How To Make Money From Watching Big Brother Naija


This article will explain in detail how lovers and fans of Big Brother Naija can make good money at home just by watching BB Naija.

Don’t waste your time, watching bb 9ja every day without having to benefit financially from it.

There are several ways one can make big money watching Big Brother Naija aka BBNaija, BBN.

From what I will discuss with you here, if you implement it you will start making money from the comfort of your home. And I can guarantee you that it will make you quit your current job no matter how high the pay is, and you will then become self-employed.

Some Facts About BB Naija Show

  1. Over 25% of Nigerians (50,000,000) majorly the youths, are very familiar with big brother naija, and have watched it once they have the chance to.
  2. About 11% of Nigerians (22,000,000) are big-time lovers of BBN, and they do their best to watch, especially on eviction days.
  3. Around 6% of Nigerian youths are addicted to Big Brother 9ja, they watch it both on TV and on social networks. These people can sacrifice their night sleep in other not to miss a moment of the Big Brother Naija program.
  4. About 120,000 Nigerians that don’t follow up on the BBN reality show are compelled to support certain BBN housemates by voting.
  5. 95% of big brother lovers keep their Govt or DStv subscription active all through the 3 months of Big Brother 9ja.

With all facts stated above, you should know that the Big Brother Naija program has a huge audience. And that you can take good advantage of.

Before breaking into the full details, you must know that audience is very vital when it comes to promoting any kind of business in the world, especially over the internet.

Because of the kind of audience big brother has, they make far beyond all their expenses on only advertisement alone, from several products and advertisers in Nigeria.

All the advertisers that sponsor and support the big brother show will receive more awareness of their business, which will also impact a positive increase in their sales.

After all said, is time for you to take advantage of the BBN audience to make money from the comfort of your home.

Yes, it’s not just possible, but also easy.

Requirements to Make Money on Big Brother Naija

A well-optimized blog

Just by having a big brother dedicated blog, with good SEO, in less than 2 months within the BBN program.

I can guarantee your blog a minimum of 50k weekly visitors, as long as the BB program is still showing, and you are doing the right thing.

A blog here can be said to be an online platform where information about the BB Naija program is updated daily with the latest happening and intriguing stories about the Bigbrother’s housemates.

Just we have many news blogs that publish breaking news on the happenings around us. On the BBN blog, we should get breaking news and happenings around the big brother 9ja programs and housemates.

Why a blog and not a social network?

There will be a lot of competition on the social network, which may not grant you success within a short period of time.

So many people the post things on social networks do it for fun, most of them don’t have the mindset of making money from it. This doesn’t mean that you can make money from social media.

With a blog, you will be able to get hold of visitors that uses search engines to sort for information.

When most people need to get information about something, the first place they rush to is Google search, and type in their question.

As for the social networks, it is another strategy, keep reading we will soon come to that. But will not focus much on that.

If you use only the social network, you won’t be able to get those audiences that are not into social media stuff. The reason is that the search engine does not index content on social network pages.

Another reason is that blogs are easier to monetize than social networks.

With a blog you will have full permission over your platform, to publish what you want without limitations or restrictions. But operating via social networks, you will be at the mercy of the platform managers.

How to make money from owning a BBN-based blog

Just like every other blog, you can make money from Google Adsense and its alternatives, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, direct advertisements, etc.

The kind of money you can make will depend on the kind of traffic that comes to your blog. This is why you will have to promote your blog and optimize it well for search engines.

How to get more traffic to your blog

  1. Invest in search engine optimization. If your blog is running on WordPress, SEO will not be a big challenge for you. This is because there are lots of free WordPress plugins that can be used to boost the SEO of your blog. We have written some articles on SEO, check them out. SEO Articles.
  2. Create Google ads. Advertising your blog on Google is a good step ahead to get more people to visit your blog. Though this service is not actually free, as for the result, it will be worth it.
  3. Promote blog via social network. Yes, you can use your social network handlers to promote your blog. It is as easy as dropping the link to your blog on social media. To get a better result don’t drop only text, you will have to write an interesting text that will capture the mind of the reader. Without completing the text, drop your blog link of the text where completed. Doing this will make the reader click on the link to finish the article they were reading.
  4. Write good content. When it comes to the web, content is the king. If your blog has good content, your visitors will easily relax and spend their time reading all you have written. And in most cases, you will have them return to your blog, and checking other articles you have written. Not just that, good content means visitors will spend more time on your webpage. It is also perfect for SEO. A good blog post should not only be lengthy, it should also be educative and interactive. Learn how to use captivating words when composing your blog post.

What you need to get started

  1. A well-designed blog with an easy-to-remember domain name. Check out our post on how to choose a good domain name.
  2. A high-definition imaging and recording device will be used for taking Big Brother Naija clips that will be uploaded to the blog.
  3. A good writing skill: this is very important if you want people to love your blog. You must know how to write intriguing words that will attract bb naija fans.
  4. A good Internet network: no online business will survive without good internet.  You will have to go for the best Internet network in your location. Not just that, it is advisable to also have a backup Internet, so you won’t get disappointed in times of poor connection.
  5. A laptop or mobile phone: preferably a laptop with will be connected to the Internet for managing all the activities of your blog.
  6. Social network handlings: the social network is very necessary as a tool to bring visitors to your blog. All you need is to go to social network pages and forums where big brother Naija related talks are discussed. Then make use of intriguing words to get the targeted audience from there.

What To Avoid

Do not copy and paste content

Copy and paste content will spell doom to your blog. If you must succeed in the Big Brother Naija blog, then all your content must be unique.

Even if you find some content you will like to use in your blog, you are advised to rewrite it in a way that it won’t look identical to the original content, even though they will be passing the same message. This is why I said earlier that you will need good writing skills.

Do not upload an old story

You should be timely on every story. Publish as soon as the story comes out. This means that you have to always have your eye on the program, so you can upload immediately anything captivating comes up.

People will be visiting your site to check out the latest happenings, if you cant provide that on time, then your site visitors will have to check elsewhere.

Always have it at the back of your mind that you will definitely have stronger competitors. Your attitude over time towards your blog is what will determine your success story.

Never carry fake news

Fake news is a time killer in the short run. No doubt carrying fake news will attract visitors to your blog just for that moment, but once they find out that your news is fake they will mark your blog as spam, that which carries fake news, and will never visit it again.

Use only quality images on your blog

There is this saying that “an image can explain a thousand words“. Every good image age looks attractive. This is why you have to wrap your blog content around quality images, to make it more appealing to your readers.



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