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How to Make Money on Instagram in Nigeria – 2023

This article talked about how to make good money online with the help of Instagram.

Instagram is a social network loved by so many people. The introduction of Instagram slightly affected Facebook.

Although the same person owns both, some people now prefer to use Instagram to share their photos and videos against Facebook.

For a while, Instagram has to turn out to be one to reckon with in the marketing industry.

Why do some people waste precious time relaxing on Instagram, some other people take full advantage of it – making decent money while doing what they love.

Before one can start making good money from Instagram – first, you need to have a good number of IG followers.

Followers are one of the primary instruments that you will need to make good money on Instagram.

We shall talk more about that as we proceed. Let’s look at how to grow our Instagram followers first.

How to grow your Instagram Followers

We start with the first things first!

How many Instagram followers do you have?

If you have ever sealed any marketing business deal on Instagram, then you should know that most brands will expect powerful and loyal followers before partnering with you in any contract, especially in the marketing world.

For those who don’t have lots of followers, we shall look at some simple ways to grow your Instagram followers professionally.

1. Your biodata should be with the right information

The information should include your contact information, where you are from, and what you love posting.

You should as well add a few keywords and a couple of hashtags to ensure that you quickly get the right kind of followers.

Use something like Fashion Blogger from of our time (use something very catchy)

Contact me: [email protected]

2. Keep posting regular

To grow your followers, you will have to be posting lots of images regularly.

Please do not post all at once; else these tactics will work against you. If you can not keep up to many posts, then make sure you keep publishing at least one quality photo daily.

3. Take only good images

Make Money on Instagram

Make sure all your images are of the best quality with attractive effects. If possible filter the images using image editing software.

There is absolutely no point in posting a poor-quality image. Take your time and make sure you are posting the ones with the highest quality.

4. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags will be needed for those high-quality images to travel very far.

Get familiarised with the best hashtags that have to do with your niche of interest and always use them in every single post you drop.

5. Engage with your followers

You will have to make out the time daily to engage with your followers or anyone involved by commenting on and liking images.

If you keep communicating with good content, people will check out your account and, hopefully, be among your followers.

Let’s stop here!

Now that you have boosted your followers, let’s jump into how we can use Instagram to enrich ourselves.

How to Make Money on Instagram

There are many ways to make money from Instagram; we explained most of them below.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an electronic way of promoting products and getting a commission on each sale you made.

You must have seen some bloggers doing this on their sidebar promoting some affiliate products or services. Some of them even promote a specific product through posts.

Well, this is not so different from Instagram. With Instagram, you can post attractive and catchy images, highlight products, and drive sales using your affiliate link.

Are you searching for how to make good money on Instagram with ClickBank, it is also possible, to use your affiliate link.

Your affiliate company should provide your affiliate link.

Are you not sure about an affiliate company?

We have written a comprehensive article on the top affiliate programs in Nigeria; you may want to read that too.

It will be awesomely amazing if you can put at least one of your affiliate links on image captions or in your bio.

Although most affiliate link looks long and not pretty at all. In this case, you may consider using bitly.com to shorten and customize your affiliate link to look lovely and attractive. I hope you know that excellent links get more clicks.

2. Sponsored Posts

If you have lots of followers, and you are very active on Instagram, brands and businesses will contact you to drop a post on their behalf.

Make Money on Instagram

If you are into blogging and have growing traffic – then you will be familiar with the sponsored post.

As a blogger, as long as you dropped your contact email, a lot of brands will keep contacting you.

The same applies to Instagram; a piece of sponsored content on Instagram can be a photo or video that highlights a product, brand, or even service people provide. They will be accompanied by captions, which may include hashtags, @mentions, or links.

Most brands do not require a formal brand ambassador to drop sponsored content because informal advertisement has more impact in today’s advertising world.

However, the brands or products you chose to promote must be of a good fit, this is for your image on Instagram, and to boost your reputation.

If you promote a harmful or misleading product, it will kill your reputation on IG, and most of your followers will stop following you.

TapInfluence.com and Ifluenz.com are among the great online tools to use if you are looking for opportunities on a sponsored post.

Though we don’t have an article on these tools yet, so you may want to check them on Google, it is worth doing.

With these two tools and several tools out there, you can browse available campaigns created by categories or brands and choose which to promote.

Whichever product you decide to promote is excellent, but it will be more effective if you promote products related to your niche on Instagram.

3. Sell Your Photos

Am sure most people will not believe that you can sell your photos on Instagram.

Never say never, remember that Instagram is for the sole purpose of showcasing your photography. If you are a professional photographer or a graphics designer, Instagram is definitely for you.

Instagram is a tool you can use to advertise and sell your photo shots and designs.

I can guess what’s going on in your mind now!

Why will someone want to pay for a photo they can copy from my page.

That is true. But if you want to start selling your photos and designs on Instagram, you must make sure you are adding a watermark to your snaps and designs.

Don’t just add a small watermark at the bottom-right as formal it use to be.

Make sure your watermark is bold enough to display your brand and let it be at the center of the image.

By so doing anyone who needs the image will contact you to get a copy without the watermark.

And if anyone chose the steal your image with the watermark. It will be an advantage to your brand, and your brand will get free promotion on that image if someone posts it.

Again, always use the appropriate hashtags to pull multitudes to your shots, and this can get conversations going with photography agencies.

Some sites are available for you to put your Instagram photos for sale;

4. Promote and Sell Your Products, Business Or Services

Do you run a business you own?

If yes, then you need to hold on to Instagram in an integral place as one of your marketing media.

If your business involves the selling of products, then use Instagram to post beautiful shots that you won’t place on your website.

It will be highly effective with the fashion business. Nevertheless, it can still promote any other kind of business as long as you are doing the right thing.

If your business is service-oriented, a kind of business you provide services to people. You may have to design attractive banners, with descriptions of the services your company can provide.

Don’t use just put any banners. If you are not pleasant, I graphics design then hire a designer to design one for you.

So many people have given testimonies on how Instagram boosts their business.

Some of them don’t even have an office address, but they made Instagram their mobile office, and they are earning a living for it. How much more those who already have an office, shop, or website!

What matters most when promoting and selling on Instagram is trust; if people trust you and your products, they will refer others to you.

I know of a young lady in my street who sells herbal slimming tea – popularly called Aju Mbaise in the Igbo language. She has no shop or office address. Because her products are very active, and she is trustworthy, she has grown over 100,000 followers in less than a year.

Working from her home, she waybill her products to all parts of the world. She has made a fortune with the help of Instagram.

All you need here is to know how Instagram works, understand how your business works, then strategize it.

5. Sell Your Instagram Account

I will never advise you to sell your Instagram account. Else, you have a good reason for doing so.

Anyway, some people create multiple Instagram accounts, grow them, and sell them.

Good business, right!

I have already shown you how to grow your Instagram followers at the beginning of this article. You can strategize by using those tricks.

The price you can sell an Instagram account will depend on the number of followers and activeness.

On a range, most active Instagram accounts are between $500 to $4000. It can even go for more.

Do you want to sell your Instagram account?

There are some site that supports you with this, check out,

  • fameswap.com
  • viralaccounts.com

6. Manage Brands Instagram Accounts as a digital Marketer

You can get a good-paying job as a digital marketer for top businesses, while you promote their business using Instagram.

It is straightforward; all you need to do is to understand how Instagram works, and how it can be used to promote businesses and services.

We have already explained most of the above.

Next, look for a reputable business that is not on Instagram. Write to them – telling them how you can use Instagram to promote their business, products, or services.

Let them know that their competitors are already using this medium of advertising. And they will soon be the pioneer of the market if they don’t take action.

Explain to them how people love social media – especially IG (Instagram) and how businesses have grown taking advantage of Instagram.

I bet you, before you write this to three brands or businesses, one of them if not all will hire you.


In conclusion, I have explained six reliable ways to make money online via Instagram.

You mustn’t try all the six approaches, pick 2 or 3, develop yourself actively in them, understand them, read even more material on them, and be an expert.

Don’t say it’s what we already know, it’s real and it has worked for many. I can’t wait to get your testimony in my comment box.

If you have any challenges, use the comment box, I will reply to you as soon as possible.

This article took me a very long time to put together just for you. It will be unfair if you read along with sharing it with someone.

Sharing is Caring! Share with someone today.


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