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How to Make Money Fast Online – The True Secret

Often, I get emails from readers and messages from Facebook (most of the senders are youths), the message of the email is always simple and direct; How can I make money fast online?

While I have always done my best to answer this question as much as I can, I have decided to write about it here, and hopefully, those sending the message will make a quick Google search and find this article, rather than asking me the question directly.

So really; let me answer your question.

How can I make money fast?

The answer to this question is quite simple! And I will be sincere as much as I can; without sounding repulsive or rude.

You can make money by either selling something or rendering a service.

Now, this may sound basic and too simple, and as a result, may not be the answer you want to hear, but I will explain in a much better way as we progress.

Let’s see it from this perspective;

Why do you spend money? You spend money only when you want to buy something; probably a new cloth, shoe, car, pay for your rent, etc. or when you need the service of an expert; you would probably pay an electrician to fix your light, a plumber to fix your water, a mechanic to fix your car, you pay Cable company to keep your TV stations on, etc. what you can infer from all that is simple as well.

You only bring out your purse to pay for something when you’re getting value from it.

Now that you know why you spend money, then to answer how you can make money; all you have to do is reverse engineer the process to your own advantage.

When you reverse engineer the process, your question would eventually change to, what would people pay for?

Isn’t that right?…

Obviously, when you’re hungry, you get to buy food and stay alive, even when you can’t afford the food, you would probably get a loan from a friend and get yourself something to eat because food is damn important.

Now, you’ve got to stop asking; how can I make money and start asking yourself; What would people buy at all cost? Or what will people pay for, even when they can’t afford it?

Once you’re able to answer this simple question, then you’re on your way to making yourself filthy rich.

Answering those questions is like discovering a gold mine! It’s like your own personal money-making machine.

This article will not answer the questions directly, because it would be too stereotypical and would not benefit many people.

However, this article will give you insight into what you can do to make money, how to make money even when you think you have nothing to sell, how to make money when you think you have no reasonable skills that you can use in making money.

Let me show you how you can make money.

Ways to Make Money Very Fast Online

Make Money Very Fast Online

There are various ways of making money; they are broadly categorized under two main groups; selling and services.

Sell to Make Money Online Very Fast

This is probably the most common way to make money everywhere. It’s simple, direct, and basic; buy or create a product, then sell at a price that allows for maximum profit.

Yes! It’s that simple.

And I bet you know that already. So why waste your time reading this, right?

But just before you scroll past this, let me remind you about why you’re here right now; why you’re Google searching “how can I make money”; it’s because you know all these things; but yet you’re not making money.

You know the principle of buying and selling, but you’ve not been able to wrap your head around how you can actually make money.

You probably don’t have any idea about what to sell, or maybe you don’t have the right capital. Or you are probably not sure if your idea will be a hit or miss.

Enough of the assumption already; let me take you a step deeper, and I will show you how to make money from selling.

I will give you a basic insight to answer your questions, and you can as well, make use of the comment box to ask more specific questions.

Selling to make money isn’t as easy as it may sound. It actually involves many processes.

From thinking of the right product to sell, studying the market, raising capital for the business, starting the business, and marketing your venture.

Yes! Those stages are pretty much important no matter how big or small you think your business would be.

Let’s start by thinking about the product to sell.

The answer to this is very simple! Solve problems! Answer questions; in all, provide solutions.

Look around you and come up with a list of problems you face on a daily basis. Things that affect you personally.

Think about the things you wish; it’s not a problem for you.

Maybe you walk five blocks every day just to get an ordinary kitchen item; then you’ve got yourself a business idea; start a shop within your vicinity.

Maybe you as a student don’t have enough money to buy a pack of indomie every month; you’ve got yourself another business idea; get two or more students, get a loan, buy in bulk and sell to them at your profit.

The idea is endless; you just have to look around you and provide a solution.

Remember; it must be something that would be so amazing that people would not think twice before bringing out their wallet or ATM card.

A few weeks ago, I read an article written by Austin Kleon titled “How to steal like an artist”, one of the lessons I learned from the book is that; there are no original ideas.

If that is true, then there is nothing new under the sun. Every new concept is a recycled version or the already existing concept.

This means, to really come up with business ideas for products that would sell well; all you have to do is look at what people are already buying, take a sample of two or three products that are selling very well, then find their flaws.

Make a compilation of these flaws and find a way to join them together and make a product that eradicates these flaws.

That’s it! You just got yourself another selling product.

That’s about the basis of how you can make money selling a product.

Before I move on, I would like to clear some misconceptions about my use of the term “product”.

Product in this regard does not only refer to physical goods; like biscuits, books, pens, raw food, etc. It also applies to info-products like books, videos, etc.

The idea is to be wild in your imagination. Be wild as much as possible, and you would get there in no time.

Provide Services To Make Money Online Very Fast

This is probably the easiest and fastest way to make money; both online and offline.

As a matter of fact; you can launch a service today and make your first profit that same day (Which is very rare when it comes to selling a product).

Service rendering is pretty much hot cake right now; because people are hiring others to do their job, getting freelancers to complete the tasks, they can’t complete.

In fact; I once read of a guy that hired somebody from Craiglist to give him a slap whenever he logs on to Facebook. Ridiculous huh? You’d be amazed at what people would pay you to render a service for them.

Some ideas of services you can render include;

  • Car Washing (You can do this on a large scale)
  • Mowing people’s lawns or cutting grasses around their house
  • Offering a consulting service
  • Freelancing.
  • Designing etc.…

The list is almost inexhaustible. All you need to do is acquire the right skills. And before you know it; the right job will come knocking at your door.

If you expected this article to list out specific ideas on how you can make money; I am sorry to have disappointed you, because that has never been my aim when writing this post.

I am of the opinion that telling you what to do by giving you precise business ideas to execute would not only hinder the probability of executing it; but also make it very difficult for you to forge ahead; even when the going gets tough.

But when the idea is originally yours; when you take enough time to brainstorm over certain things; when you hit the gold mine idea, and you see the potentials yourself; then it becomes a do or die affair for you.

Because the zeal for the success of the business will come from within you; not from any external forces or pressure as the case may be.

Now is the time to stop asking yourself; how can I make money and start asking yourself; what will people buy or pay for at any point in time.

When you answer that question, and it solves a particular problem.

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