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How I Fell In Love With WordPress

Short Story On How I Fell In Love With WordPress

While building my web development skills, I heard of WordPress I was never interested in it.

Then I felt it was for lazy web developers who don’t want to follow the due process of learning web development codes. Though I love cloning any beautiful web design, I come across online.

One faithful day, I came across a fantastic photographic site, it was fully responsive with a perfect mega drop-down menu and a smart sidebar.

I love the design that I had to make something very similar to it as soon as possible.

Surely, as a new developer, that design will take me about a month or more to develop.

In the process, I had some challenges and was forced to view the source code. It was then it came to my notice that it was built with WordPress.

I started doing research immediately about WordPress. To my greatest surprise, I discovered that lots of amazing websites, blogs, and CMS all over the world are built with WordPress. Sites, such as; Techcrunch, BBC America, Sony Music, MTV News, and so on.

And then I said to myself, “What matters the most is to get a job done, and on time too. What was used to develop the site is irrelevant to the client”.

Immediately, I started training myself on WordPress, after perfecting myself, I developed that same website within a few hours.

Today I can develop almost all kinds of web applications with WordPress.

I know the right plugin to use in most situations. I can even re-customize some WordPress themes and plugin codes to suit a client’s requirements.

Am so happy I discovered WordPress, and with my little PHP programming knowledge, it’s just amazing knowing that WordPress was developed with PHP.

With WordPress, you don’t need any programming knowledge to start developing web applications.

WordPress is so easy to learn, you can even learn it all by yourself by playing with it and being a pro just like me. Install WordPress on your PC local server and play with it offline.


In the realm of website development, my journey with WordPress has been nothing short of a love story.

Its simplicity, flexibility and the sense of community that surrounds it have made it an indispensable part of my digital life.

If you haven’t fallen in love with WordPress yet, maybe it’s time you gave it a chance.


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