Faster

On like most other gadgets, the mobile phone remains the most used. This is due to the multiple features of most built-in mobile phones.

With the introduction of the smartphone, our phone is more like our ID, which we can’t do without.

With our mobile phone, we can do varieties of things such as; make phone calls, browsing the internet, playing games, sending SMS, playing music, tracking vehicles, chatting, etc.

With all the features on your phone, you can imagine how busy you will be with it. This means you will quickly run your battery down, and the next will be to charge it.

But the issue is that most phone takes so much time to get fully charged and of course, you may not have the patience. But there are some techniques you can apply to enable your phone to charge faster.

Ways to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

1. Charge with a Powerful Charger

A powerful charger is not all about the originality of the charger but the charger output voltage.

Every phone has a specified input charging voltage. Check your phone manual to know yours.

We have a charger voltage of 5.0V – 2A, which is a very powerful charger for some smartphones, especially tablets. We also have a voltage of 5V – 1.2A, 5V – 1A, 5V – 800MA, and so on.

If your phone charging input is 5V – 2A and your charger is 5V – 1A, your phone charger will be very slow, in some cases It may charge up to 3 times slower.

Note that if your phone charging input is of low voltage and you are charging with a much higher charger – your phone may get hot, and as well it reduces the phone battery life span.

Always use the right charger for your phone and you will be fine.

2. Use Charger on Wall Socket

Plugging your phone charger into a wall socket will definitely charge your phone faster than using a laptop or any other gadget USB port.

When using a laptop universal serial bus (USB) to charge your phone, it may not be able to give it the required charging input, which will then cause the phone to charge slowly.

When an original charger is plugged into a wall socket it will definitely charge your phone faster.

3. Use Brand Made Charger

To get the best performance from a charger in terms of charging speed, it is best you use a charger from your phone brand.

If for instance, your phone brand is Samsung, always use a Samsung charger to charge your phone.

If you need to replace your charger, it is best you go to a Samsung accredited store to get another Samsung charger.

4. Activate Airplane Mode while charging


It is certain that your phone won’t charge very fast when your mobile network or/and mobile data is active while you are charging it.

This is because your phone is communicating with several networks, which is one of the reasons the battery went down in the first place.

By activating flight mode, it will therefore reduce its power consumption and enable your phone up to 10% faster.

5. Switch off while charging

Switching off your phone keeps it 100% idle, and when you do this while charging, it makes your phone faster – even more than when you activate flight mode.

It also keeps you away from operating your phone during charging, thereby charging it faster.


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